Does MacDonald’s Accept EBT As Payment? Everything You Need To Know


Everybody occasionally gets a craving for McDonald’s. Even the Dollar Menu can be an extra cost if you’re trying to sustain a family on a limited budget. Therefore, there may have been occasions when people questioned whether they could use EBT at McDonald’s or not. Most SNAP recipients are unable to purchase fast food with their EBT cards.

However, some EBT users eligible for the RMP (Restaurants Meals Program) can use their cards to buy fast food, which varies from state to state. The RMP is available to disable, elderly, or homeless people. Only a few specific locations in California accept EBT for Mcdonalds.

Here is all the information you require to determine whether you are eligible to use your EBT card to purchase fast food at McDonald’s.


Can You Buy Fast Food With Your EBT Card?

Unfortunately, many people with EBT cards cannot purchase fast food, including McDonald’s. Only a few states operate a restaurant meals program under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), whose benefits vary state-wise. Under the RMP program, SNAP recipients who are disabled, elderly, or homeless can purchase fast food.

Therefore, you should check in with the SNAP agent to see if you may use the RMP program before you go to a fast-food joint. There is good news if you live in California since you could be able to eat there under RMP. However, if EBT for Mcdonalds doesn’t work, you can try other fast-food restaurants. The variety of places accepting EBT is highest in California.

What Are The Other Purposes To Use EBT?

Although the EBT card cannot be used to purchase burgers at McDonald’s, there are other ways to use it. The government offers EBT cards primarily to assist families with their monthly food budgets. As such, you are permitted to purchase groceries. You can buy any meal that can be prepared, as well as seeds and plants for growing, including foods like fruits, meat, cereals, and vegetables. Additionally, if you are concerned that you cannot cook, you can purchase prepackaged meals. Even if you can’t get a burger from McDonald’s, you can still buy the stuff to make your own!

Why Don’t All States Allow People To Use EBT At A Restaurant?

As you have read above, the main reason behind EBT is to supplement the family’s monthly food budget, and fast food doesn’t come as necessary. A few states allow access to fast food, but most of them can only be used to purchase groceries.

SNAP can be a massive aid to a family in need. However, it could be challenging to cook if you frequently travel, care for a child, or do other things. Fast food is often a practical choice for a quick meal throughout the working day. However, this is not an option under SNAP, and most food must be prepared. Finding the energy to prepare meals might be exhausting, even if you can purchase raw ingredients with your EBT card. Fast food is helpful in these situations, but it can also wholly deplete your monthly food budget.

However, there is an easy solution to this problem. While using your EBT card to purchase fast food is impossible, buying frozen food is very simple. So, if you’re too exhausted to cook, you may stock up on them and make these quick meals to feed your family.


EBT can be of great help when one is struggling to make ends meet. Although you cannot buy fast food or burgers, you can quickly get all the necessary groceries and food items. This will help you a lot till you get back on your feet.

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