Everything To Know About Dream Irl – Do Dream Irl Face Reveal?

Dream irl

Today we are talking about the dream IRL. The immensely popular beloved and polarizing faceless creator and most popular Minecraft YouTubers globally. To learn what it’s like to wear the crown of the most rapidly growing Minecraft on the internet. The highly anticipatedface reveal, controversy and criticism and what Dream’s future really looks like.

By the end of this article we will find out, has this astronomical rise to super fame been nothing but blissful as Dream reaps the benefits of stardom while remaining completely anonymous, or has the expectations and critique from fans and cynics alike proven far too overwhelming to catch even a moment of peace?.

He went from 1 million subscribers on the 31st December of 2019 to over 22 million subscribers in less than 5 hundred days.

Who is Dream irl?

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He is an American YouTube gamer famous for his Minecraft videos on YouTube. Dream irl is working as a group “Dream Team” including himself, GeorgeNotFound, Sapnap and BadBoyHalo. He stands with the height of 5’7”. He lives with his best friend Sapnap and cat patches.

Where was the Dream irl born?

Everyone wants to know about the Dream irl, the complete and true information. Dream’s was born in Boston in the city of UnitedStates, on 12th August, 1999. He currently lives in Los Angeles. He is 22 years old now. In the history of YouTube his channel is one of the fastest growing channels.

Siblings, early education

Dream irl has three siblings with two sisters and a younger brother. Dream irl favorite sport isfootball he playedfootball with his high school flag footballteam and more he played soccer as well as basketball. He graduated in early 2018 and he never take part in a college as he sure himself that he will definitely get a job without any degree because he felt he knew enough about technology. Even Dream worked for a Apple Care for a short period of time.

When did he got the actual fame?

In the video “Switcher Levitator Trap Tutorial” first time he appears in that video which is uploaded on 26th of August, 2013. From 2014 to 2019 his subscribers was stuck between 1,000 subscribers. But suddenly his views increased in 2019, when he uploaded a video trying to find PewdiePie’s Minecraft seeds.

He was shocked when he see around 100 thousands views. The most popular among his followers is “Minecraft Speedrunner VS 1/2/3/4 Hunter.

Do Dream irl face reveal?

Recently popular YouTube gamer Dream announced his plans for a face reveal because of keep receiving requestsfrom his fans. It’s seems like he will do it by the next year. He said after the vlog of George Not Found he will reveal his face.

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Why he take a break?

Once they take a little break and they told their belovedfans reason of not being able to active on YouTube because he and his best friend Sapnap buy a new house and they both moved to the new house name of the house is “Dream team house”.

Net worth of Dream

Dream’s net worth is approximately 7$ million. He has different source of income like sealing March, sponsorships, Adsense and much more.

Facts about Dream

  • His favorite color is white.
  • He is a pet lover.
  • He lives with the cat named patches and his best friend Sapnap.
  • He has 28.7 million subscribers.
  • He never attended the college.
  • He believes in himself.

Different platforms of Dream irl

Facebook: DreamWasTaken

Instagram: Dreamwastaken

Speedrun.com: DreamWasTaken

PO box – 10151 University Blvd, Suite 308, Orlando, FL 32817

Spotify: Dream

Snapchat: Dreampublic

Tiktok: Dreamwastakenwastaken


  • @Dream
  • @dreamwastaken
  • @dreamsecretclub
  • @Dream__Fanart


  • Dream
  • DreamXD
  • Dream Shorts
  • Minecraft Manhunt
  • Dream Tech
  • Dream Music

Personal profile

Real name Clay

Nickname Dream

Date of birth 12th of August 2019

Age. 22

Profession. YouTuber

Birthplace United States

Nationality American

Home town Florida, USA


Height. Approx. 5 ft 7 inch

Weight Approx. 53 kg

Religion Christianity

Zodiac sign Leo

Ethnicity Mixed

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q#1. When did he first experience his first spike in growth?

One of his interview he said, he got a lot of attention when he uploaded a video trying to find PewDiePie’s Minecraft seed. Overnight he got 100 thousands views.

Q#2. What is the real name of Dream irl?

Dream Was Taken is well known personality on social media. His real name is Clay.

Q#3. When did the DreamWasTaken or Dream irl got the popularity?

In September 2021, he better known as Dream irl or DreamWasTaken. He opened his YouTube channel in 2014. He have changed the channels names multiple times like, DreamTraps, Dream, DreamWasTaken, DreamAF, DeltaNinja and DreamOnPvp.

Q#4. How many followers Dream got on social media?

He has more than 5.4 million followerson twitch, 25.8 million subscribers on YouTube, 3.1 million followers on Instagram and 61,000. Followers on Facebook.

Q#5. Did Dream ever nominated for the awards?

Yes in 2020, Dream has been nominated for the 10thannual streamy awards for the breakout creator and gaming categories.

Wrapping up

The most basic question is what is dream, Dream irl is a famous YouTuber who is famous for his videos,challenging videos,  and all related to the game Minecraft. He did not show his face yet, everyone is waiting for the face revealing video.

He is one of the best known and well recognized names in the worldof this online video. Some people consider he is an actor, celebrity but simply he is just the YouTuber who has the capability to make video about the Minecraft game.

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