How To Make a Best Grindstone Recipe In Minecraft – 2022.

Grindstone Recipe

If you are a Minecraft enthusiast, you must have heard about a new item introduced in this game. I already am drooling over this item, and I guess I also am. That item, without any doubt, is a grindstone.

But, if you want to get this grindstone, you need to have a particular grindstone recipe; otherwise, you cannot get your hands on this amazing item. The formula is not as easy to crack for noobs.

So, as we have listed below, we are here to solve your problem with the complete Minecraft grindstone recipe. But first, let’s get to know our dear friend Grindstone a little more.

Know-How About Minecraft Grindstone

If you are a noob in Minecraft, this item can prove to be your holy grail. Minecraft is handy enough, so you can use it any time you want. If your weapons are broken, you can repair these weapons with the help of these grindstones.

This magical grindstone can also remove enchantments, so you can most certainly consider them your holy grail because you don’t have to be afraid of all the enchantments anymore. This grindstone will elevate your gaming experience for sure.

This grindstone is highly efficient and has the tendency to repair almost all types of tools, so if you have stored a lot of tools, this is your go-to item. Once you have used your grindstone, you can renew it quite easily without any hassle.

If you are afraid that lava will burn the grindstone up, you are mistaken because this grindstone is not flammable, so you can finally take a breath of ease. Explosions in Minecraft are pretty destructive and usually destroy all your items.

But, you know what? The amazing grindstone can even withstand an explosion, so what else do you need from it? Mining this item is also very easy as you just need a few basic things for it. Keep reading to learn the ultimate grindstone recipe in Minecraft.

Ingredients You Need For The Grindstone Recipe

If you have already decided to get your hands on this item, you need to follow a straightforward recipe, and for that, you need certain ingredients. These ingredients are super easy to get, so don’t worry; crafting a grindstone with our grindstone recipe is not rocket science at all.

  • 2 x wooden planks
  • 1 x stone slab
  • 2 x sticks
  • Crafting table

First, we got some planks in our ingredient list. You can get these planks quite easily, and you can even choose any two types of planks, which gives you some creative space to mix and match your favorite kind of planks.

The 2nd thing that we have is our stone slab. Having a stone slab is a must if you need to get a grindstone. The stone slab is a crucial part of the Minecraft grindstone recipe because any other slab is of no use.

Next, we have sticks. It is really easy to get some sticks in Minecraft, as all you need to do is chop off some trees, and voila, you got your sticks. You can get as many sticks as you want just by chopping the trees down.

Our last ingredient is a crafting table. Now, perfection is critical when it comes to a crafting table, as it should be a 3×3 grid. If there is anything wrong with any ingredient, you will not be able to get the great grindstone.

Now that you have every ingredient let us give you a detailed insight into how you can actually turn these ingredients into a real and functional grindstone by following all the steps from our grindstone recipe.

Presenting The Grindstone Recipe

The grindstone recipe in Minecraft is not very long but is most certainly going to test your patience, so you should be a bit patient and motivated to follow the recipe exactly how it is. So, let’s dig in:

How To Make Slab?

Making a slab should be the first thing you do because it is easy, and once it is done, it makes everything else seem easy. First of all, you need to break the stone so that you can make the cobblestones.

Now, turn your cobblestone into regular stone so that you can make a stone slab through it. To make the cobblestones normal, place the cobblestones on a furnace. The stones will cook, and you will get all three slabs you need to follow the grindstone recipe.

Now that you have the perfect stones we wanted, you can easily turn them into a stone slab. For that, you need to place them on the table and see what follows; you will be in awe.

How To Make Wooden Planks?

Making a wooden plank is a very short process, and you should not really be worried about it. All you need to do is do some tree chopping. Also, make sure to gather some logs for planks. From those logs, we are going to make two planks for our grindstone.

How To Make Sticks?

Once you have your planks, you can get as many sticks as you want. You just have to open the crafting menu in Minecraft. Then, the next step will be placing your planks in the crafting menu. This way, you can turn your planks into sticks in no time.

How To Assemble All The Ingredients?

The last step in the grindstone recipe is the ultimate assembly of all the ingredients we just made with hours of struggle; wink. First of all, place the stone slab in the center. The Stone slab should be in the center, or the recipe won’t work.

Now, this is where our sticks come into play. Remember the sticks we made by using planks? Yes, it would be best if you placed the same sticks on both sides of the plank. The sticks should be two, one for each side.

Now, it’s plank time. It would be best if you placed your wooden plank right under the sticks. For this step, you mustn’t lose all your wooden planks in the crafting menu. You need to save at least two of them for this process.

Once you place all these items in their right positions according to the Minecraft grindstone recipe, your grindstone will be all set to use. You need to follow each step carefully to avoid any mishaps in your game.

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How To Make a Best Grindstone Recipe In Minecraft


This grindstone can be your holy grail as it helps you earn experience without having to work a lot, and what is better than that? So, to get your hands on this item, you must follow the correct grindstone recipe. We hope that this descriptive guide was helpful for you and that the grindstone will help you conquer far and wide lands in Minecraft. We wish you a very happy gaming day with the incredible grindstone.

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