How Can You Tell If Egyptian Cotton Is Real?

Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton bedding has long been beloved by sleepers, and for good reason. Not only is this fabric exceptionally smooth and soft to the touch, but it’s also highly durable, lasting far longer than other sheet options on the market. Unfortunately, bedding manufacturers aren’t always honest about what goes into their products. In some cases, sellers are mixing lesser cottons or synthetics into their bedding and passing it off as the real deal. At Pure Parima, we’re passionate about ensuring all our sheets and pillowcases are crafted from 100 percent pure Egyptian long-staple cotton and no substitutes. Read on to learn more about bedding quality and determine how can you tell if Egyptian cotton is real. 

The Truth About Egyptian Cotton Bedding Sales

The first step in understanding if your Egyptian cotton is real is learning about the scams. The truth is that low-price Egyptian cotton sheets are more than likely imposters. This is because true Egyptian cotton is rare, accounting for just a small percentage of the world’s cotton supply, and the material comes at a premium. According to one report, testing revealed that up to 90 percent of Egyptian cotton products on the market contained no actual Egyptian cotton. Instead, manufacturers are substituting synthetics or lesser cottons. The end result is customers are paying a significant sum of money for bedding products that don’t live up to expectations. 

Additionally, bedding makers aren’t always honest when it comes to thread count. The truth is that only 800 threads of Egyptian cotton can fit in a square inch of fabric. Companies claiming to sell sheets with a count of 1000 or higher are using lower-quality multi-ply thread spun together in order to mislead their customers. For best results, stick to sheets featuring thread counts between around 350 and 800. 


Evaluating Cotton for Authenticity

While thread count is a good factor to consider when evaluating bedding, customers need to go a little further to ensure they aren’t being taken for a ride. We advise looking for products with the Cotton Egypt Association logo on the package. This designation indicates that bedding is made from 100 percent pure Egyptian cotton grown in the Nile River Valley. At Pure Parima, we’re proud to say every Egyptian cotton bedding item we sell bears the CEA seal of approval.

Additionally, shoppers should note that labels like Made from Egyptian Cotton or Made in Egypt aren’t proof of authenticity. In many cases, these products contain only a small amount of Egyptian cotton and a significant amount of other materials as filler. DNA testing is also a good way to prove a bedding product’s authenticity. 

Why Egyptian Cotton Is a Cut Above

If you’re shopping for new sheets, you may be wondering why Egyptian cotton is so highly valued in the world of bedding. There are numerous reasons that bedding experts prize Egyptian cotton over the competition. Because of the growing conditions present in Egypt, this brand of cotton tends to feature extra-long staple fibers. The result is a soft, strong, exceptionally fine yarn that avoids ripping and pilling. Additionally, Egyptian cotton is beloved for its breathability. Because heat and moisture can pass through Egyptian cotton with ease, sleepers don’t have to worry about waking up in a pool of sweat. It’s an ideal choice for hot sleepers as well as those who reside in a warm climate. 

The Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets

When you choose Pure Parima as your bedding supplier, you can feel confident your Egyptian cotton is real and manufactured to last. However, the quality is only one reason to choose our bedding products over the competition. Pure Parima sheets and pillowcases also feature the latest colors and styles along with a range of thread count and weave options. Here are three of the most popular bedding collections currently available in our online shop:

Yalda Sheet Set

Simple, sleek, timeless. These are just a few of the worlds that describe Pure Parima’s Yalda Sheet Set to a tee. Made from 100 percent extra-long staple Egyptian cotton, this stunning collection comes complete with a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two coordinating pillowcases. As a bonus, the set is available in a wide array of shades, from neutrals like White and Ivory to fun fresh hues such as Midnight and Olive. With a sateen finish, this collection is perfect for those who appreciate the softness of silk but want to enjoy all the health advantages of cooling cotton. 

Customers can select from sizes twin and twin XL through king, California king, and split king.

Triple Luxe Sateen Sheet Set | Hotel Collection

Those looking for the ultimate in silky softness will surely be drawn to our Triple Luxe Sateen Sheet Set. Boasting a warming three over, one under weave, this set works well for fall and winter. Additionally, the 700 thread count fabric feels delicious against the skin. This collection boasts a creamy white base with a subtle stripe pattern in your choice of colors. Select from Arctic, Teal, Gold, Black, and more. The set comes in queen, king, and California king and includes a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two pillowcases with envelope closures. 

Ultra Percale Sheet Set | Hotel Collection

While some sleepers rest easiest under sateen, others prefer the crisp, fresh feel of percale. With its one over, one under weave, percale is reminiscent of the cooling sheets found in luxury hotels. Made from long-staple cotton percale, the Ultra Percale Sheet Set is the unique collection that marries simplicity and style. Customers can choose from four fashionable shades: White, Carbone, Bone, and Slate. They can select from sizes twin through king and California king. We love how this timeless sheet set looks in any bedroom of the home. 

Make Pure Parima Your Choice for Quality

Leaders in Egyptian cotton bedding, Pure Parima delivers a wide array of products made from fibers grown and harvested in the Nile River Valley. With proper care and storage, our premium sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers will last for years, holding up through hundreds of washes. Moreover, they’ll retain their softness, never ripping, tearing, or pilling like the competition. Shop our Egyptian cotton bedding products today and start getting better sleep. 

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