Why Join a Gun Club? 5 Great Reasons

Gun Club

Start blasting! 40% of Americans live in a household with a gun. Most people are lone shooters, going out by themselves or with a couple of friends.  Yet joining a gun club can have significant benefits. The key is to understand what those benefits are and find an organization that caters to your needs. 


What are the most substantial benefits of joining a club? What do some clubs offer that other clubs do not have? How can you determine what club is best for you?

Answer these questions and you can truly enjoy owning a gun. Here are five benefits of joining a gun club.

1. Camaraderie

The best part of joining a gun club is making connections with other gun owners. You can learn new techniques from them and share your resources. You can also make friends and organize hunting expeditions and shooting drills with other people. 

Some clubs specialize in helping women or young people shoot. Take a look at clubs in your area and see who the clubs cater to.

2. Training

All clubs offer training classes for their members. You can learn about gun safety and the laws that affect gun ownership. If you want to teach classes, you can sign up with the club and get paid. Some clubs partner with gun retailers so you can learn about new firearms. You can also shoot 45 ammo and other bullets that may be out of your price range. 

3. Access to Resources

Some clubs let you rent firearms, letting you try out guns you are considering buying. The guns are stored and maintained on-site, so there is little risk of an accident if you borrow one. You should experiment with guns of different calibers. Work your way up slowly, as firing a high-caliber gun with little experience can lead to an accident. 

4. Experimentation

Gun club membership means you can try out different kinds of shooting. You can stand at a gun range and shoot at stationary targets. You can also go outside and shoot at clay pigeons and other objects moving through the air. 

Some gun clubs even let you shoot birds and wild animals. Try to find a club that is located outdoors so you can practice hunting. 

5. Free Perks

In addition to free classes and free guns, you may get other perks with your membership. Gun clubs may group together with other businesses to offer membership packages. You may qualify for a membership with a gym or a restaurant near you. 

Some clubs partner with other clubs, letting members access resources from several gun organizations. You can go across the state shooting your weapons at various locations. 

The Biggest Benefits of Gun Club Membership

A gun club can change your life, as long as you join the right one. Nearly all clubs offer chances to connect with other members and free classes. Try to find a club that serves your demographic and lets you train with different firearms. 

You should also find a club that offers gun rentals. Shooting indoors can be fun, but shooting on outdoor ranges lets you practice hunting skills. Join a club that partners with other companies. Don’t join a club until you’ve learned how to shoot. Read guides on gun skills by following our coverage.

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