15minutes4me -Step By Step Guide For check your mental health.


With every passing day mental health is getting important and now with increased awareness people know that mental health is important and the problems related to it should be taken care of instantly. What are the main problems related to the mental health?

  • Stress
  • Burnout
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

In order to help the people we are here with a 15minutes4me program which comes with different Exercises and techniques to help you with mental issues. 15 minutes 4 me program also makes you understand that what might be the reasons that you are having these mental 15minutes4me problems.

This 15minutes4 me program can help you with this. So let’s go and understand that what actually 15minutesforme program is.

About 15minutes4me

This mental health program provides you easy to learn and smartly deal with mental problems (anxiety, depression, burnout, stress). The most important thing required from the person who is having these problems is commitment that you have to submit yourself to this program for at least 15 minutes a day because who know these 15 minutes might change your life.

15 minutes 4 me has 3 levels 1 to 3 getting harder with every level. So be patient start from level 1 don’t skip the levels, follow the process and if you do so you’ll feel much better after one month.

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How it works?

15minutes4me mental health program helps you discover quick and reliable ways to deal with the problems like anxiety, Stress, Burnout and depression. To make it work for you firstly you have to make room for yourself which means you need to invest 15 minutes on daily basis in you self and I can tell that for it has worked and my life’s completely changed.

To make it work? Think and decide that what part of your daily routine is you want to change or do better. There might be many areas varies from person to person and I will recommend you to focus on 1 to 2 areas firstly because you think about a lot of things it can be more challenging and can get a little messy.

So having less areas for the time being helps you focus more on those areas and then determine that how much time you need to improve or resolve that particular issue of your life. This is where 15 minutes 4 me daily starts.

It further has a cycle of three things Stress reduction to consolidation of your habit then closely monitor your life and repeat this cycle for 30 days.

Self-quiz 15minutes4me.

This self-test program will help you with determining your stress levels in like 15 minutes daily. 15minutes4me has a variety of online tests to correctly determine your stress levels as the test is designed by the medical specialists specifically with the intention to reduce the stress levels of their patients in as low as 15 minutes. So to sign up for the test Follow the steps like

  • Sign up
  • Create the account
  • Begin the test

More details of 15minutes4me

This programs will enhance your ability to deal with your daily problems in more attentive and effective ways. The results might come in a month but I can guarantee that they will be surprisingly good. So just think about it. How organized and stress free your life will be after just 30 days of your commitment.

Following are the more details of 15minutes4me so stay with us for a while.


There are a lot of benefits of getting used to 15minutesforme program. So we discussed a few example that have worked for the wellness of the mental health.

Enhance you mental health through following practice.

Are you going thru a lot of stress? Are you exhausted? You might be thinking it is not worth living. You may think there is nothing good in your life? You always anticipate unpleasant things will happen your life?

So if you want to improve your mental health we have the answer to that and believe me it won’t take years of therapy. You don’t need a huge amount of money. This is all about the 15 minutes daily for you program is economical, smart and simple method to improve your health.

There also people who have problems with anxiety and depression. You got to spend 15 minutes of your life on daily basis on this program to gain the control of your life as you don’t need any one’s help to follow this program as we understand that a lot of people are shy.

And they don’t want to share their problems with any one so this program is specially for them. This is a free of cost program and able to work on any device (PC, Tab, mobile phone).

Help yourself challenge

Taking mental health care as one of the most important part of your life and we also know that in today’s fast world it is tough to find time for yourself or for such exercise because if your mind is not sound nothing can go right for you. So if you prioritize your health 15 minutes for you is not a big deal you just have to make room for it. These 15 minutes can change your mood and your lifestyle with your little bit of effort.

The program has two parts

  • Test
  • Online program

The self-evaluation test will help you to determine your weaknesses and strengths and on the other hand the online program which will offer you the 4 week support (recommended) or as long as you feel free from your burnout, stress, depression and anxiety problems.

15 minutes 4 me can help you become more proactive

The people who take part in this program are able take full control of their mental health. The 15 minutes every day for you are the moments of self-care for you and every moment matters in which you are advised to focus on the good changes happen in your life. While focusing on good things in your life you’ll be able to attain better mental health standards.

Such things will help you to be more proactive while dealing with the different obstacles in your life with different situations. Then you’ll be quite effective in stress management at work, improving your academics as a student in high school or it’s about handling the relationship matters. It might seem simple but it’s not.

So if you try to achieve something together we can always do something special so it is up to us what do we want to do. So back yourself up and sign up today to change your life completely take this initiative now and get this done.

Understanding the things you have control off

It is understood that you cannot control everything like your surroundings that you people will react to you or behave but you can control your reactions to such situations and behavior of your surroundings. You cannot change others but yourself like if you have a neighbor who misbehaves you can’t change him but you can change yourself like apart from being rude to him you can calmly address the problem to him and let him know that this is not the way to react or behave he might think that I am not doing this thing right.

With this scenario we are able to understand that there are a lot of things that are under your control like your energy, reaction or your anger. That might minimize the situations to escalate. When you start to understand the situations that what is happening and why this is happening it becomes easier for people to avoid the stressful moments. So 15minutes4you program helps you to think more and worry less.

Learn to handle your stress

15minutes4you program will help you to understand that how you should manage you stress smartly. You might think that there are people who will notice that you are struggling with the stress, burnout, anxiety, or depression issues. Like a therapist.

But who knows 15min4me may be the only thing you needed you solve all these problems in few days. Start today with your test and get our application Daily Motivation on your smart phone free of cost. Make your life interesting again.

You can use these techniques anywhere any time. 15minutes4me aim is to make its users fight against the negative vibes in just 15 minutes daily. This application will make dealing with anxiety, depression, stress and burnout problems easy to handle and enable you to take care of your mental health effectively.

You will be able to get the results quickly by doing the exercises daily for 15 minutes. So feel free to contact the support team if you got any questions regarding your problems during the trial period.

Enjoy the benefits straight away with 15minutes4me

15minutes4me being one of the best method to deal with the stress, depression and anxiety which leads to the living a happy life instantly without having to take pills as such program will help you to feel better. This program is specially designed for the people who want live a healthy happy life without having to take any medicine.

There are also other old methods like reading books but it takes a lot of time in the busy schedules of people. So this is smart and convenient way to tackle these problems which will reduce your daily stress and enables you to live a happy life by using just 15 minutes of your life effectively.

This is one of the trending challenges which is practiced in various countries. So the idea is quite simple complete all the steps provided in the outline below (in specific order) I can tell you will feel much better in just the 3 days you’ll feel more calm, reduced stress and will be able to deal with situations effectively.

Some of our clients said that this was a life changing experience for them but the results vary from person to person but the people who were consistent with their practices their results were quite impressive.

Potential expected results after one month

Less stress, less anxiety, less depression and a happier life. The program usually takes about 4 weeks but the time can vary with respect to the situations the person is going thru at the moment that how long it is going to take for a person to improve the mental health status generally.

The main tip to get faster results is to be consistent with the activities and exercises required from the program. You can develop the positive skills thru this program to stay healthy mentally and to ensure the positive outcomes in the future to prevent the depression.

Anything related to the self-help programs has its drawbacks because they involve self-thinking process like most of the people like to avoid such practice when they are depressed.

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