Ana Andrade Cause Of Death: What Happened to Gloria Trevi’s Daughter?

Ana Andrade Cause Of Death

Losing a newborn baby is extremely devastating and emotionally challenging for anyone who has been through this loss. Similarly, this happened with Gloria Trevi who unintentionally had a baby with an abuser Sergio Andrade. 

One such loss was of a baby girl, Ana Dalay Andrade, who left everyone in shock and grief after her sudden death. Ana’s Parents Gloria and Sergio faced multiple consequences after her tragic death.

In this article, we’ll be discussing who Ana Andrade was and what caused her death in detail. So stay with me as I talk about the twists and turns of Ana Andrade’s journey.

Who was Ana Andrade?

Ana Dalay Andrade was the one-month-old daughter of Gloria Trevi, a Mexican singer, songwriter and dancer, and Sergio Andrade, also a Mexican singer, composer, film director, music producer and writer.

Ana Dalay was born on March 13, 1999, in Rio De Janeiro and she passed away exactly one month later. It was reported that Ana was the result of a rape and was a premature baby born without a birth certificate. 

The Relationship of Ana’s Parents

Gloria Trevi met Sergio Andrade in the late 1980s. Sergio became Gloria’s manager and producer. They soon started dating but their relationship was all about abuse and violence. Sergio was always known to be an abuser and a paedophile. He used to make young girls join his musical projects and as a result, he sexually abused them and then forced them to opt for an abortion.

Both Gloria and Sergio were accused of kidnapping and abusing minors so they ran away from their country and hid for many years. During this time, Gloria gave birth to Ana Dalay before they were caught in Brazil in 2000. Sergio had forced Gloria into having sex with him while she was unconscious. 

What Circumstances Happened Surrounding Ana Dalay’s Death

Ana Dalay passed away on April 13, 1999, in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The actual reason for the death of baby girl Ana Dalay is unknown. According to her mother, Gloria Trevi, Ana passed away in her crib. 

At the time of her death, the baby and her parents were living in an apartment along with a few girls including Liliana Regueiro and Katia de la Cuesta. The couple had gotten into an argument after which Sergio told Katia to fetch Ana from the room where she was sleeping. When Katia did not return with their daughter, Gloria began to worry a lot. Katia was the first person to find out that the baby had died in her crib. Her mouth was blue and she lay there lifeless.

The reason for her death could be Sudden Infant Death Syndrome which means that a healthy baby passed away while sleeping. It is predicted that she might have passed away due to physical factors such as low birth weight, respiratory problems or a brain defect. 

Why Ana’s Parents Refused To Take Her Dead Body To Hospital?

Sergio didn’t let anyone take the baby to the hospital or get any other form of help since he was afraid of getting caught. He even restricted Gloria from attending their daughter’s funeral or even seeing her body. 

There are many different claims as to what happened to Ana’s body after death. Some people say that Sergio threw away her body in a river in Jacarepagua, Brazil and others say that he buried her in a nearby forest. Some people also say that he donated the baby’s organs and turned her body into ashes. None of these allegations were confirmed or denied by either Gloria or Sergio.

Gloria and Sergio’s Reaction to Their Daughter’s Death

Sergio was blamed for the death of his daughter along with the abuse of many other minors and was sentenced to prison. Sergio said that he was innocent and wasn’t involved in the death of Ana Dalay. He also accused Gloria of lying about their relationship and their daughter. Ana’s death did not have an impact on Sergio. 

Gloria said that her daughter Ana was on her “path of stars to heaven” and was in extreme pain about her death. Gloria still posts about her daughter on her Instagram account, sharing pictures with her along with an emotional caption. You can check the post here. Her caption says “24 years transforming myself, beloved daughter. Thank you for coming into my life. THANK YOU, BELOVED GOD, for having compassion on me. I never deserved you, that’s clear to me. That’s why you’ll always be my greatest miracle. Happy birthday in my heart.” 

Gloria never forgets to honour her daughter on her birth and death anniversary. Gloria also composed a song named “Postal Stamps to Heaven” in remembrance of her daughter. 

What Controversies and Legal Proceedings The Couple Faced?

Gloria and Sergio were handed over from Brazil to Mexico in 2002. In Mexico, they faced several charges due to the crimes they had committed. Gloria spent 5 years in prison and was released in 2004 when she was cleared of all the blame. Gloria said that she was also a victim of Sergio’s abuse and manipulation. 

Sergio was then sent to prison for seven years and nine months for the abuse of minors. However, he was released in 2007 which means he only spent half of his punishment in prison. Sergio claimed that he was not involved in the death of his daughter in any way and also said that Gloria had lied about their relationship and their daughter Ana.  

What Statements Gloria Trevi Made in Her Interviews?

Gloria Trevi attended many interviews after the death of her daughter. In those interviews, she cleared out everything that was doubted about her daughter’s death. 

In an interview with Adela Micha, she said “I left my daughter sleeping, when an argument started that lasted a long time, I wanted to see my daughter, so I started to feel very restless.” She also said that Sergio asked Katia to go get the baby and when she did not leave the room with her daughter, she began to worry too much. 

Gloria revealed, “I grabbed the girl and tried to run from the apartment, but Karina Yapor stopped me at the door and said she was dead.”

In many interviews, Gloria mentioned that her daughter lives in her mind and heart and she will have passed away only when Gloria stops remembering and feeling her. 

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To conclude, the sudden and tragic death of baby girl Ana Andrade was a big chapter in the life of her mother Gloria Trevi who was deeply saddened by the loss of her daughter. Since the girl was a result of rape by Sergio Andrade, he didn’t care much about his daughter’s death. 

Ana died in her crib in an apartment in Brazil in 1999 but is remembered and honored by many people to this day. Her short life is a remembrance for all mothers to cherish the moments spent with their newborns. 

The death of Ana Dalay is a message to all parents who decide to have a baby to always think and be sure about the situation first so that the baby doesn’t have to face consequences due to the parents’ mistakes and also not indulge in inappropriate activities such as abuse.

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