10 types of Emotional Support Animal


Many people who are coping with mental illnesses go through a difficult time. The unconditional love and care given by a steady companion can benefit them the most. And what better way to have a constant and loving companion than an emotional support animal? Some of these emotional support animals are necessary for people suffering from anxiety, depression, or learning difficulties to function properly.

You may need to get approval from a medical professional for your pet to be legally acceptable as an emotional support animal. Many people immediately think of dogs when we talk about emotional support animals, which is a common misconception. However, numerous different animals can be considered emotional support animals. Here are the top ten emotional support animals which include both the best breeds of dogs as well as other animals that can help you overcome any mental health issue.

Labrador Retriever

It is now a fact that when discussing emotional support animals, the Labrador retriever is one of the top choices for people suffering from mental illnesses. They have no temperament issues, are joyful, laid back, and do not get easily irritated. The advantage is that they are the most dependable and trustworthy breed. They are very simple to train, so you can teach them to lay beside you and rest their heads on you. They also aid in deep pressure therapy, which treats anxiety and sadness. You also have to stock upon emotional support animal supplies and pay attention to their need.



Cats have a very soothing and serene vibe, which benefits those who feel stressed or anxious. They will steal your heart, whether they are purring up your lap, playing with a toy, or looking at you innocently. They are entertaining pets that are very easy to care for. They are popular as emotional support animals due to their low-key and friendly vibe. A cat with the appropriate attributes can instantly bond with their owner and exude a peaceful, relaxed, and contagious aura. But to make them legally stay with you have to get them registered legally and have to take other steps which are mentioned in. Some of the best cat options for ESA are sphynx, Russian Blue, Manx, Siamese, and Exotic Shorthair.


Corgis are cheerful, active, and easygoing dogs, making them an excellent choice for an emotional support animal. Simply watching them calmly might simultaneously bring you much delight and entertainment. You will laugh when you will see them zip around with their little legs and short hind. They are fun-loving, intelligent, affectionate, and daring. They are known as herding dogs, and they have a strong instinct to protect their human companions. These are breeds that fall into the category of toy puppies. There are two corgis to pick from Cardigan Welsh Corgi and Pembroke Welsh Corgi. The former comes larger than the latter.

Guinea Pigs


Guinea Pigs have not only achieved the status of a pet and companion, but they also hold cultural significance for many people; for example, they are pretty popular in several European countries. They are well-known for their diminutive stature, social temperament, and kind demeanor. When a guinea pig is excited, they dance and spin around, leaving you speechless and amazed. They are portable and moveable without biting or scratching anyone. If you’re considering acquiring a Guinea pig as an Emotional Support Animal, purchase a couple so they can keep each other company. You can choose between hamster and mouse gerbil breeds.

Great Dane

The Great Dane is a canine breed with a powerful physique due to its tall stature. This may be a very enticing choice for someone who is looking for a four-legged protector while also maintaining a buffer while conversing with others. Many people believe they are not nice, which is incorrect; they are pretty generous, but their devotion and spirit of defending their owner come first. They can be distant to strangers while extraordinarily attentive and caring to their owners. Furthermore, their enormous size makes them wonderful snuggling friends and aids with deep pressure therapy.

Miniature Horse


Miniature horses not only provide emotional support but they are also used in therapy. They are also tiny in size, making them an excellent choice. They are usually raised on therapeutic farms, which are regularly open to terminally sick people. They offer emotional support to persons suffering from terminal or acute diseases, anxiety, or trauma. They have very tranquil and calming energy, making them ideal for being hugged, patted, and handled. They are also helpful in physical therapy.

Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are well-known for their intelligence and loyalty. When they place their chin on your lap and look up at you, it will melt your heart in many ways. When you return home, you will feel extremely happy with this type of closeness, love, and joy making the golden retriever an unquestionable choice if you are searching for an emotional support animal. A regimen of feeding, walking, and grooming also contributes to the stability provided by them to the owner’s life. Golden will keep you joyful and pleased all of the time, which might help you overcome problems like despair and trauma.


Parrots come in vivid and striking colors and make excellent emotional support animals. Their ability to imitate their owners adds a smile to people’s faces. Furthermore, according to some research, they can understand people’s emotions. They are ideal for persons who have learning impairments or are anxious. African grey parrots, budgies, and macaws are some of the breeds available.

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers make excellent lap dogs. They are the best choice if you want a protective and confident companion. They will assist you in navigating potentially uncomfortable situations. They will be playful, snuggly, and energetic companions at home. Furthermore, they are particularly protective of their owners and will alarm them in times of trouble with a loud bark.

Miniature Pigs

Many types of research have shown that pigs are the most social and intelligent animals on this planet. They carve for attention and tend to bond with people quickly. Plus, they are very hypoallergenic and clean. One of the USPs of the miniature pugs is their communication skills, such as barking, squealing, and laughter form the central part of their verbal communication. The breeds to be considered while going for miniature pigs are the kunekune and the Vietnamese pot-bellied pig.

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So, here are the top ten emotional support animals that can help you get through difficult periods in your life. However, the type of animal you want is determined by your personal preferences and living conditions. The relationship between animals and humans has existed since ancient times, and it has since grown and spread more love around the world.

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