Travel Nursing Jobs: A New Trend in Healthcare

Nursing jobs

Healthcare is a noble profession that requires a lot of hard work and patience. One can achieve great heights in the industry if they are willing to gain the necessary qualifications and experience. Nurses are the backbone of the healthcare area. If doctors save your life, nurses help you get on your feet. According to recent trends, travel nursing jobs are getting more popular daily. Below, some of the in-demand jobs are mentioned. Read ahead to know more!

What is it?

The nursing jobs that involve short-term assignments where the professionals move to specific locations to perform their duty are known as travel nursing. Most of these jobs are on a contract basis that can last weeks to months.

The most common duties that these healthcare providers will perform are as follows:

  • They will evaluate the condition of the patients by conducting various tests and assessments.
  • They will provide the required information and awareness to educate patients and other caregivers.
  • They will maintain a record of development in the patient’s condition.
  • They’ll administer proper medications and other treatments according to the doctor’s advice.

Highest paying jobs

The list of highest-paid nursing jobs is as follows.

  • ICU Travel Nurse

Intensive Care Unit nurses are one of the most paying professions in the healthcare industry. They treat patients in critical conditions such as those on ventilators, and life-sustaining medical drips, to name a few. To become this professional, one should have at least one year of experience in acute settings or emergency conditions.

BLS and ACLS certifications are mandatory. In addition, the Critical Care Certification can add valuable points to the resume. So if an individual is interested in applying for this category, they should apply with the required qualifications and experience in the industry.

  • Psychiatric Travel Nurse

The profession of this support provider is also called the mental health or psych nurse. They help patients suffering from mental health disorders and various psychiatric issues. One has to treat the mental health assessments, give medications and collaborate with other healthcare professionals to provide the best treatment to the patients.

  • NICU Travel Nurse

The professionals working as a NICU team treat the patients in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. If an individual is interested in working as a NICU nurse, they must be registered with the concerned departments. It is a sensitive job requiring experience in the field to help patients in need.

  • Dialysis Travel Nurse

These professionals treat patients suffering from chronic kidney diseases and other related conditions. Their key responsibilities include recording the vitals before and after the dialysis treatment, providing the medication to the patients, and treating them in case of allergies.

One should have the required qualifications, such as ADN or BSN degree. In addition, an Advanced Cardiac Life Support certification is required with a minimum of one year of experience to acquire a job in the industry.

Other in-demand travel nursing jobs are:

  • ER medical health provider
  • Med Surg professionals
  • Pediatric care provider
  • Postpartum Nurse
  • PACU Nurse
  • OR Nurse
  • Labor and Delivery provider
  • PICU healthcare professionals
  • Oncology professionals
  • Telemetry support provider
  • Hospice Nurse
  • Cath Lab health caregiver
  • LPN medical caregiver


With the increase in healthcare technologies and urbanization, the requirements for trained healthcare professionals such as doctors and nurses are rising. To acquire the desired professions, one should have educational qualifications and experience in the healthcare industry. The travel nurse position might appear challenging, but not to the right individual.

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