Who is Tony Hinchcliffe’s Wife? Are They Still Together?

Who is Tony Hinchcliffe’s Wife

Have you ever wondered about the famous American comedian who loves to tease people in his comedy shows? That is Tony Hinchcliffe. Now, many people are curious about Tony Hinchcliffe’s wife. There are some rumors going around, spreading wrong info about his marriage. Just keep reading if you want to get the real scoop on Tony Hinchcliffe’s wife.

Let us look closely at Tony’s life and determine if he is married. Stay tuned to uncover more details.

Who is Tony Hinchcliffe? 

Tony Hinchcliffe, an American comedian, became well-known for his work on the Comedy Central Roast series and participated as a roaster in the All Def Digital Roast of Snoop Dogg in 2016. He is recognized for his style of comedy.

Tony also hosts a comedy podcast called Kill Tony and had a one-hour stand-up special titled “One Shot” that premiered on Netflix in 2016. However, in May 2021, Tony faced some trouble. During a performance, he made jokes that included a racist slur against an Asian-American comedian who performed before him. 

Because of this, he lost his agent and had to cancel several of his upcoming shows. This incident had a significant impact on Tony’s career despite his previous success in comedy. However, despite controversies, people love him. As a successful comedian, his estimated net worth is probably over $1 million.

Who is Tony Hinchcliffe’s Wife?

Charlotte Jane, also known as “Baby Jane,” is a model and Instagram influencer. Her fame not only comes from having a lot of followers but also from being the daughter of the famous Australian race car driver, Bob Jane.

Apart from her online presence, Charlotte works with the Depop app, where she sells her merchandise. Mainly, she sells dresses and jewellery. As the wife of a celebrity, she has become well-known for her business ventures in the fashion industry. Charlotte started her career as a model and worked for different brands. She even got featured in Maxim magazine. 

Tony casually mentioned that he is in a marital relationship with Charlotte Jane. He got everyone talking when he casually mentioned marriage during a comedy show in 2015. People initially thought it was a joke, but it turns out it was true. 

In 2017, there was even a picture of them with an engagement ring on Instagram. During one of his podcasts, Tony shared the marriage news openly in early 2018. 

Are They Still Together?

The current status of Tony Hinchcliffe and Charlotte’s relationship remains a mystery to many. They have not officially discussed a divorce, leaving people wondering whether they are still married. 

Despite various rumours suggesting a divorce, there has been no official confirmation from the couple. Interestingly, they have not shared any pictures on social media for the past year. Tony Hinchcliffe has not talked about his wife on social media since January 2018, making some people think they might have separated.

Adding more mystery, Charlotte shared a photo on Valentine’s Day in 2023. The picture showed her with another man, having a good time at the beach. Her caption stated, “I am a Luckiest Girl.”

As of now, it is not clear if Tony Hinchcliffe’s wife is officially dating someone else. The uncertainty about their relationship status leaves fans wondering whether Tony and Charlotte are still together or have chosen different paths.

How Did the Rumors of Him Being Gay Begin?

Tony Hinchcliffe, a comedian for 15 years, has had some controversies like many comedians. One notable issue is rumors about his sexuality. Some people think he might be gay, but it is important to clarify that Tony Hinchcliffe is straight, meaning he likes people of the opposite sex.

These rumors started because of a tweet from Hinchcliffe in May 2011. In it, he said, “Hot chicks treat me like I’m a gay guy. Gay guys treat me like I’m a hot chick.”

Even though he made it clear he likes the opposite sex, the rumors continued. This happened because he kept his private life private and took a while to discuss his marriage. The way he talks to his audience also makes some people think he is gay. 

Who is Tony Hinchcliffe Dating Right Now?

As of now, we do not have information about Tony’s current dating status because he keeps his personal life private. However, in the past, Tony has been linked with a few women, but one person that fans often talk about is UFC fighter Joanna Jedrzejczyk. 

In a 2016 Instagram post, Jedrzejczyk shared a photo with the comedian, jokingly saying, “Look who finally had the courage to talk to me.” People saw them together and thought they might be a couple, but there was no confirmation.

Tony openly talks about her, even saying she is attractive. He shared that he has dated women from different backgrounds and finds African-American ladies more appealing and warmer. These details about Hinchcliffe’s love life have sparked discussions among fans.

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Many are curious about Tony Hinchcliff’s marriage with Charlotte Jane, also known as “Baby Jane,” which has led to questions about their current relationship status. Despite rumors and a lack of recent social media updates, the couple has not officially confirmed a divorce.

However, They stopped wearing wedding rings, and Charlotte Jane’s social media post suggested she had moved on from the dark-humoured comedian. The details of their relationship change are now a part of the past.

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