Sip Sustainably: The Environmental Benefits of Reusable Coffee Cups

The Environmental Benefits of Reusable Coffee Cups

People continue to try to find ways to mitigate their carbon footprint. A common practice would be reusing things or materials that do not need replacing. Something as simple as using the same coffee cup when going to your favorite cafe helps in the long run. Here are a few reasons why having a reusable coffee cup will help you and the environment.

Environmental Damage

Plastic coffee cups produce 60,000 kilograms of unrecyclable waste due to plastic liners, requiring more complex recycling. Here are some of the negative effects on the environment.

  • An increase in landfills filled with plastics.
  • Poorer soil quality in the areas affected.
  • Endangerment of animals that live in and near the contaminated soil
  • Release of toxins in the air while the plastic decomposes.

These are a few reasons why disposable cups should be phased out.

By The Cup

Owning and using a reusable cup could lessen the environmental damage plastic cups produce. One cup of coffee from a plastic cup would lead to 70 grams of carbon dioxide being released into the air. One cup every day for two weeks would create an estimated 1 kilogram of carbon dioxide per person. A reusable cup would only produce a fourth of the carbon dioxide from disposable cups.

Use a reusable cup or invest in one if you haven’t gotten one yet. Reusable Coffee Cup Australia is a good start for your reusable cup journey. If everybody joins the trend, people could lessen their daily carbon footprint and play a big part in saving the environment.

Financial Effects

A person would no longer need to pay the extra fee for a disposable coffee cup when ordering coffee. Establishments would even charge extra for using one of their coffee cups, further discouraging the support for plastic cups. While some cafes even give discounts to people who bring their own cups. A person’s day-to-day expenses would be lessened by owning a reusable cup.

The cafe industry would also benefit from this change since they no longer need to spend on disposable cups. Large amounts of resources are spent on something that continues to harm the environment. The money could then be invested in greener alternatives, nature programs, or expanding their companies. The financial impact of reusable coffee cups is too big to ignore, and companies must take notice.

Have It Your Way

By owning a reusable coffee cup, the person controls the sanitation and customization of where they drink. Another problem with disposable cups is the questionable cleanliness of a cafe’s cup; people are unaware of how they are stored. People do not know if the cup they drink from fell on the floor before or was near pests. Owning a cup would help monitor better health practices, ensuring the person has a clean drink.

Another benefit would be cup customization; the person can do anything with their cup. They could add a picture of a family member or lettering and phrases. Each cup could be completely unique depending on how the person wants to express themselves. Keeping a bit of personality with a personal cup will always be better than a generic and harmful plastic cup.

One Step At A Time

By continuing the reusable coffee cup trend, it can branch out to other positive practices. Soon it can be more than a cup; it can be personal containers for takeout or reusable mail packages. These small actions can lead to a solution to a bigger problem. It is time to consider your carbon footprint and do your part in saving the environment.

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