5 Social Media Marketing Tools to Consider for Your Business

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Today, more than just a platform for socializing, social media is also one of the most powerful marketing tools. This is due to mass digitalization around the world and thus the increase in digital marketing efforts done by businesses worldwide. As every person on earth uses social media, it can be hard for businesses to market their products exactly to their target consumers. Furthermore, the post analytics that social media platforms offer barely scrapes what these businesses need to come up with a good marketing plan.

Developers around the world answer this issue in the form of social media monitoring tools. At its core, this software can help you analyze your business’ social media presence and translate them into comprehensive reports. For businesses looking to leverage these insights and translate them into effective marketing strategies, consider seeking the expertise of expert Google Ads strategists in Brisbane. By combining social media analytics with targeted Google Ads campaigns, businesses can enhance their marketing efforts and drive greater success in promoting their products and services.

1. Keyhole


Keyhole is like that one person at the office who always knows what is up with everyone. However, instead of letting you know the latest gossip when you mention a person’s name, Keyhole will give you a detailed, fact-based report on a particular word, hashtag, or account that you want to monitor. All you need to do is type the keyword on your business laptop and Keyhole will do the rest.

Besides doing social listening and brand monitoring for you, Keyhole also lets you see how the post made by the influencers you are working with are doing. You can even see what impact your company’s event or campaign made and how your competitors are doing. All these features are readily available on your dashboard for your perusal with Keyhole.

2. Hootsuite

More than your typical social media monitoring tool, Hootsuite also helps you manage your business’ social media accounts. It will help the content creators in your team to bulk schedule a post and publish your content simultaneously over several platforms. Furthermore, it lets you in on what people think about your brand, engage in said conversations, and boost your business’ growth through advertisements.

The good thing about Hootsuite is that it allows you to manage an unlimited number of accounts, which unfortunately is not too common in the market. As an all-in-one social media management tool, Hootsuite also supports your team through its wide selection of educational articles.

Furthermore, you can now enjoy Hootsuite’s valuable insights on the go, by simply downloading it from Google Play on your Android phone or through the App Store.

3. Sprout Social

Much like Hootsuite, Sprout Social gives you the ability to monitor and manage your business account. But thanks to its CRM tool, you can have a list of information about your customers, which will help you shape your business and serve them better. Although Sprout Social’s plans are pricier than its competitors, it is known to offer more in-depth reports at no additional charge.

So, if your business’s social media account is only restricted to several well-known platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, then opting for Sprout Social might be the wiser choice. This tool is now also available on your iOS and Android devices.

4. Brand24

Not only your typical social media platform such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, but Brand24 also keeps an eye on your TikTok business account. Moreover, Brand24 got your blog and forums covered too! This tool allows you to analyze each post you publish across all your platforms.

After analyzing your contents, they would also provide you with reports that you can easily export into Excel and PDF files. With its filter function, you can also customize the topics that you want to keep track of, making organization and work division easier for your team.

5. Digimind

This social media monitoring tool’s specialty is in its ability to show you how people feel about your products and brand. Thanks to its Sentiment Score and Reputation search, you can find out in real-time whether people are responding positively, negatively, or staying neutral over your campaigns and brand in general. More than that, as you track your own products, it will automatically show you the stats of other competing products in the market.

Furthermore, Digimind also partnered with other social media monitoring services such as Hootsuite, Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zendesk to enhance the quality of the reports. It is even more hassle-free as Digimind’s analytics are now integrated into its partner platform, making it easily accessible from your dashboard.

Ultimately, each social media monitoring service has some features those other services don’t have. Hence, you need to do thorough research and find one that best suits your business needs instead of simply following the crowd. Good luck!

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