Boku no Pico: An Amazing Japanese Animation Series.

Boku no Pico

A Japanese animation series is getting popularity which is Boku no Pico. Typically, it is an adult series and mainly made for a male audience. Due to its great popularity, the series gets so many awards.

There are three episodes in this series altogether. In the first episode, there is edited content, and in the second episode, there is a Magna one-shot. In the third episode, there is the content of the computer game and music album.

The Genre of Boku no Pico

The genre of this popular animated series is based on Shotacon, Hentai. The series producer is very famous, named Seiji Kaneko, as the director puts so much effort into the series that it got so many awards in different competitions. The name of the story of this series is Katsuhiko Takayama.

1. The First Episode Of Boku no Pico

The first episode of the story is so much popular and is considered to be a blockbuster. The episode was so awesome that it breaks many anime industry records. The series is made only for adults; however, on the other side, kids and children should not watch that Boku any Pico movie because of its adult content and storyline.

Picture Quality

We all know that sometimes we quit watching a movie or drama due to its disgusting picture quality. Here, if we talk about this series, it comes up with excellent picture quality.

However, there are strict restrictions about watching the movie due to the adult content and adult watching. This is the main reason the Boku no Pico movie is prohibited to people under 18 years.  

2. The second episode Of Boku no Pico

The name of the director of this second episode is KatsuyoshiYatabe, whereas the director’s name is Seiji Kaneko. Keep in mind that Katsuhiko Takayama writes the second story. The duration of the second episode is only 38 minutes and was released on 19th April 2007.

3. The Third Episode Of Boku no Pico

The name of the third episode in this series is “My Little Summer Story.” The third episode’s director is KatsuyoshiYatabe, whereas the producer’s name is Seiji Kaneko.

The writer of this incredible animal series also got so much popularity and fame. I was also impressed by the third episode’s music. This episode has a run time of 30 minutes only.

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Some Famous Characters of Boku no Pico


We can also call Pico a hero because he is the main character of the Boku no Pico movie. In Japanese, Pico is written in the form of Piko. The name of the voice-over artist of this character is MarikaSakou. He is very handsome having blonde hair, and works at his grandfather’s bar as a part-time worker.

Normally, he likes to work in the summer season. In the movie, you can see Pico was showing to go swimming many times. This shows that Pico is very fond of swimming. He likes to be naked while swimming and sometimes wears a blue speedo.

You will be surprised to know that Pico also likes to wear girl’s costumes and dresses. This shows his interest in girls. His best friend in the Boku no Pico movie is Tamotsu.

During the friendship, Tamotsu gives Pico different beautiful girl’s costumes and dresses. Pico shows some interest in Tamotsu, but he realizes that he is flirting with him. Tamotsu also shows rude behavior towards Pico. Keep in mind that Tamotsu is also called Mokkun.


As I also discussed earlier, Tamotsu is also called the Mokkun. He is known as a white-collar worker in a bar. She was a regular worker at Bebe in the Boku no Pico movie.

Tamotsu liked Pico so much and thought he was a girl, but later on, she realized that Pico was a boy. This is the main reason he used to purchase beautiful female dresses for the Pico.

After giving Pico the beautiful girl’s costume, he also asked him to wear this dress for Tamotsu. So in the first meetup, he wears the dress for him. Tamotsu has loving thoughts for Pico as he feels him as a unique piece of sexual object.

The movie shows a moment when Pico is separated from him. At that time, he realized that he had great feelings for Tamotsu. However, later in the movie, they do not see together in the second and third episodes. Still, they have the same feelings for each other.


Ojisan is the grandfather of Pico in the movie, and he is considered as the older character. He is the owner of the bar in the Boku no Pico movie. Although he has a large bar, it usually remains empty all the time.

This is the main reason there is no crowd in the bar. Many people do not show interest in coming to the bar for entertainment purposes. The bar is located on the beach and has the named Bebe.

As I also discussed earlier, Pico works in this bar. When Tamotsu visited Pico in the summertime, the grandfather insisted on working in this bar as a waiter. He was asked to wear a pink frill skirt.

The grandfather also insisted that they both should spend time with each other. So he was the first person to introduce the Pico with the Tamotsu.


Chico can be written as Chiko in the Japanese language. The voice-over artist for this character is Aiko Okubo. In this animated movie, he lives with his elder sister in the forest.

His home is very big and located in the secluded woods. In this part of the movie, he develops his feelings for Pico. However, he is younger than Pico but shows some emotions for Pico. In the second and third episodes, he can be seen with the Pico.

Not just the feelings, later in the episode, he has a sexual relationship with Pico. Although he had no such experience while living with Pico, he starts understanding things.

He is very fond of playing outside of his home naked. Most strangely, he is also secretly seeing Pico doing masturbation and doing some sexual activities. Although he is younger, he still has a relationship with Pico, which is not reversible.


Oneesan is the elder sister of Chico and lives in a large house in a forest. She is the caretaker of his brother. She is considered to be a very loving and caring sister of her younger brother.

Although they are the only two people in a family, they live in the countryside in peace. As they live in the forest, their home is the only one there. Sometimes, she looks frustrated because she has the responsibility of his younger brother where she has to live like a single.

As she lives isolated in her home, she has no affair with anyone. This is the main reason she seems frustrated in the movie. To lower down her frustration level, she masturbates regularly.

Unfortunately, she has a crack in the ceiling, and she does not know about it. Her brother Chico and his friend used to see her from that crack in the ceiling.

You will be surprised to hear that she has several sex toys and cosplay outfits.

Her brother and his friend also use these sex toys and outfits without her permission. So Oneesan has become the indirect cause of Chico’s sexual attractiveness and activeness. Pico and Chico use her outfits and toys when she goes shopping and groceries.

Although she was not aware of this fact, one day, she was returning home from the grocery shopping, she saw her brother and Pico sexually engaged and active with each other.


In the Japanese language, Coco is also known as Koko. He is a shy and beautiful character in the story. He is a very fascinating and beautiful girl. Her appearance looks like a girl, but actually, he is a boy in the movie.

In the third episode of the movie Boku no Pico, he meets Pico and Chico. People usually know him as the city fairy. This may be due to his appearance.

In the second episode, Coco has begun his sexual activities with Pico and Chico.

Coco eventually decided to separate himself from Pico and Chico. In doing so, he creates distances between them. They reunite in Tokyo when suddenly they meet again. Their reunion takes place at Tokyo Tower. At that point, a threesome is performed. The changes to their relationship are reversible.

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