The Demon Prince Goes To The Academy Chapter 2 Spoilers

Demon Prince Goes To The Academy Chapter 2 Spoilers

If you are into fantasy action Korean comics, you must be reading “The Demon Prince Goes To The Academy.” The story starts with a unique concept and takes a thrilling turn in chapter 2 by revealing the truth.

The manhwa is all about the struggle of a demon between royal humans in an academy. However, it has many other interesting aspects. Keep reading my blog if you want to know more about The Demon Prince Goes To The Academy, its characters, and spoilers of chapter 2.

Overview of “The Demon Prince Goes To The Academy”

The Demon Prince Goes To The Academy is a Korean comic (Manhwa). The author, Geul Jengi S (글쟁이S), has displayed outstanding imagination and talent by writing this unique story. An artist, Ronopu, has illustrated it beautifully and has done justice to its characters. 

This manhwa was released in 2021, and the original publisher is Titan. It is an ongoing comic that is ranked on almost every website. The publisher has released 43 chapters as of September 2023. Fans are excited for more chapters to hear the climax of the story.

The Storyline Of “The Demon Prince Goes To The Academy”

The story starts by showing an ongoing war between humans and demons. It ended when the hero Artorius defeated the great demon king, valier. After his death, the world was at peace, but humans wanted to cultivate new talents in new generations. They created an academy, “The Special Educational Institute.” 

Suddenly, the manga took a turn in the first chapter by showing that the demon war story was a written novel by the protagonist. The main character is a web novel, and after reading all the hate comments online about his novel, he dies of raised blood pressure and a heart attack.

After his death, an agent of hell’s soul management department, Grim Reaper Kim, appears with a contract in her hand. The document is about the atonement of his sins to get to heaven. The Grim Reaper explains to him that every person must atone for his sin after death. 

The major sins of our protagonist are “Quitting multiple serializations and writing stories with terrible continuity.” Kim explained that your sin is small, but it happened too many times which affected too many people. Therefore, the intensity of sin has increased.

The protagonist can only atone for his sins by choosing one of his completed novels and being randomly reborn as one of its characters and surviving till the end. The novel writer was furious and worried because the majority of his novels have tragic ends. He chose one novel, “The Demon King is Dead,” after struggling a lot. He chose this novel because it combines a slice-of-life narrative with a captivating fantasy backdrop, making it his top choice. 

The Kim clapped, and our protagonist appeared in a new room with a classy outfit and horns on his head. A status window appeared in front of his eyes, showing his stats, age, and talents. He realized that he had reborn his demon son, “Valier Junior,” and he must win challenges to win points on the status window. His first mission was to escape the demon castle and survive.

Characters Of “The Demon Prince Goes To The Academy”

The manhwa has more than five important characters that play an essential role in the storyline. Here are a few of them:

Characters Of “The Demon Prince Goes To The Academy”
Characters Of “The Demon Prince Goes To The Academy”

Charlotte De Gardias:

She is a female leading character of The Demon Prince Goes To The Academy. Charlotte De Gardias is 1st Imperial Princess and a student of the temple’s Royal Class. She has a lovely personality with golden eyes.

Valier Junior:

Valier Junior is the leading character of this manhwa. He was a web novel writer in his past life but was reborn as a demon’s son. He is always looking out for himself but also helps others around him. Valier Jr. has a “Dreadfiend Ring,” which allows the owner to change their appearance.


Bertus is the imperial prince passionate about becoming a king. He can even try to kill her sister because he sees her as a competition. However, his ambitions come at a cost, threatening to unravel the royal family’s stability.


Dyrus enters in chapter 3 as a knight, where Valier asks for his help to inform Sir Francis about the threat. He introduced himself as a lieutenant, Platoon leader of the 11th Squadron’s 3rd Platoon in the 1st Corps’ 4th cavalry regiment.


The academy has a Royal Class with all the geniuses in the school, and one of the students is Ludwig. He is a Hot-tempered character who always comes last. Ludwig has ranged attacks, but they are slow.

Ellen Artorius:

Ellen is also an important character in this manga. She is the sister of Artorius, a hero who defeated the demon king. Her biggest fear is the reincarnation of the demon king because people will expect her to sacrifice the way her brother did.

Chapter 2 Spoilers of “The Demon Prince Goes To The Academy”

Chapter 2 starts with Valier trying to survive the castle attack. He thinks about survival strategies because he can get killed if humans catch him as the demon’s son. Valier entered the warehouse hoping to find something good, but he saw only junk. After some time, he finds the “Magic Scroll” book, which has some spells anyone can perform. Valier tried a Teleportation spell, but he failed. He tried another spell, “Camouflage,” in which the person can change their appearance and disguise themself to someone else.

The protagonist uses the spell and changes his appearance to a human prisoner. He plans to infiltrate the human prison where the imperial army will save him. He enters a room full of blood and corpses, which shocks him until he sees a scared girl. Valier talks to her and tells her that people will come to save her. He also gives her a snack. The royals arrived and kneeled in front of the girl and said, “Your Imperial Highness, please punish me for not saving you sooner! The chapter ended with the clearance of Valier’s first mission.

Art And Visuals Of The Demon Prince Goes To The Academy

The artist Ronopu has done justice to the story by designing perfect art and visuals. He has illustrated every character ideally, which is displaying their personalities. Many fans have a crush on Valier Jr. and Charollette because of their beautiful features.

You will find realistic expressions and reactions of each character in The Demon Prince Goes To The Academy. It will help you to relate to them. Arts and visuals play an essential role in the success of comics because if the reader does not like the art, they will not continue reading.

Reviews Of “The Demon Prince Goes To The Academy”

Fans are loving the first season of the new manhwa “The Demon Prince Goes To The Academy.” This comic has more than a 4.2-star rating on every free manga-reading platform, such as Reaperscan and Mangakakalot.

The reason for this popularity is the versatility of the story. It covers adventures, actions, romance, friendship, revenge, and much more. People are eagerly waiting for the next season and discussing it on various platforms such as Reddit. Its ability to blend various genres and storylines keeps the readers engaged and captivated. In addition, its complex characters and unpredictable plot twists have started debates and theories among fans.

Where Can You Read The Demon Prince Goes To The Academy?

Many platforms have uploaded the first season of this manhwa. You will find high-quality translated print on several free manhwa websites. Here are the names of 10 of them:

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Final Thoughts:

The Demon Prince Goes To The Academy is a famous manhwa with a strong plot. People love reading it because it provides a blend of love, fantasy, and action. Chapter two is all about Valie Jr.’s first mission, in which he survives and saves the imperial princess. If you want to read the whole manhwa, you can visit any website mentioned in my blog.

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