Giving Employees Back Control – Top Tips for a Happier Work Environment

Happier Work Environment

Happy employees are a must for a happy work environment. Everyone wants to have a content and
productive office, and to do so, you need to make sure that you give your employees control over
their working day. This will allow them to organise their day to what suits them the most. Here are
some of the things you can do as an employer to facilitate this.

Put It All in One Place

One of the easiest ways to let your employees handle details like this is to ensure that all of their
access is in the same place. Rather than have a dozen different portals that they need to access,
streamline it down so it is all one.

For example, if you have a range of different benefits that you wish to be able to offer your
employees, control it all from the Zest Benefits portal. They will be able to sign up to the offers and
options that they want, and you will be able to monitor what is most popular and which could do
with trimming down or replacing. By having it all in one place, you can be certain that you are doing
the best for your business and for your employees.

Offer Flexible Working Hours

9 to 5 might be the norm, but that does not mean that it is necessarily right for you. You need to
make sure that you offer the option of flexible working hours to those who might need it. For
example, some people might work better if they can move their hours to earlier in the working day.
8 to 4 and even 7 to 3 are far more agreeable for many as they feel it gives them more time in the

Others might prefer to push their working hours back just a little bit, and find that they are far more
productive if they are able to work 10 to 6. Some might even want to take a longer lunch break,
perhaps stopping for two hours or so in the middle of the day. Whatever works best for your
employees you should try to facilitate.

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Mental Health Days

In addition to the standard set of holiday days, you should consider offering time off for mental
health and wellbeing. Nowadays, there are many pressures that can affect people. Try as they might
to not bring it into the office, there are some days where they can’t help it, and this can impact their
work and their wellbeing to an even greater extent.
Having the ability to claim a mental health day here and there where they can means that they will
be to recentre and revitalise themselves. Since this won’t affect their holiday days too, they won’t
have to worry about using up precious vacation time due to a mental health break.

Let Employees Choose for Themselves

The most important thing here is that you need to let employees choose the things that they want
for themselves. You might offer them a wide variety of different options for perks, but you cannot
force them to use them. After all, just because you have paid for a corporate gym membership does
not mean that your staff are going to want to use it!

When it comes to letting your employees have control over their working life, you need to make
sure that they truly do have control. Why not even ask them what they would like to see in terms of
benefits? The more options and flexibility they have, the happier a workforce you are likely to see!

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