How Energy Efficiency is Driving New Home Design Trends

Energy Efficiency

Do you remember learning about your carbon footprint in grade school? How the house you own, the car you drive, and the things you buy have great influences on our environment? Well, it turns out that the buildings we own contribute to nearly 30% of all greenhouse gases. It might not have resonated when we were 12, but our lifestyle certainly affects the world now. With the environment in danger, it’s never been more important to consider how we can improve our energy efficiency.

Greenhouses are becoming more prevalent every year. If you’re interested in new home design trends that will help save you money on your electric bill and protect the environment, you’ll want to keep reading.

Energy-Efficient Insulation

One of the biggest trends in an energy-saving home is using quality insulation material. Proper and diligent home insulation goes far to save energy. Make sure your attic is heavily insulated to keep heat from escaping and ensure large gaps around plumbing, windows, and other areas are filled with spray foam. 

One insulating material becoming popular in homes is insulated concrete blocks. The thermal mass of their core along with an airtight building envelope results in an astounding 60% energy saving compared to traditional building materials. Not only are they uber-efficient, but they also look great! The process can be as complicated as thermal mass flow calibration.

Solar Panel Electrical System

With their dropping cost in production and impressive government incentives, solar panel systems are one of the most sought-after improvements in new home design trends. Those switching to renewable energy find up to 90% in saving on their electric bill. Some energy companies will even purchase excess energy your solar panels create.

One concern people have about solar panels is their cost. To offset the price of installation, the federal government and some states offer incentives and tax credits on your system. You can also check out how Blue Raven Solar can save you even more money on solar panels.

Integrated Smart Technology

The integration of blockchain technology and the internet of things is making our world quicker and safer. One huge energy-saving trend is the use of smart appliances in your home. They connect to the internet and use sensors to determine important aspects of their use, such as energy consumption.

As technology continues to develop, more of our appliances can analyze their energy use. Items such as our lights, fridges, and heating units can learn when they’re most used to optimize their consumption. Some appliances can even shut themselves down when not in use.

High-Impact Windows

One of the biggest impacts on our energy bill comes from heat leaking from our windows. Upgrading to high-impact windows provides more insulation, durability, and soundproofing to your home. On top of that, they also look real sleek!

More New Home Design Trends

The ideas above are some of the best ways to improve your home efficiency. While these new home design trends will help you look for the right features that lead to an optimal life, we have other helpful advice. If you’re looking for ways to live healthy, check out our Lifestyle section

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