What Is MCM Client On Android? What Is It? Do I Need It?

What is MCM Client

MCM stands for Mobile Content Management that always provides secure access to different media files such as documents, videos, and pictures. This access is on any mobile device such as laptops, tablets, or smartphones. MCM is also known as Mobile Information Management, which is MIM. Keep in mind that mobile content management (MCM) is a part of many mobile device management (MDM).

The main purpose of MCM is to keep the balance between security and productivity. This can be done when we apply different configurations and restrictions to ensure that unauthorized users do not access the corporate data.

In this post, we will detail what MCM is, what is MCM client, their features, pros, and cons, as well as other queries that come into your mind. Let’s start the discussion, and don’t forget to ask anything if you have in your mind in the comment section.

What is MCM?

MCM means Mobile Content Management which means the type of content you can manage or store on your device. This management system delivers the content and services through mobile devices such as smartphones, Android phones, or other devices.

MCM systems can be taken as a discrete system or be given as addons or modules. Both of these processes are used to deliver the content through different channels.

What is MCM client?

MCM client is an MCM agent who takes action on mobile devices such as Android phones. So MCM client is helpful for users in accessing different documents and media files. Keep in mind that this access is through a secure method. So it means that authorized clients or users only accept the files.

As mobile devices come under management, MCM solutions deploy these agents on them. Besides allowing secure viewing and accessing of data, they also impose some security restrictions. Reducing the need for employees to install third-party applications to access data (that may introduce risks). MCM clients are also able to prevent malware from spreading.

Keep in mind that if you have an Android smartphone such as Samsung, you can easily install MCM clients. Different Android agents are also available that can easily manage smartphones with an MCM solution.

This comes into happening when MCM clients are available. Security is the main thing when these MCM clients come into action. With the help of these agents, only authorized people can view, download, and share the content.

Mobile Content Management Features (MCM)

To determine deep about MCM, we should be aware of its features. Let’s reveal some of the main features of Mobile Content Management.

Document segregation

With the help of the MCM client, users will be able to categorize their files using tags. You can then easily classify and separate the files in a more manageable way.

Opening and saving content in MDM

Now, you can easily open and save your content in MDM Document Viewer as it gives you an inbuilt viewer in the ME MDM app. Keep in mind that this app is available on different devices. It is the responsibility of the admins that the content is saved and can only be viewed using the document viewer. 

Centralized Content Update

The admins of the MCM client have the authorization to update any content or file. This can be done when the new version is available on the mobile device management server.

Multiple File Format Support

You will be amazed to know that  MCM Client supports different file formats such as MP4, txt, PDF, doc, PNG, jpeg, pptx, and much more. However, whatever the file form, the main purpose of the MCM client is to secure access while sharing the files.

Preventing document sharing from different devices

One of the best features of the client is to prevent document sharing from different devices. These documents are secured with the help of a mobile device manager. It helps secure the content by preventing users from sharing it with other devices. The users are also secured when they are copying content to any other App.

What is the MCM client used for?

Above in the article, you will come to know what MCM and MCM clients are and their features, but still, you have the question in mind what MCM clients are used for. Most commonly, the MCM client is used for downloading different types of data in a secure way.

On the other side, it can only be viewed or shared on the MCM server. The MCM client app is only used for users with a protocol that prevents any kind of malware or spyware from spreading. One of the main benefits of MCM clients is that all your data is secured, especially from potential hacker attacks.

Furthermore, the MCM client also allows you to reduce the downloading of data from third-party apps so that they cannot access your corporate data.

How do you spot an MCM Client on your Android Device?

First of all, I am sure that if you check an MCM client app on your phone, then it is present. However, unfortunately, if your Android phone is not connected to the MDM server or the MCM client and is hidden on your device, you will not be able to uninstall the MDM agent.

How to check an MCM client on your Android device?

Now you have come to know a lot more about MCM clients, and I’m sure you want to check it on your phone. So read the following instructions and start checking on your phone whether the MCM client is there or not.

  • First of all, open your phone and tap on settings.
  • Then go to the security option.
  • Then tap the device administrator.
  • Keep in mind that the device administrator is where you can see the list of the different device admin apps.
  • These device admin apps are currently installed on your phone. From these apps, the common ones are the “screen lock service” or “find my device.”
  • Many of you might know about these two things when you are searching for all this. So our main purpose is to search for MCM clients, and if it is installed on your phone, it should be displayed in this section.
  • However, if you do not know what an MCM client is on your phone, you must contact the administrator.
  • Although it might be uninstalled while contacting the administrator, it will not be installed the next time you reboot the phone.

How to uninstall the MCM client?

  • After reaching the particular point by reading the above discussion, you can uncheck the box next to the MCM client to disable it.
  • Then again, go to the settings and their applications.
  • Then you have to choose “Manage Engine Mobile Device Manager Plus.”
  • Finally, the last is to uninstall the MDM client.

Pros and Cons of MCM client

Everything, whether the product or the service, comes with different pros and cons. Let’s discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of having an MCM client on your mobile phone.


  • With the help of the MCM client, the user can easily play games and watch live TV.
  • Users can have unlimited cloud and data storage.
  • Sprint subscribers have the advantage of enjoying premium text messages service on a global scale.
  • The subscribers can stream the on-demand videos.


  • Sometimes, due to the presence of an MCM client, you can lose more money and battery because it is running on your device.
  • Bloatware is often hard to remove from MCM clients’ phones.
  • Some apps that also use the MCM client can’t be deleted or uninstalled.


Why do I need the MCM client app?

Many people have the misconception that MCM client is spyware. However, it is the main application that secures your important content and files. Even the MCM client helps prevent malware such as ransomware or spyware from spreading.

How can I choose a Good MCM provider?

You can choose a good MCA provider by looking for:

  • Availability of content
  • File sharing
  • Security
  • Cross-platform compatibility 

Should I remove the MCM client on my Android device?

There is no harm to your Android device when you have an MCM client on your phone. So if you purchase a phone from a company, then definitely MCM client is present in your phone. When you have an MCM client on your device, it is easier for you to corporate or manage things.However, if you think that there is no need to have an MCM client on your device, then you can uninstall it.

There might be a reason that the MCM client is not relevant to your work, and you want to remove it. But you should know about the pros and cons of MCM clients before removing them from your device.


MCM client is the perfect software for securing personal data and securing your company’s data. It is great software with the help of which only some special people have access to specific confidential documents. Due to its number of benefits, normally, people do not want to uninstall the MCM client. It is the need of every person to secure their data as well as watch different content safely.

Through this post, I hope you will easily understand what MCM clients are. You also come to know about the worth of  MCM clients by reading its features and pros and cons. If you want to drop your feedback or suggestion, you can write in the comment section below. I will be writing this kind of content on my website, so keep a regular look at this platform. 

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