The Best Accessories for City Cycling

City Cycling

With the summer fast approaching, it is great to ride a bike in the warm sun around the city. You get to enjoy the warmth, lose some calories, save on fuel and not worry about parking. Unfortunately, you may need several items to have a smooth ride, enhance your safety and carry all the essentials with you.

Here are some of the accessories, including a pollution mask, helmets and bandit bags, that you should consider before grabbing your bike to ride in the city.

Universal Bike Phone Mounting

Riding with a phone in your pocket increases the chances that it will fall or get cracked. Besides, you may want to check the map or measure your biking distance.

A universal bike phone mount keeps your phone secured just above the light so that you can see it while riding. It is better than any customised model as it fits any phone model.

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A Helmet

A helmet is an integral part of your cycling package. In fact, many authorities require you to have one every time you go out on your bike. Go for a brand that combines aerodynamics with a comfortable fit and breathability. You should also check the quality of the harness to ensure that it allows for good adjustment and does not irritate the skin.

A Saddlebag or Bandit Bag

Bikes do not have a storage unit where you can keep your items safe while out there. If you wish to carry your charger, camera, and a few personal items, a bandit or saddle bag is a great choice. A saddle bag can be attached to the handles or the frame just in front of the seat.

The bandit bag can be worn around your shoulder such that it rests on the midback or the chest. Go for a material that is water resistant and rugged enough to handle regular use and abuse.

A Pollution Mask

pollution mask shields you from dust, smog, and pathogen particles that are common in urban environments. There are several types of masks on the market, each having specific particles or percentage of particles that it filters.

The highest quality masks are N95 and N100 masks. The number denotes the percentage of the particles filtered. There are several stylish options for bike riders on the market.

Water Bottle

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You need some water to keep hydrated during the warm summer biking adventures in town. You may consider a bottle that is able to keep your water cool when you are out there. It should also have an ergonomic design that enables you to have a good grip.

On the other hand, you may opt for a self-sealing jet valve that makes it easier for you to drink on the move by just squeezing your bottle.

Tail Lights and a Reflective Jacket

A reflective jacket comes in handy when cycling in the evening. It alerts other road users and motorists that you are approaching so that they are careful on the road. Any reflective jacket would do. Just pick one that fits your size.

If you will be cycling at night, you may also consider installing taillights and an LED light to warn others of your presence and let you see clearly in front. Go for ones that you can charge with ease and that provide sufficient light for a considerable period.

A Bike Cover

It sometimes rains during the summer and makes it hard for you to ride again. Consider buying a bike cover to protect the bike from adverse weather conditions, dust and UV rays. Go for a waterproof cover that is both durable and easy to clean. You should also consider one with a lock hole so that you are able to keep your bike secure when it is parked. There are several colour and material choices out there.

Cycling Mirrors

Most bicycles do not come with a side mirror. However, in the city, you need to check who is behind you every time you need to cross a road, take a corner, or stop. A side mirror works like that of a car. It lets you check the oncoming traffic before you make a decision. Go for one that is easy to adjust and fits well on the handlebar. By two, each for either side of the bicycle.

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