Payton Lochotzki Obituary – Cause Of Death, Know Everything.

Payton Lochotzki Obituary

Payton Lochotzki, whose full name is Payton Timothy Lochotzki, died on April 3, 2023. Talking about his birth he was born on April 3, 2007. His parent’s names are Miles T. and Jennifer L. Lochotzki. 

Payton was a very loving son and a great big brother. He was also a fantastic friend, nephew, and grandson. The thing that increased his popularity is that he was an incredible baseball player. 

He was also known as an outstanding musician. Another great quality of Payton Lochotzki is that he used to play baseball professionally. He played for two teams which are junior varsity baseball and first-year baseball team. 

For his high school, he succeeded in getting the lead trumpet spot. He was a very loving child, and as he was 15 years old, he always wanted to spend time with his friends. On the other hand, his cousins also liked him so much that he was always found with his cousins and siblings.

He was also fond of different things like fishing, eating popcorn, bowling, etc. He also used to go to movie nights with his family.

Who was Payton Lochotzki?

Who was Payton Lochotzki

Payton was a lovely person, full of life and love by all people around him. He was an incredible big brother and was a very kind boy who touched the lives of everyone who knew him. He was an excellent baseball player and musician. 

First of all, he took part as a player in the baseball team. He participated there for the freshman and Junior Varsity teams. He played so well that his high school also selected him to perform lead trumpet in the advanced jazz band.

So we can say that he was a very loving and active boy of 15 years of age with new hopes. He was very fond of playing baseball, and this passion led him to become a professional baseball player.

Payton Lochotzki Biography

Payton Lochotzki was a remarkable young boy with great spirits and dreams. He was very passionate about his dreams, and at a very young age, he became popular. He was an exceptional son and a very loving big brother. 

According to his siblings, he was a very kind person. He had great passions for music and baseball. His talents were always remembered by people around him. In high school, first of all, he showed his talents in athletics. 

After that, he became a member of the Freshman and Junior Varsity Baseball Teams. He had a great love for the team, and this is the main reason his skills set him apart. 

However, along with baseball and music, he had vibrant spirits in different eras. 

So we can say that he was a very fun-loving person and outgoing. He always valued his friends, family, and cousins. 

Payton Lochotzki’s cause of death

Payton Lochotzki committed suicide on Monday, 3rd April 2023. His parents and three siblings were so much sad and disturbed by this critical situation. His family and friends gave a great tribute to Payton. However, people do not know about the circumstances in which he died. 

His coach Daniel Manoloff, was also much disturbed by his death. He also paid his tribute to the young player. He said that, kiddo, you were something else. He said that he enjoyed a lot of spending time with him as his coach. 

He said that he had known him for years, and he always wanted to keep him growing for years to come. He also said that when Payton and Elijah were playing together, he and his dad said how amazing Payton was going to be to watch you two continue playing together. 

He also said that he was waiting to see these guys as seniors still playing. 

The good thing is that he always made a positive impact on the people he met. Payton Lochotzki was always loved by his parents, friends, as well as three siblings.


Although he was 15 years old very young, he still achieved a lot. In his high school, he was selected to play lead trumpet in the advanced Jazz Band. He, therefore, took baseball as a career, but his sudden loss has left many people in his community feeling heartbroken. Due to his kindness, he made a big difference in the lives of everyone.

GoFundMe campaign

The death of Payton Lochotzki was a tragedy for the parents and the family. This is the main reason why, during this difficult time, a GoFundMe campaign has been also set up. Many people helped with this campaign, and the process is still going on. 

If you are also interested in giving funds for this campaign, then you can also send it. So you should consider this thing and can donate to the campaign. On the funeral day, many people came together to honour Payton’s memory and support his loved ones. 

The GoFundMe page was made to cover the cost of the funeral. It was also set up to help the family in this critical situation. All these funds will be given to the parents of Payton Lochotzki, who will use them to pay for Payton’s memorial service and future family counseling. 

Keep this thing in mind that more than 7200 dollars have gathered with the target of 10,000 dollars, which will be achieved soon. In this critical time, a small amount also matters a lot. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age of Payton Lochotzki at the time of death?

Payton was only 15 years old at the time of death. He died after committing suicide.

How did Payton commit suicide?

His mother told the people about the suicide of his son in the morning. She posted this news on her accounts. Unfortunately, we do not know about how he committed suicide and what is the reason behind it.

What were the hobbies of Payton Lochotzki?

He always made fun with his friends and cousins. He also used to go with his family for movie nights. He also used to go fishing and bowling.

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Final words

Payton Lochotzki, a very popular young baseball player, committed suicide and died. He was only 15 years old but was very popular due to being an amazing baseball player. He was a very loving and friendly boy and a great friend, brother, nephew, grandson, and son. 

Along with being a great baseball player, he was an amazing musician. As a baseball player, he played for Junior Varsity Basketball teams and Freshman. As a result, he got the lead trumpet spot for the Elkhart High School Lions Advanced Jazz Band.

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