How to Use Your Pipe for Smoking: 7 Tips

Pipe for Smoking

A staggering 91% of Americans favor marijuana use in some form or other. This resulted in sales increasing by over 67% in 2020. Millennials are the most prominent herb users, followed by Gen X and then Gen Z and boomers alike. The once-shunned-upon activity is now becoming popular as well as legalized. 

Using pipes smoking is the most popular is one of the oldest and most popular ways for weed smokers worldwide. Pipes are discreet, easy to use, and highly effective. There has been enough research on the benefits of using pipes for smoking. It allows the smoke to slowly enter your system, giving you the high but drastically reducing the harmful effects.

If you’re considering using a smoking pipe for the first time, these tips on using a weed pipe will help enhance your smoking experience.

Choosing It

Pipes come in different forms and sizes, and your choice should be based on personal preferences rather than the trend. Pick one that matches your smoking style. You may want to try glass hand pipes that are small and keep your smoking habits private.

Packing It

Using ground herbs is recommended as it provides a consistent burn. You can use a cannabis grinder or use your fingers to grind it before placing it in the bowl. Please do not over-pack the bowl, as it will take time to heat and deliver the first smoke.

Also, when tightly packed, it will obstruct the smoke from getting to the pipe and finally into your mouth.

Smoking It

Using pipes for smoking is simple. You simply need to light the weed bowl with a lighter and inhale the smoke at the other end. A small hole at the bottom of the bowl allows the smoke to pass through the pipe and into your mouth.

Pace It

With a cigarette, you do not inhale the smoke into your lungs, but with a pipe, it can be too strong, and thus it is better to take small puffs of the smoke in your mouth. Don’t be in a hurry. Give it time and pace yourself to avoid getting irritation and burns on your tongue. Puff away at a leisurely pace and let the herb do its magic.

Sharing It

For those new to cannabis, you may be wondering if there is a sharing protocol. There is none. It is recommended that you avoid sharing it and instead get one for each of your friends. Gone are the days when sharing pot was a community thing. For health and safety reasons, it is best to use your pipe.

Cleaning It

Marijuana pipes have more bacteria than a dog’s food bowl. Therefore, it is best to clean your pipe and other smoking accessories with high concentration isopropyl alcohol.

Glass pipes are the easiest to clean. They can be immersed in boiling water for a few minutes, and you get a sterilized pipe. Also, make sure that you clean before and after each use. Brand new pipes may also have residue and need to be cleaned before use.

Storing It

Once used, marijuana glass pipes need to be stored safely until subsequent use. You can purchase air-tight foam-lined containers that ensure that the pipe is safe from damage and prying eyes.

While the glass is thick, it is still glass and is prone to damage on impact. If you have children, you will want to keep it out of their sight to avoid them experimenting with your smoking apparatus.

Using pipes is a distinguished way to smoke marijuana. It is a kind of lost art that is catching up again. Now that you know the top tips of using weed pipes, you should give it a try. Once hooked, you will want to use it for recreation more frequently.

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