Checklist To Make Your WooCommerce Store’s Launch A Huge Success


Your WooCommerce website can be your vehicle to grand future success, or your doom- depending on how well you prepare for it. E-commerce is successful, in part, because of how well you sustain it. People have a big misunderstanding when they launch their online e-commerce store that they enrol as many sellers as they can, without having the right platform to give them residence.

Below given checklist points will help you prepare well for the success of your WooCommerce store.

  • Enough Server Space, Including Backup

You can make a million changes to your website during its conception, but if you haven’t backed them up then they don’t matter at all. Server space is a precious element that website design incorporates. Especially for a woo commerce website that can an itinerary of tens of thousands of products, designating proper and ample server space for backup is a necessity, more than a luxury.

  • Detailed Itinerary

It isn’t enough to just list your products. You need to add details to each product page, complete with a description of the product, its size, images, price and availability. For a WooCommerce front-end online store, these details are crucial because the consumers depend on these to decide if they would end up buying it.

  • Transitional Checkout

There are many front-end and back-end checkout options that you can use for your online store, but what matters most is how smooth and convenient it is for your customers to make the purchase. It helps to audit this process, ironing out the snags and fixing issues before the website goes live for the viewers online.

  • Understanding WooCommerce Web Development Settings

There are many aspects of settings that need a closer look before the launch- general settings that include each individual’s account settings, ensuring the privacy policy pop-up, payment checkout options, e-mail list settings, tax calculator, setting shipping charges according to zones and even notifications for inventory.

  • Managing Feedback Forms

Feedback and contact forms are two integral ways of letting your customers weigh in on your business. The relevant plugins should be tested before the launch itself. Ensure that the submissions are quick and hassle-free, there is an option for subscription to newsletters and a visible blog page and FAQs.

  • Transitioning Database

If you already had a WooCommerce store and are changing or transitioning it onto a new platform, ensure that all your data is packed in organized digital boxes under several categories to make the server move easier. It helps in accommodation of your data and saves you data headaches that need constant fixes, afterwards.

  • Launching SEO Tools And Practices

Simply putting your WooCommerce store online is not enough. You need to generate enough interest to bring about sales and conversions. Your SEO should begin as soon as the launch happens. This means that you need to prepare for optimization strategies BEFORE the launch.

  • Generating Sitemaps For Indexing By Search Engines

Add sitemaps and redirects of your website pages by submitting them to the Google Search and Webmaster tool. This will begin the process of indexing your website as soon as the launch happens, which will be a better optimization practice than waiting out for the site to settle.

This checklist will help you organize and manage various website-related projects you will need to undertake, from transitioning databases to creating sitemaps, and it will take a load off of your shoulders when your website is up and running. Contact Kinex Media for personalized help before launching any online store. We highly possess futuristic skills in designing and developing eCommerce sites.  

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