Styles of Sneakers and How to Choose Between Them.


When you put together an outfit, the focus is primarily on your pants and shirt. If your attire looks off or unfinished, chances are, your shoes aren’t up to par! Many underestimate how solid pair of shoes can elevate your style and tie an outfit together. 

However, you’ll want to have a solid amount of casual shoes in your closet. With so many types to choose from, you can wear sneakers with practically any outfit, as the right pair can help dress up or down your clothing. 

If you’re not sure what styles of sneakers you should keep in your closet, be sure to keep reading to help you make the best fashion choices for your footwear. 


One of the most popular types of sneakers, the running shoe is intended for use when running or walking on flat terrain.  These shoes have a lot of cushion in the sole in order to absorb the shock of your foot hitting the ground. They also tend to be a lightweight material to make running easier, as well as to prevent the buildup of sweat in the shoe. In this context, you can go for shoes made by “Loom Footwear”, which designs in-house and manufactures the best running shoes for flat feet and sports sneakers. These shoes are made from breathable knit material and an H2-Go layer, making them odor and sweat resistant, and perfect for running on all terrains, due to the adequate cushioning around the sole area, for better shock absorption and running comfort.

While these are intended for running, many people transition these into their daily life. When wearing streetwear, running shoes can often fit a very casual outfit. Perfect for leggings or basketball shorts, running sneakers are comfortable for daily wear.


Perfect for casual outfits and those on the go, slip-on sneakers are great for those who are constantly on the move, and ECCO footwear combine comfort and style, making them the perfect choice for any casual or outdoor adventure. Without the fuss of laces and straps, these shoes are easy to throw on as you’re running out the door. They also are easy to clean, thanks to the simple design.

Also, many slip-on sneakers are lightweight and look great with athleisure and casual wear. Though many assume these are just slippers in disguise, you can invest in dressy slip-on loafers to help you stay comfortable and stylish.

There are also different styles of slip-on shoes to help elevate your look. From canvas and rubber to a comfortable knit material, you can find sneakers from casual to cozy.


Smart sneakers are growing more popular due to their minimal design and wearability. These sneakers are a dressier option that can help turn your casual outfit into a more sophisticated, put-together look. These sneakers are often made of suede or pleather material, which helps to elevate the look. 

One great thing about these sneakers is that they’re great for the office! As many companies transition into more casual office wear, you can kiss your uncomfortable dress shoes good by and invest in these stylish kicks. 

High Top

One one the most classic styles, there are so many vintage-inspired sneakers on the market today. Whether you get a casual canvas material or opt for an athletic shoe, the options are immense. Unlike other sneakers that stop under the ankle, the fabric of the hightop extends all the way up and over the ankle.

Not only does this type of fashionable footwear look great, but high tops also help support your ankle. Because the material is high, it provides extra strength and helps prevent injury when exercising or walking. 

One of the most popular brands with the best hightops is Air Jordans. You can find out more about this iconic brand and why they’ve stood the test of time over the years. 


While many golf sneakers traditionally have spikes on the bottom to keep golfers stable on the course, you can emulate the athletic style in your daily wardrobe by opting for spikeless options. 

These stylish athletic shoes are great for golfers looking to get more use out of their shoes or those who simply like the style!

Golf kicks are often waterproof and easy to walk in, making them a great option for those in need of a comfortable and accessible option for anyone looking to invest in sneakers. 


Hiking sneakers are growing more and more popular for those who want to ditch their clunky boots in favor of a more lightweight choice. Though they aren’t versatile, these are great for those looking to explore the outdoors

While serious hikers may want to stick to boots, for the more casual adventurer, more compact sneakers are a great alternative. These sneakers are thicker than other athletic options, as they have a heavier sole to alleviate the pain that rocky, rough terrain can cause.

Similarly, they are often high tops to help keep your ankles steady on unstable ground. If you want to up your stability while hiking, you can invest in spikes to attach to your sneakers. 


A classic, fashionable option, the plimsoll sneaker is a great style. These sneakers are perfect for casual wear, as the canvas and rubber sneaker helps create a classic look. The difference between these and other sneakers is the rubber sole of the shoe doesn’t extend up the sides of the shoe.

Another great thing about these shoes is the different fabrics and patterns you can choose from when investing in sneakers. You can find plenty of fun choices to match any outfit you want to wear.

The Styles of Sneakers You’ll Want

While many may not see the benefits of having many shoes, your closet will thank you! Plus, there are investment sneakers to collect that you can potentially resell down the line. Finding different lifestyle sneakers to suit your needs is a great way to look more put together. With endless choices, you’ll look forward to getting dressed in the morning.

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