Grenades is one in every of the foremost most famous and useful utilities in CS: GO. There are multiple utilities available in the game. Interestingly, all of them work in various ways. You can gain advantage from all of these stages during the game. Today, we are going to discuss about the Best Grenade spots Dust 2. It is regarded as one amongst the foremost popular CS: GO. Let’s brush up with the High Ground Gaming Guide to the best Grenade Spots in Dust 2.

Dust 2 is a Video Game’s most popular and Famous Map; it is available in the first-person Shooter Series Counter Strike. Dust 2 is a well-known map among the gamer community. In this game, the grenade spots are considered as elementary firing positions. You throw a flashbang on these spots and go for a kill. Flashbangs are nicknamed as frag grenade. You can gain a lot of points at these spots by scoring more and more kills.

Flashbang is the name of a weapon; it is used for pure destruction. Use this weapon to stun the enemy for a limited time period. It is very useful if you want to bring down your enemy. It has two cons also; you should look for them.It is one-shot grenade, so if you miss it, you are a dead meet. Secondly, when it collides with an enemy accidently, it ricochets back to you. At this moment, you are unable to move from your place. In this case, you are punctured with a barrel of bullets.

Now, we are going to discuss 10 Best Grenade Spots Dust 2 here to provide you more details about this video game.

1. Over The Skylight

This is the simplest spot in this video game. We use it mainly for stealth purposes. It has proved a best spot when you want to deceive your enemies. Players throw a flash while running, it doesn’t work. In this case, don’t throw the flashbangs through the skylight.

Throw them at the middle one, it will go straight down to hit every enemy. It also hides you from your enemies. In simple words, this spot can help you to get protection from your enemies and kill them easily.

2. The Cross

This grenade spot comes in handy when you want to cross out the smoke. Some players commit a big mistake, they think that they have created a perfect smokescreen by using a single smoke grenade. But the cross is a little wide. You have to understand that you should stand next to the barrel and aim the grenade.

After all this, make a running throw, and the grenade will pass the roof of the corner house. This will bounce over to block off the cross. After this, your teammate has to fill the remaining gap by throwing another smoke.

Best Smoke Spots Dust 2

3. Smoke CT

Smoke CT is the best type of grenade spots in DUST 2. In case, the player uses a long time and uses the cat split, he is making the CTS around the table. Then, the player will not make the smoke or jumping throw with the smoke, this smoke will kill the enemy at a quick pace. Then, we say that smoke CT is the best kind of smoke. The reason behind this statement is that the player is able to kill the enemies and fight with the opponent.

Smoke CT is only the one slot that always makes the best kind of scenario. Thus, the player should be lining up on the shadow. However, it depends on the user or player, whether they want to make available or perpendicular from the wall. Anyhow, this lining up of the smoke is a little bit critical as it needs much effort to mess up with the smoke.

4. The Long Corner Smoke

The Long Corner Smoke is the best option available in the game. If the player uses this option, it will force the CT, and then he should go from a wide range of areas. These areas are spots to double the doors on the long side of the corner. If the player is using and getting the first frag, he has to follow there.

When the player or use has the best chance toavail the grenade with the smoke, he gets a chance to throw the smoke. In addition, he can get a chance to find a retreat with it. In case, if it is not available, the CT will get a frag system and moves behind from the wall of the corner.

5. Mid to B Smoke

If the player or user wishes to go to Bombsite B that is below the overhanging arch, it would be dangerous for them. The reason behind this statement is that there will be other players ready to welcome the player with bullets from both other spawns. If you want to nullify the chances of getting bullet shots from other spawns, you have to jump onto the pallet and then the box.

You have to line up the cross hairs in an exact position. After lining up, all the players have to make a long jump and throw the smoke grenade. It completely smokes off the counter-terrorists residing in the CT Spawn. It forces the players to come out of the shadows so that they can stop the terrorists from entering.

6. Catwalk Smoke

This is a great defensive smoke if you are the player on A site. This spot is best for the players who want to blocks off the cat walk until and unless the enemies push further out into the site. An excellent way to utilize this smoke is that you can use it on the catwalk and focus on long opponents.

7. XBOX Smoke

This is one of the best spots in Dust 2 map. You can not wonder the significance of this spot. When you are moving down the T ramp towards the mid doors, there is an iconic box that is sitting beside the catwalk. It enables you to jump directly from T Ramp to A Spot, known as XBOX Spot.

If you want to create this spot on your map, you must attain the first position outside of Long Tunnels towards Top Mid. This position will enable you to line up the cross hair with the left side of arched shadow. Look to your right and simply put the cross hair and throw the smoke.

8. B Door smoke

This is another important spot to block. There are different ways to smoke this spot. It depends on how you want to attack. You can smoke this spot from the ‘’Upper Tunnel’’ because of sky roof opening up. It can also be smoked off from the CT mid. In addition, you can use an advanced lineup by using the fast mid-throw.

9. B Window

Walk from T Spawn to reach the B entrance (UpperTunnel). If you want to kill all your enemies, plant a smoke at B Window in CS: GO. This spot kills and block all the enemies at B entrance. Take cover and throw the smoke at this window.

10. CT Spawn

When you think that you should plant the A site, you get fragged by AWP and get issue while crossing that site. At this moment, you realize that you should have smoked a CT Spawn before making this move. So, it’s better to smoke this spawn to make a successful move.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is XBOX Dust 2?

Dust 2 is a video game map featured in CS: GO. This map is set in the dusty environment of Morocco as per the instructions of the co-designer of the original Counter-strike game.

Why is Dust 2 popular?

Dust 2 is the most popular game with the balanced map. It is played so often by the players. It is one of the most excellent game for learning basic CS: GO skills like jumps, movement, aims and techniques.


As we all know, BEST GRENADE SPOTS DUST 2 is one of the best and amazing maps in the video game. There are multiple spots in the game, we have discussed few of them. We have written a detailed guide on how you can use these spots and gain advantage from a single spot. I hope that this article will help you a lot in understanding the main points about the spots in this game.

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