7 Factors to Look Into When Choosing Six Sigma Certification Courses Online


Are you thinking about getting a Six Sigma Certification? Are you looking to take classes online or in-person?

If so, it is safe to say that you have taken your first step towards upskilling yourself. All you need now is to understand certain things to make sure you get the best educational experience possible when finding a course for Six Sigma certification online.

With the right certification in Six Sigma strategies, you can move ahead with your career and increase your earning potential significantly. Not only will you learn applicable tools, but you will also receive training in Lean methodology, which can be applied to any industry.

Here are seven tips to keep in mind when choosing a Six Sigma certification course online:


According to reports, the global corporate training market was valued at $332,931.1 million in 2019. Accreditation is essential if you want to achieve formal recognition for the program and a credible certification, which you will ultimately receive after completing the training. This is important as it ensures that your employer can trust that you completed real training and not just studied material on your own.

An accredited program will reference the awarding body or agency that has taken responsibility for examining and maintaining standards in the training of professionals working in a specific industry.

Also, widely recognized accreditation agencies (ANAB and ISO) and quality management system standards are essential for obtaining an accredited Six Sigma certification and demonstrating your understanding of high-quality management practices.

Training Provider

Choosing the perfect training provider is critical for your Six Sigma certification online. You can choose from many options, including free courses, e-learning systems, and traditional classroom courses.

You must choose a training provider that provides both the theory surrounding the program and the practical application. Most importantly, it would help if you choose a training provider to help you find employment after receiving your certification.

Relevancy to Your Industry

There are many types of Six Sigma certifications and programs available to those who want an advantage in the job market: Green Belt, Black Belt, Master Black Belt, etc.

Your online Six Sigma certification should be relevant to your industry. For example, if you are working in the food services industry, you may choose a Master Black Belt program that focuses on this specific industry.

It will ensure that you have all the necessary knowledge and skills for success.

Affordable Pricing and A Career Plan

Your Six Sigma certification online should be affordable, as it can take some time and effort before you receive a return on your investment. In addition to being affordable, your training provider should have a job placement plan once you complete the program.

The cost of an accredited course will vary depending upon which provider you choose, but with so many options available, it should be relatively affordable.

Potential to Update Skills Demanded By Employers

As technology and industry standards change rapidly in today’s market, employers need employees who possess skills relevant to the technical demands of the position.

Your Six Sigma certification should be updated regularly to incorporate the latest technological advances and industry trends. It is important to assess whether the program you are opting for has the potential to upgrade your skillset with respect to the demand of the employers in the market.

Provision for Continuous Support After Receiving Certification

Once you receive your Six Sigma certification, it is essential that you have access to support to maximize your success. A training provider should have a system that allows you to maintain regular contact with a program manager or mentor throughout your career.

Flexibility And Customized Learning

It is advisable to choose a training provider that offers flexibility and customized learning when selecting your online Six Sigma certification. Many training providers only offer one style of learning (i.e., classroom training, e-learning) to students. Still, your certification should be flexible enough to allow you to learn at your own pace.

Choose a training provider that allows you to learn in the manner that best fits your work schedule and lifestyle.

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