How LMS Helps with SalesforceIntegration?


When it comes to providing salesforce training, you are faced with several challenges. As a salesforce administrator, you know how important it is for your employees to get their regular dose of salesforce knowledge.

Besides helping them perform better at their jobs, this also ensures the company’s success. However, do you know that one of the most common problems many companies face is the lack of a single training platform for all employees?

It can lead to lower productivity and feeling unmotivated about their jobs. Here is how LMS salesforce integration can help you overcome this problem.

Why is salesforce Training Important?

According to reports, cloud computing has emerged as a low-cost method of delivering online training programs to diverse demographics of employees. First of all, it is essential to mention that every company works differently and no two companies have the exact requirements for training. However, there are some common challenges that all companies face when it comes to salesforce training.

They include:

The first problem is that the training created for the new hires might not be relevant for those employees who joined later on. After all, you can’t expect them to repeat the entire coursebook. So, what should you do about these types of situations?

Another problem is that some members may need salesforce training more than others. For instance, a particular member might require the skills of an advanced user so they can perform at their best, while some might want to use it as a primary administrator and learn only what they require for their daily tasks.

The third problem is that even if your company has a designated budget for training, you can’t expect to spend it every year. It means that the employees who require training might not get it – resulting in them performing below par at their jobs or making mistakes and slowing down the entire workplace.

How Can LMS Help to Tackle the Problem?

LMS salesforce integration helps your company deal with all these problems while ensuring that your employees get the training they require without any hassle. Here’s how.

Customizable Training Courses

An LMS helps you create custom training courses for all your employees. Not only do these courses contain salesforce knowledge, but also information about other tasks that need to be performed on the platform.

This way, not only will they learn salesforce skills, but they can also take advantage of this platform to perform their job better.

Real-time Access to Training

As you all know, the only way to ensure that you master a subject is by practicing it regularly and consistently. However, when you have to deal with issues like your employees taking leave or quitting their jobs unexpectedly, their lack of availability becomes an issue.

However, this doesn’t happen with LMS salesforce integration as your employees can access the training material from anywhere and at any time, helping them perform better.

Flexible Access to Training

Not all employees need salesforce training in great detail, so an LMS allows you to set different access rights for different users – depending on what they require.

For instance, you can set different access rights for the manager and the administrative assistant. This way, they will have precisely what they require without going through too much content.

Expanded Knowledge

On top of salesforce training, an LMS also allows your employees to study other subjects or take courses that are relevant to their jobs. It means that you can expand their knowledge and give them a chance to work on personal skill development, even if they are not your direct subordinates.

Eased Management Processes

With LMS salesforce integration, managing training material for employees becomes much easier as you don’t have to deal with different websites or handle separate user IDs and passwords. It also helps with the regular training, as you can make changes in one course or record and it will be reflected everywhere.

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