7 Obvious and Not So Obvious Stress Busters to Consider Trying

Stress Busters

If there is one thing that’s essentially guaranteed in life, it’s getting stressed. Even the coolest of cucumbers can find themselves under pressure at one point or another. Whether you’re having difficulty at work, relationship problems, or something small is grinding your gears, you’ll want to do everything possible to relieve stress and get your mood back up.

While we discuss some of the more obvious stress busters that do work, there are some surprising actions you can take that may achieve the same end result. Here are some to consider trying today.


Millions of Americans all over the country swear by meditation. Simply find a quiet zone in your home, close your eyes, and try out one of the many types of meditation practices. As you start to get the hang of it, you should notice a decrease in your stress. People have been meditating for thousands of years, and for good reason! There are numerous relaxation techniques you can try out alongside meditation that can bring similar results, like guided imagery.

Get Active

If you’re full of stress, the last thing you should do is sit still on the couch. This will only make symptoms worse. Instead, you need to clear your head. The best way to do this is by getting exercise. Whether you head to your local gym or work out from home, once you stick some music on and get to work, you should notice your stress and worries flutter away.

Physical activity releases endorphins in the brain which can elevate your mood and help you feel more positive. What’s more, as you start to exercise, you should notice an array of other benefits, like keeping your weight in check.

Head Outdoors

There is nothing that quite beats getting outdoors and feeling the fresh air hit your lungs. Whether the sun is shining or it’s beating down with rain, don’t let the forecast stop you from enjoying the benefits of the great outdoors. Something as simple as going for a walk around the block can be a great way to clear your head and let off steam. Try to aim to do this for 30 minutes each day. As you get into a routine, this can be a big help in relieving stress.

Smoke a Cigar

Now we move onto something a little more unusual for beating stress – smoking a cigar. In fact, the number one benefit cigar smokers say is they can bring a calming and soothing effect. Don’t believe us? Try one out today. Tobacco Pipes sell Drew Estate Acid Cigars that may just help in your quest to bust stress. They sell a variety of popular cigar brands and accessories that you can buy to enhance your smoking experience and potentially calm you down.

Try Yawning

Another weird but wonderful way to busting stress is by taking a nice long yawn. Each time you breathe deeply, your brain waves slow down. The next time you are stressed out and want to maintain your concentration, take a moment to yawn every 20 minutes or so.

You may find this helps in relaxing you! In a nutshell, yawning has a calming effect on your worries about breathing. You will find there is normally a relaxing feeling in the immediate aftermath of yawning. Just be mindful not to keep yawning when conversing with others as they may feel you’re losing interest in what they have to say!

Run a Relaxing Bath

Many of us see our bathrooms as a sanctuary to escape to when things get tough. If you’ve had a busy day and are full of stress, running a relaxing bath can do wonders for stress and anxiety. As you immerse yourself under the bubbles and take a deep breath, you should soon feel calm and content. To promote all things relaxation, why not put some soothing music on? Also, you should consider lighting scented candles around the bathroom. We promise if you do this, you’ll feel at peace.

Chew Some Gum

While lots of us chew gum for the sole purpose of keeping our mouth minty fresh, there are potential stress-busting benefits too. It’s believed that chewing gum may boost your memory, lower stress, reduce anxiety and help alertness. If you’re feeling stressed, popping a chewing gum in your mouth may be the simple answer!

Stress happens to us all. However, it’s how you handle it that matters. If you’re feeling like your walls are caving in and aren’t sure what to do, there are tons of obvious and interesting stress busters you can adopt today that can help. Whether it’s something as simple as having a yawn or starting a fitness journey, you’re bound to find actions that work for you to combat stress.

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