The Reasons Men And Women Wear A Durag


In the fashion world, durags have gained wide acceptance, especially among teenagers and young people. Despite being a nice fashion item, there are some people who find it offensive. This has led to du-rags being associated with a variety of topics. The secret code is perceived as belonging to bad gangs by our shop, but it is also perceived as having links to the underworld by others.

It has become such an issue in the United States that a particular school has been trying to ban the use of du-rags because the school feels that the extravagant fashion item is not culturally appropriate. As well, NFL players were forbidden from wearing the fashion item in the year 2001. This was done with the intention of improving the image of the league.

In spite of this, can we rationally agree with the section of the population that finds du-rags inappropriate? Accordingly, this stereotype is inaccurate because du-rags have many benefits, which makes them popular.

Du-rags were invented in the 19th century, but they didn’t gain widespread popularity until the 1930s, during the “Harlem Renaissance” and the “Great Depression.” The 1930s was the time about which people became aware of the benefits and began to use it in their fashions. Listed and explained below are a few of these benefits:

Enhances hair texture

People in the modern world face the problem of rough, dry hair on a regular basis. This typically occurs because polluted air leads to hair moisture evaporation. This eventually leads to dry and brittle hair. Constantly wearing du-rags can be an effective solution. After applying oils, creams, or any other product that moistens hair, wearing a du-rag helps to ripple the effects. Du-rags support moisture absorption by preventing it from evaporating.

Maintenance of braids

Women who love braids usually encounter stray hair when wearing them. This is also true for men who do braids. However, if you know how to deal with this problem, you should always wear durags. Du-rags prevent stray hairs from getting out of their braids by holding the hair together. If you really love your braids, you should use du-rags to maintain them.

For preventing eye irritation in summer

Excess sweating from the scalp is commonly associated with people who work in summer. As sweat collects on their scalps, it drips down till it touches their eyes, which irritates them. Anyone would surely find this irritation uncomfortable, thus no one would ever want to experience it. Most people are not aware that they can eliminate this discomfort simply by wearing du-rags.

Exercises and sports without discomfort

The world we live in today is so dominated by long hairstyles. It is not only women who wear long hair, but also men and athletes. You do not want to know how much discomfort long hairstyles cause these athletes during trainings, exercises, and sports.

They may experience poor performance when their long hair blows in their faces while they are involving in sports. Regardless of the length of your hair, you are guaranteed to experience no discomfort while wearing du-rags.

Sun protection

Experiencing the sun on a regular basis can cause your hair to become dull. Those who enjoy taking sunbathes suffer most from this. Do not worry if you love sunbathing. This problem can easily be avoided just by wearing du-rags.

Protects your hairstyle

Making a beautiful hairstyle isn’t worth making if it’s going to look scattered. The most unpleasant thing you can do to your hairstyle is to have it undercut. It’s possible to keep one’s hairstyle intact at all times with the aid of a du-rag, no matter what activity one is engaged in. When one is outside, one’s hairstyle is almost inevitable to get messed up by the wind and other factors.

If you’re thinking of attending an event with your gorgeous hairstyle, but the wind on the way to the event will mess it up, just wear a du-rag on the way and take it off once you get there.

Benefits for cyclists

Bikers without helmets are forbidden in some countries. The sweat in some bikers’ faces makes them feel uncomfortable wearing a helmet. The biker’s scalp secretes sweat and sebum during long bike rides, and these substances can hit the foam of the helmet. An obnoxious odor is produced when the helmet is used next, which makes the rider uncomfortable. To avoid slipping while wearing your helmet, wear a durag.

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