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Jayda Wayda

A highly well-known American actress, novelist, model, YouTuber, and Instagram star is Jayda Cheaves. She is now a successful entrepreneur. Plus, she utilizes her sizable social media following on several platforms and gains fame.

Because of her talent, she became an Apple of the audience’s eye. She also shares a great connection with the well-known rapper Lil Baby.

She often uploads videos to her Youtube channel and has more than 7 million followers on Instagram. Due to her enormous popularity, her travel blogs and cosmetic tips receive thousands of visits. She serves as both the brand ambassador and CEO of pretty much everything. Jayda wrote a book called The Young Boss.

Bio of Jayda Cheaves

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Jayda Wayda

Please read the entire blog. We will share a complete biography of your favorite model Jayda Cheavas.

What is the real name of Jayda Wayda?

The well-known Instagram personality Jayda’s real name is Jayda Ayanna. Because of a small spelling difference in her name, some people are confused. Although she is known as Jayda Wayda throughout the nation, some people call her Jayda Ayanna and Amour Jayda.

All of these names refer to the same personality of a well-known Instagram star. However, the young businessperson, known only by the name Jayda Wayda and is famous all over the country.

Jayda Wayda Age, Height, and Weight

She was born on 25 September 1997. As of 2022, Jayda Cheaves’s age is 25 years old. Her mother’s name is Tricia Cheaves. She is approximately 57 kg and 5′ 1″ tall. She is a beautiful young woman with black hair and dark eyes.

Cheaves shifted to Atlanta, Georgia, from her parent’s home in 2017. She set up a little shop and started selling hair supplies. She attained a lot of proficiency in customer service and commercial relations through her first corporation experience. After a few months, she decided to close her location since she could not satisfy her clients’ demands for quality.

Jayda Cheaves Motherland

The US city of Savannah, Georgia, is the birthplace of social media star Jayda Wayda. She is now living in Georgia, in the USA.

Jayda Wayda Siblings

Wayda grew up with her two siblings, Len and Ameerah. She completed her graduation from Windsor Forest High School in 2015. She graduated from the University of Georgia after completing her undergraduate studies.

What is Jayda-Wayda’s Occupation?

Jayda is one of the young American businesspeople born to work hard. She had already finished her education and was an accomplished businesswoman.

She decided to create a book to assist other young people in becoming successful business owners. Jayda has discussed her experience of starting her own business at a very young age in this particular book. “15 Important Steps to Become a Young Businessman” is full of jayda-wayda’s life experiences.

She said that having energy and the capacity to finish tasks quickly enables you to accomplish many amazing things in life. She has provided a wealth of excellence to plow the path to success as an entrepreneur. Details of her workouts are listed below.

Jayda Wayda Runs a Brand

Despite living a routine life, Jayda-Wayda has gained notoriety on social media. The businesswoman has succeeded in pursuing her love of beauty and fashion.  She has amassed more than 7 million Instagram followers as a result.

She has over 515k and 210k followers on Twitter and Instagram, respectively, which are respectable numbers. Jayda has been a role model for many young ladies and a business success.

Wayda has other projects in addition to her YouTube channel. In addition to hosting events in various locations, she appears for pictures and models of goods. She loves to travel, listen to music, and eat delicious food.

Jayda Wayda started selling goods on Poshmark at a young age. She became well-known among her followers in Savannah and elsewhere. When Jayda began her company, she used Poshmark to sell her grandmother’s baked goods.

She also sells gently worn clothing. She added the sale of cosmetics and wigs to her business as her social media following increased.

Jayda Wayda Merch

Jayda Cheaves is a well-known American entrepreneur and Instagram phenomenon from Florida. She designed her pretty little thing and waydamin merch online clothing lines. As a teenager, she first started selling her used clothing on the website “Poshmark.” Later, she came up with the idea to launch her own company.

Jayda Wayda is a YouTuber

She started The famous Wayda Shop by YouTube phenomenon. She is also its owner. A considerable number of people have viewed her videos. She has additionally held positions as a model, social media influencer, and media personality.

Over time, Jayda has transformed into a prosperous businesswoman. Amour Jayda is her clothing brand, and she also runs a website that offers hair-growth tips.

She has thousands of members and has previously actively marketed businesses on social media. In August 2018, Jayda started a YouTube channel. She has also read works by Camaron Engel, Ceren Alkac, and Maxwell Bradley Garrett.

Her channel covers a range of subjects, such as fashion, body image, and hair care. In addition to being a Christian, Jayda-Wayda is of mixed ethnicity.

Social Media Sensation of Jayda Wayda

Jayda Cheaves establishes a robust online presence with her engaging posts. Seven million people follow her on Instagram (IG). She created a Youtube channel in 2018 with 345k subscribers. More than 10 million people have watched her YouTube videos. Over 560k people follow her on Twitter. Additionally, Jayda maintains a profile named Jayda-Wayda on Instagram.

Jayda Wayda’s Net Worth

She makes a good living from her social media work. According to sources, Jayda Cheaves’ net worth is approximately 6-7 million USD. She makes between $20 and $25k per year from her modeling and commercial work. She recently acquired a Mercedes around Christmas.

She is an Exercise Freak

She lives for fitness. Fitness enthusiast Jayda-Wayda never skips a day at the gym. She posts exercise videos on her social media accounts. She even became the face of Nike as a result of her commitment to staying healthy.

The musician is a strong advocate for Black lives as well. Despite the various challenges she has in life, she keeps up her Instagram workout routine and stunning physique.

Jayda Wayda Lil baby

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Jayda Wayda Lil baby

American rapper and artist Lil Baby is well-known worldwide. Yes Indeed, Drip Too Hard, We Paid, The Bigger Picture, are his famous singles. He gained popularity across the nation. He is Jayda Wayda’s boyfriend.

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Facts You Didn’t Know about Jayda Wayda

  • She likes jewelry, especially chains and necklaces.
  • She appeared on the Prema Magazine cover in January 2021.
  • She frequently backs the Black Lives Matter cause, as evidenced by the black image she shared on social media.
  • She works out diligently in the gym to maintain her toned physique, and she enjoys shopping with her child and partner.
  • She adores her body and loves to have tattoos done on it.
  • She keeps a lovely puppy at home.

What Sort of Surgery Underwent Jayda?

Jayda Cheaves admits to having an eye lift after initially dismissing allegations that she had any cosmetic surgery. Cheaves wrote, “She looks different,” in her Instagram story. Her face appears different.

Jayda Wayda Movie 2022

Bid for Love is a well-known work by Jayda Cheaves (2022). Make sure to watch Jayda Wayda’s acting debut as “Juvie” in the movie Bid for love. It is directed by Arthur Muhammad and written by N’Tyse & Erick S.

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