Pillows: Tips For Proper And Timely Maintenance.


Much like a necessary comfort of a soft, comfy blanket, a pillow is a private retreat for your dreams and aspirations which need to be fuelled each night. A good pillow can assist your deep sleep, relaxation, unwinding yourself from the hectic days and can provide youthe crucial rest that your body needs for rejuvenation.

If you really look at it, pillows are very underrated. Be it sleepovers or pillow fights, insomnia or despair, pillows are the comforts we look for on our private sanctuaries called beds. A bed without a pillow is not only incomplete, but also distasteful.

The fact of the matter now arises that if it is all true, will any old pillow do?

The answer should be a resounding NO. Any random pillow can cause cricks in neck, back ache, body pain and bad sleep. And, so, it becomes a necessary part of your well-being to look for a pillow that gives you rest, and not pain.

Here at Lastman’s Bad Boy, we believe that to feel energized throughout the day, you need quality sleep. And to get quality sleep, you need the best atmosphere possible. Our pillows on sale ensure you get the premium quality of pillows at their cheapest rates.

Pillows usually come in four standard sizes:

  1. King Size: These pillows are for king sized beds and are suitable for bigger spaces. The usual dimensions are 20 X 36 inches.
  2. Queen Size: These pillows are ideal for queen sized beds and are spacious enough. The usual dimensions for this size are 20 X 30 inches.
  3. Standard Queen Size: These are not made to suit any particular kind of bed space, but can be used as an easy replacement fr queen size pillows. Its measurements are 20 X 28 inches.
  4. Standard Pillow Size: These are the standardized pillow sizes you can get anywhere. They are commonly found and they are not customized to fit specific needs. The usual measurement for this size is 20 X 26.
  5. European sizes: additionally, there is a difference between standard sizes in America and Canada, and In Europa. Their standard sizes can range from 16 inches to 26 inches. They usually have square dimensions.

Pillows are a part of our routine lives and we seldom do anything to take care of them. However, there are few maintenance tips to remember if you want your pillow, your sleep and your mind to be happy.

  • Wash and air your pillows from time to time. It helps in killing germs and bacteria and also makes them last longer.
  • Change your pillows every 6-12 months if you have foam pillows. For cotton and memory foam ones, you can change them between 3-5 years.
  • Use pillowcases, preferably made of cotton or other light fabrics that are breathable.
  • Use satin if you want to avoid hair breakage and damage.

Even though pillows are the commonest thing found in and around homes, they can tend to be the most overlooked ones. Your intervention and care can not just keep your pillows happy, but also help you in getting a good night’s sleep.

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