What Is Picuki Instagram? (How to use?) (Functions & It is safe?)

What Is Picuki Instagram

You might have heard about the Website named Picuki. It is an Instagram search engine through which you can search profiles and posts of different people. One plus point is that you can like, share and save different Instagram stories, followers, profiles, posts, tags, and locations without making an account. The search is anonymous; nobody will know if you are searching for it. Picuki also allows users to check trend content to make more trending content.

Let’s learn more about it!

What is Picuki, and How Does it Work?

Picuki is a website that allows you to visit your Instagram profile without logging in. One thing that makes Picuki unique is that you do not need to make your ID to surf on it. You would be using it anonymously, and people will not know if you search for their ID or download their pictures or videos. This feature helps businesses portray their idea and search for suitable people to share their products.

It helps people analyze the key factors causing a loss in your business and how you can improve it and earn more views and likes. The person who has a public profile and wants to grow as a content creator will be able to analyze the views, what makes their posts rank in the explore section, and what caused increased followers in their account.

Currently, there are more than 1K Picuki users. It is one of the most searched Instagram algorithm websites that provides graphs of the ratings reach of your posts.


Picuki works by analyzing different profiles and making charts through their ID information, such as likes, comments, reach, etc.

How To Use Picuki?

Two main reasons to use picuki are as follows:

1. Account search of famous accounts

Account search is done by following these steps.

Step- 1) Download the Picuki app and open it on your phone or PC

Step- 2) You will see a search on the homepage where you can search for your desired ID

Step- 3) Picuki will provide you with a list of relevant people.

Step- 4) Select the one you are looking for and stalk through their ID.

2. Hashtag Search of Famous Hashtags

Famous hashtags search is done by following these steps:

Step- 1) Open the Picuki home page as mentioned above

Step- 2) Enter the hashtag in the search bar and click on the search button

Step- 3) It will provide you with several potential hashtags. Click on your desired hashtag and enjoy surfing through the pictures with similar hashtags.

How to download Instagram photos?

You should follow these steps to download Instagram photos:

Step- 1) Download the picuki app using the above steps.

Step- 2) By using the search box, enter the profile of your desired user or the user whose picture you want to download

step- 3) Search for the picture you want to download from that ID

Step- 4) Now click the download option at the bottom of the picture.

How to Edit Instagram Photos using Picuki

Step- 1) Download the Picuki app as mentioned above.

Step- 2) Type the username of the person whose pictures you want to edit

Step- 3) Tap on the ID. now select the picture you want to edit

Step- 4) Click on the edit option at the bottom of the picture.

Step-5) Edit the picture by adding stickers, text, and brightness per your wish.

Functions and Benefits of Picuki

You might find many other apps that help you and serve the same functions, but the specialty of Picuki is you can view trending content on it. Trending posts, stories, and hashtags are easily accessible and can be viewed, saved, and edited efficiently. Here are the functions and advantages:

1. Search for trending hashtags

You can search trending hashtags to get to know about what things are trending these days.

2. View, and save Instagram photos and videos

You have the opportunity to view and save photos and videos of your favorite people whose profiles are public to view the posts again offline and without searching.

3. Search various Instagram profiles

You can search for the profiles of your favorite celebrities, content creators, and other people you want to stalk.

4. Search trending Instagram posts

The critical feature of Picuki is that you can search for trending posts through it.

5. Free browsing

This app is free. It will only take your time and a little space on your phone.

6. Anonymous browsing

You don’t need to make your profiles on Instagram to browse Instagram through this app, and your identity remains hidden.

7. Edit photos and videos in people’s profiles

You can edit people’s photos and videos through Picuki.

How to Get Access to Picuki API?

you should follow these steps to get access to Picuki API:

Step-1) open the official Website of Picuki

Step-2) you will see an option of ‘Request Access to Our API.’ Click on that option

Step-3) now, you can fill in the formalities such as putting your Email account, Website, your project, etc

Step-4) Now tap on the ‘request API’ option appearing on the screen

Step-5) you will be informed of further details on your email account when you access Picuki API.

Alternatives to Pickuki

There are several alternatives to Picuki. A few of them are discussed below:


Dumpor is also an Instagram analyzer that you can use for stalking purposes anonymously. You can download multiple things that you want to or which you want to search further. Dumpor also analyses the profiles of the people, the number of likes, shares, comments on their profile, their number of followers, and much more.


SmiHub is also a free Instagram stalking tool that you can use for viewing many people’s accounts being anonymous. You can save content on it for viewing later. It can be an idea of someone you like, any picture you may like, or any video you want to see more often without searching for it again.


How to Remove Content Data from Picuki?

All data of Picuki is that data which is on Instagram. Keep in mind that if we publicize our account on Instagram, many apps like Picuki, Gramho, SmiHub, etc., can get access to our data. If you want to remove your content only from Picuki, you may fill out the form available on their Website; it will hide your content from Picuki only.

To remove your data from Picuki, you can privatize your Instagram account and remove it from public exposure. After that, your posts will be removed from Picuki and will not be accessible on Picuki for searching, editing, saving, and other purposes. If you want to remove your account from Picuki without privatizing it, it will still be visible on Picuki and other similar sites.

Is Picuki Safe?

Yes, Picuki is safe for its users as you can see the posts anonymously, enjoy them, and browse Instagram for free. It is a free tool that everyone can use. So in this sense, it is safe. But it is unsafe for the people whose pictures and videos we save and edit. It can cause harm to the people without them knowing. Many people can use it for illegal purposes too.

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Final Words

Picuki is a great app that can help many people view their desired content. It can help you know more about trending content. It can also help you in multiple ways, and the list is long. But in my opinion, it can cause people to have competition that can cause depression in many people. It makes other people view, save, and edit your content, which can be an unlawful act and should be just done by staying within your certain limits.

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