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Goth is very famous for her modeling skills and amazing acting. She is popular amongst her and the hottest girls on her Tiktok platform and Instagram. Also, Goth is primarily famous and is widely known for her comedy music videos, performing arts videos, and lip syncs on her websites, Tiktok and Musically.

She became a celebrity and social media figure. Her followers are growing rapidly, and her followers are growing at a massive rate elsewhere. Moreover, her social media presence is increasing daily, and Goth is more trendy with all social and Instagram content, images, and videos. She has a broad  fan following. This article will share all the necessary information about her from her acting and modeling shoots.


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She has achieved great success through her passion and hard work for what she does best. Showing her perseverance and consistency, she quickly realizes that, despite her obstacles, a little extra effort is needed. Also, she believes that not everyone is blessed to be a celebrity and that she reached that level of fame purely coincidental and not because she excelled at anyone else.

Her followers have contributed significantly to her success by cheering her on and requesting more of her content. The BigTittyGothEgg wiki is very impressive. I have to admit that it brings out her best.

BigTittyGothEgg’s early life and early education:

As we all know, she is a trendy and great actress. She is also called a social media butterfly. Goth grew up beautifully in her childhood and tried to make friends and have fun with many people. She teaches great lessons and also provides emotional notes to her followers and fans.

She became a celebrity in the entertainment world. They like eggs while working, and many people admire her excellent workmanship. She can do all her things, and the simulation works very well. She also likes to model and act for adults.

Goth Egg Height, Age, Weight & Body Measurement

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She has a charming and adorable personality. Gothegg is a cute, bright, and beautiful girl. The gothEgg is about 1.55 meters high, measures 5 feet 5 inches, and weighs 53 kg. She has a 34-inch bra size with a bra cup size. Goth is 22 years old. Bigtittygothegg has a 26″ waist and a 34″ hip. She has 4 US clothing and 7 US shoe sizes, long, shiny blonde hair, and brown eyes. Also, she has an hourglass figure and keeps her body in shape.

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How old is BigTittyGothEgg?

Her birthday is December 20, 1999, so she will be 22 years old in 2021, and her star sign is Sagittarius. Born in America. Also, she is one of those people who can say that she values ​​life. Moreover, BigTittyGothEgg defied all odds and became popular. Without any doubt, Love, fame, fortune, followers – she deserves all.


GothEgg started her career just a few years ago. She is mainly known for her performances on adult sites. She attracts millions of viewers to her website through her fantastic performance. She turned these viewers into ardent followers.

With this popularity, she expanded her social media presence by creating accounts on all major social media platforms. Initially, she was lucky with a gothegg Tiktok account. Her videos went viral very quickly. On the app, she shares her lip sync and trendy short videos. Today, she has over 3.1 million subscribers and 33.7 million video views.

Her other social networks are equally active on Twitter and Instagram. On her goth__egg Instagram account, she shares great photos with her followers. Also, she talks about her daily life through Instagram Stories.

She currently has over 843k followers on the platform. Recently, her Instagram account was blocked for unknown reasons. However, she was able to restore it after filing an appeal. Meanwhile, she posts pictures of herself and her random stuff on her Twitter account. Today, she has over 397,000 followers and over 370 tweets.

Boy Friend

However, Egg has a massive following on all social media accounts. Also, she is very active in her personal life and relationships. Goths have explicit sexuality. And she is so interested in developing her relationship that she knows no more about her husband and boyfriend.

And she says she doesn’t want to marry anyone. Goth had no plans to get married or have a relationship. But Egg doesn’t have a boyfriend, or at least we don’t know his name. And she doesn’t share photos of any of her ex-boyfriend on the Instagram platform.

Goth Egg Net Worth

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Goth has a net worth of $1.5 million (approx.). Her primary sources of income are acting, paid subscriptions, and sponsorship. As an outstanding adult star, she performs on top-rated adult sites and earns a fair amount of money.

She uses her social media accounts to promote products from popular brands. Also, she usually uses Tiktok and Instagram accounts. She has over 3 million followers on Tiktok and has an average engagement rate of 2.31%. Her Instagram account, on the other hand, has an engagement rate of 13% and an average of 108,000 likes. So,her estimated earnings per sponsored post are between $1,860 and $3,101.

After launching a content subscription service website, she became more active, especially at Onlyfans. She shares a lot of premium content with paid followers on her site. $10 per month is her subscription plan. However, there is no data on income obtained from this source. Her earnings per sponsored post are approximately $1,850. She also runs a store on the Creator Spring website. So far, she has posted clothes and stickers on her website.

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  • She has some tattoos on her body.
  • She is a Cat lover; she has two cats, an egg, and a napkin. She also has a cat-only Instagram page with over 27,000 followers.
  • Her Snapchat username is almost [dot] gothegg.
  • She loves dyeing her hair and has tried many colors in the past.
  • Favorite music genres are dubstep and EDM.
  • Her favorite musicians are Excision and BTSM (band).
  • She is self-taught piano and enjoys playing in her spare time.
  • Instagram followers are almost 1, but less than 100 followers.
  • She has a YouTube channel of the same name with over 27,000 subscribers.
  • Karma on her Reddit account has over 121k.


From childhood to now, BigTittyGothEgg has never avoided taking risks and making a significant impact on the world. We hope you understand why this fantastic person is famous.

BigTittyGothEgg not enough? She only wants to do more if she continues to receive your support. All the above information was taken from her PH profile and a few other sources to provide facts.

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