4 Common Mistakes that Cause a Leaky Gut and How to Fix it.

Leaky Gut

Your gut health is a major indicator of your overall health, and a healthy gut equals a healthy body and mind. Unfortunately, unhealthy habits and the absence of a healthy  diet can lead to a leaky gut. The lack of beneficial microorganisms can be the primary reason behind the leaky gut. But what is a leaky gut?

To put it into simple terms, when the unhealthy gut starts experiencing cracks and holes in the intestinal lining, the undigested food, toxins, and bacteria escape the gut and penetrate the underlying tissues. As the toxins enter the bloodstream, you will experience inflammation, skin problems, bloating, and other digestive issues.

Thankfully gut lining support formulas like Mega Mucosa can help you restore the gut lining health and establish a healthy mucosal barrier. Although such supplements are highly effective, accompanying these supplements with gut-friendly habits can improve the effectiveness. Therefore, here are four common mistakes you need to avoid to prevent a leaky gut and how you can fix those mistakes.

Consuming More Raw Veggies

There’s no doubt that raw vegetables are beneficial for human health, but too much of anything is dangerous. Despite their health benefits, eating too many vegetables can put additional pressure on your leaky gut. If you are already undergoing treatment for a leaky gut, it’s best to keep your raw veggies intake in check.

Raw vegetables take more time to digest, and the lack of digestive enzymes in your gut can lead to gas and bloating, which will worsen the situation. It’s best to consume juices and smoothies of vegetables and fruits to get the essential nutrients without putting additional pressure on your gut.

Not Taking Necessary Supplements

It may sound shocking, but billions of bacteria are present in the human body. Some are good bacteria that help your body’s proper functioning and there are harmful bacteria that are primarily dormant but can activate if there are not enough good bacteria. Therefore, it is essential to maintain the balance between these two.

Probiotic food items help maintain the optimal levels of good bacteria while keeping the harmful bacteria in check. You can get these probiotics from natural food sources and supplements. Although fermented foods like yogurt, pickles, and buttermilk have plenty of probiotics, they are not enough to fulfill your body’s needs.

That is why it is essential to take probiotic supplements and gut lining supporting supplements like Mega Mucosa to keep creating a strong mucosal barrier and avoid a leaky gut.

Stress Eating

Psychological conditions are also one of the major culprits behind poor gut health. What you constantly keep stressing about eventually affects your body. When you are tense or stressed out, your digestive system and metabolism start slowing down and come to a halt.

In that situation, stress eating can make things worse. When your digestive system is in knots, the food you consume will not be digested and can lead to constipation, bloating, and indigestion.

Go for a walk or jog when you feel low and stressed. It will help you bring your heartbeat up, get your metabolism running, and lighten up your mood. That way, you can avoid a leaky gut, feel refreshed, and eat after your walk or jogging session. It would help if you also tried deep breathing exercises to release stress from your system and avoid pressuring your gut.

Lack of Exercise

Physical movements are directly related to the gut. When you engage in physical activities, your body starts burning calories to create more energy. These calories are collected from the food you consume. That means exercising can kickstart your optimal bowel movement and healthy gut transit. t

When the food keeps going through the gastrointestinal tract optimally, it helps create a better mucosal barrier in your gut. So, it is good to engage in physical activities like walking, running, dancing, swimming, and lifting weights.

A healthy gut is the reflection of a healthy mind and body. Make sure you steer clear from these mistakes for a healthy gut.

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