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cannabis business social network

In this world, as we are moving towards advancement, we have also changed our concerns. With the advancement of science and technology in every sector of life. We are moving towards the new era of our life and this world. If we take a look around us there ware many things that was illegal and prohibited in the old times. That was due to their bad reactions. In these things there are some herbs, flowers poisons and other much more. But with the advancement of science and technology, our scientists get success in using those illegal herbs and flowers for the betterment of human life.

Cannabis is one of these herbs. It is now legal in many countries of the world. Many people and companies are involved in its business. After the passage of time, these people from same industry have decided to make a Cannabis Business Social Network for the individuals belonging to same industry.

What is Cannabis Business Social Network?

As we all know that people use cannabis for the peace of their mind. It helps them to get rid off their anxiety, tensions and depression. Due to its popularity many people are doing Cannabis Business. If you are well aware of this term, you can compete with other 20,000 business of the same kind. These businesses involve not only the cannabis but also other herbs like weed. With some advertisement restrictions, it is legal in many countries. There are many networks and communities that connect the people of same mindset from worldwide.

Like other Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. cannabis business community have their own social networks where they meet people and business leaders of the same mindset. These platforms are called Cannabis Business Social Networks. There are many networks where this community help each other to solve problems, and working on the advanced techniques to use these herbs of betterment of human life.

Best Cannabis Business Social Networks:

Due to increase in popularity of this business and its community in last few years, many countries make it legal. It is one of the strongest business communities in modern era. There are many popular Cannabis Social Networks for Business and individual people. These social networks are working for the betterment of their community. Ordinary people and business owners are always active at these social networks for helping each other.

They share new ideas and work together on them. At Cannabis Social Networks you can not only ask for any query in forums, but also can create your own group of your favorite personnel. These are working on same scenario like Facebook. There are some social networks listed below with their features.

Top Cannabis Business Social Networks and Their Features:

There are following best and top Cannabis Business Social Networks and their features. You will get much information about this emerging community.

1 Weedable:

It is a mobile app social network that allows you to connect with other cannabis fans. You can easily join this by creating your profile on it. Weedable has following features for people and business community.

  • It is a best place for business owners to build fruitful relationship with customers.
  • On this app, an ordinary customer or community member can also create a strong relationship with their favorite cannabis brand.
  • This network is also provide real-time news to its community, based on 420 news culture.
  • You can easily search any cannabis edibles, seeds, strains and concentrates from its user-friendly interface.
  • Weedable also allows you to list your authentic cannabis product on its store.
  • You can also use this platform to educate people about marijuana and its safe use.
2 LeafWire:

LeafWire is type of a LinkedIn platform in the list of Best Cannabis Business Social Network. This network is a big pool of new strategies, business, products, news and new methods for its cannabis community. It has following adorable features:

  • It is a business solution provider community.
  • LeafWire encourages the new cannabis business startups to increase their business.
  • It is a $25 Billion industry, so it provides investments, strategies and new opportunities to cannabis community.
  • LeafWire is very popular, because it helps many new startups financially and legally.
  • Like LinkedIn it is also connects new and old job seekers of cannabis community with best employers.
  • It is also providing everylatest news and trends to its community.
  • You have to just create your strong profile on LeafWire to get advantage.
3 MassRoots:

In the list of Cannabis Business Social Network, MassRoots is the first cannabis social network that is build for college and university students. It is a community of more than 1 million users. It has following highlighted features:

  • It is specially built for college students.
  • You can find nearest dispensary for cannabis products on it.
  • MassRoots has strong community, so that you can advertise your new cannabis business or dispensary on this platform.
  • You can easily use this social network by simple signup.
  • After profile creation, you have to simply list your business on MassRoots.
  • You can check your advertisement campaigns and customer interests and outreach on your profile.
  • It also allows users to post ratings and reviews about products.
  • For developing interest in product reviews, MassRoots also give rewards to its users.
  • You can get free concert passes and movie tickets here.
4 Bud Hubz:

It is like a foursquare for the cannabis community. On Bud Hubz you can find new cannabis friends, commodities, headshops and nearby doctor.

  • It is free and easy to use Cannabis Business Social Network.
  • Bud Hubz has only Beta Version to use. But you can enjoy everything on it.
  • It provides great new opportunities to business community and weed lovers.
  • You can also list your business on Bud Hubz very easily.
  • This platform also provides you information about cannabis business near to you.
  • It is a community of weed lovers from different cities, so you can get connected with them while travelling.
5 Duby:

It is a social media platform where marijuana lovers can post videos and images like Instagram, twitter and tinder. Duby is only designed for android and IOS users. It has following features:

  • You can share your images and videos on Duby like Instagram.
  • On this social network you can connect with other cannabis fans without any issue.
  • You can also watch the videos and photos posted by other users on Duby.
  • It is a best platform for cannabis community to promote their business and lifestyle.
6 MJLink:

It is a cannabis business social network, that is specially create for cannabis business owners and their professionals.Some interesting features of MJLink are:

  • You have to just signup and make your profile.
  • On MJLink you can watch videos, new products and new feed from cannabis business community.
  • It is a community of business owners, professionals, weed growers, manufacturers and distributers of weed industry.
  • If you want to target weed community for your business join MJLink today.
7 WeedMaps:

WeedMaps is a website design for cannabis lovers to find new stores, weeds, dispensaries and strains in nearby areas. This Cannabis Business Social Network has following features:

  • It is kind of a map specially made for cannabis community.
  • You can list your new business with videos and images on WeedMaps.
  • It allows you to target huge audience of your choice directly.
  • You can promote your business or products by using campaigns and sale promotions over there.
8 Grasscity Forums:

If you are a cannabis grower, then Grasscity Forum is made for you. It is an oldest cannabis social media network. It has some features:

  • It is type of a discussion forum.
  • You can join any discussion related to consumption of cannabis, marijuana, weed, legalizations and dispensaries.
  • Grasscity Forums have 420 magazines from where you can get all information about cannabis growing methods, seeds and strains.
  • You can also list your business pr product here.
9 CannaSOS:

In the list of Cannabis Business Social Networks, CannaSOS is an only kind of a social network that provide information about cannabis strains with their compound and content details.

  • It is a community of more than 4 lac people.
  • You can collect information about your cannabis strain form here.
  • The collected information can be used for education purpose of customers.
  • CannaSOS also provide information about best products and dispensaries near to you.
  • This network is built on Blockchain, so you can use it to sell your products.
10 MJ Mary Jane:

It is a cannabis social platform like Pinterest. MJ Mary Jane has following Features:

  • It is a Pinterest of weed loving community.
  • You can create pins of videos, photos and weed recipes here.
  • It can be accessed on both mobile phone or laptop/pc.
  • You can use MJ Mary Jane social network free of cost.

How can I promote my Cannabis Business on Cannabis Business Social Networks?

You can promote your cannabis business very easily on cannabis social networks. There are following some methods to promote your business.

  • Always try to use the educational content for your audience to promote your cannabis business. Because people like information then promotional content.
  • Try to use related and authentic Hashtags for your Business or Product Promotion. Use those words in hashtags that cannabis community use to search on specific social platform for product.
  • You can follow the same business related to you. Try to use their strategies or collaborate with them for your business promotion.
  • People like different social media or electronic media celebrities in advertisements. So, you can promote your business by contacting Social Media Influencers.
  • Promote your Cannabis Business by maintaining continuous and active presence on social networks. Customer always like that vendor who is always available for him/her.
  • Build Your Powerful Community of loyal customers. You can do this by participating in forums and community discussions.

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