The Most Famous Roulette Scammers: From Richard Marcus to Joseph Jagger

Richard Marcus

It is no secret that even the great Albert Einstein was fascinated by the game of roulette, which he believed was almost impossible to cheat. Not just Einstein, but many of the best mathematicians, have tried unsuccessfully to find a way to manipulate the game.

All these brilliant minds were looking for scientific methods to fool the system, while somebody else was more… practical. Real casino scammers often find their own particular way of cheating the game. Below, you will find the 5 most famous roulette scammers known today.

Is it possible to cheat on roulette?

Roulette is one of the most complicated casino games to predict. Therefore, becoming a roulette scammer is not an easy task to complete (and we definitely don’t recommend it). It is also impossible to cheat on online platforms such as ZodiacCasino because the game is controlled by RNG. Meanwhile, these five incredible personalities managed to beat the roulette in person at least a couple of times:

1) Richard Marcus

Marcus has become a legend thanks to his fast hands and pinching skills. He and his team won over $12 million between 1976 and 1999 – the year he was arrested. Security cameras made pinching impossible.

2) Charles Wells

He was one of the greatest cheaters of the 19th century. Among his most famous scams was one worth one million francs in 11 hours. He was famous for inventing a device that could manipulate all casino machines.

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3) Joseph Jagger

Another engineer and man of science with brilliant analytical skills. In 1873, he visited Munich with his friends, winning over two million francs. As they played, they kept track of the numbers that came out. In this way, they found that nine numbers came out more frequently than others.

4) Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo

Gonzalo is a Spanish guy who took note of the numbers that came out after a hundred spins and then used computer software to create his probability graph. This helped him win a fortune in Spain until he was banned from all casinos. Then, he went to the United States and became a Las Vegas roulette scammer, where he still won a lot before being banned again.

5) The Serbian team

In 2014, a Hungarian woman and two Serbian men scammed the famous Ritz Casino in London, UK. Using two specially designed phones with laser scanners to estimate the ball’s speed and eventual trajectory, they won over £2.5 million in just two days. This is one of the newest casino scams.

There are plenty of roulette cheaters, but none of them have become as rich and famous as the aforementioned people. Past posting is generally the main cheating method when it comes to roulette; it means, in fact, changing the chips when the wheel stops.

However, roulette remains among the most challenging games to predict and manipulate. Therefore, we do not recommend that you try to cheat because, at best, you will be banned forever.

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