How to Crop Video Online: A Complete Guide.

Crop Video Online

Videos are the most popular means of content consumption today. People watch around five billion videos on YouTube each day, while users upload 500 hours’ worth of content every minute. It’s not surprising that watching videos have become a common habit, but what about editing it? It might seem daunting. However, learning how to crop video online is easier than you think.

Do you want to know how to use an online cropping tool? Read on to find out how to crop a video.

Find An Online Video Cropper

It’s easy to crop video online when you have the right tool. Fortunately, you can find many websites offering this service for free. Some websites have a limited free option. They may have a cap on the size of the file, for example. Other services may restrict the video resolution.

That said, online croppers have other features than cropping a video. Some offer cloud storage, while others have tools for adding special effects and even music. Feel free to explore to find the best one for your needs.

Choose A Preset

Many online services have a preset for social media. Whether you want to use the video for Facebook, Instagram Stories, or YouTube Cover, you can select a predetermined aspect ratio. It allows you to save time figuring out the correct dimensions.

You’ll have to learn the interface a bit to maximize the use of the cropping tool. Some websites have ordinary functions, so the learning curve isn’t as steep. However, others might have extensive features and can take more time to learn.

Customize The Crop Area

Of course, you can also do away with a preset and cut the video to a custom size instead. All you have to do is select the tool to make a crop box appear.You can drag the sides of the box by clicking and pulling on it. You can also do it to the crop area to preserve the dimensions while choosing the best section of the video.

Select The Output Format

Once you’re happy with your video, you can now choose the format. MP4 is the most popular format since it can retain video quality while maintaining minuscule file sizes. It’s the best choice for viewing your files on mobile phones and posting to social media. Depending on the online cropper, you might have other choices. You can also choose MOV, AVI, WMV, and so on.

Save The Edited Video

The last step is to download the video to your device. Double-check the format and resolution. Click download or save afterward. You might have to name the file and choose a folder. Otherwise, you only have to wait until the video is ready for viewing. Check it by opening it with your trusted player.

That’s about it for cropping a video online. You can also crop video Windows with a video crop app.

Crop Video Online Today

Learning how to crop video online is the first step. It’s a quick and easy solution for basic needs, but try to know more about editing. You’ll be doing more than cropping videos soon enough. Did this guide help? To learn more, feel free to visit our other articles.

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