Google Dreidel: Benefits, Rules, How To Play Free? 

Google Dreidel

As Hanukkah gets near, families and friends gather to have fun with the Dreidel game. Imagine a game that makes this special activity enjoyable and simple, whether you are really good at it or just trying it for the first time. That is what the Google Dreidel Game is all about. 

Google Dreidel is a great way to feel the happiness of Hanukkah, whether you are using a computer or a phone. It is a game that anyone, no matter their age, can enjoy.

So, gather your favorite people, enjoy the Hanukkah vibes, and let the Google Dreidel Game make your celebrations even more awesome. In this article, we will learn about Google Dreidel Game, Google Dreidel Rules, and How to play it for free. 

What is Google Dreidel?

Get ready for the Hanukkah festivities because the Google Dreidel game is here to make it super fun. It is like a virtual version of the dreidel spinning tradition that families and friends enjoy during this special Jewish holiday. 

Even if you have never played before, Google Dreidel is perfect for beginners and pros alike, offering a simple way to have a blast for people of all ages.

Playing with Google Dreidel is really easy. Just click or tap, and you can start spinning the dreidel in a virtual Hanukkah adventure. The game has neat Hebrew letters and colorful pictures that make it feel like you are part of all the Hanukkah fun.

Grab your favorite people, start-up Google Dreidel, and let the good times roll. With its easy rules, fun gameplay, and free access, Google Dreidel is the ultimate way to enjoy Hanukkah traditions and make incredible memories with your loved ones.

What are the Rules to Play Google Dreidel?

Here is a guide on how to play Google Dreidel:


The goal of Google Dreidel is to be the first one to collect all the gelt (chocolate coins) in the pot. Gelt represents the points players are trying to earn in this game.

Start the Game

Everyone starts with the same amount of gelt. You can decide how much gelt each player gets before the game begins. Place a pot in the middle to hold the gelt.

Take Turns Spinning the Dreidel

Players take turns spinning the dreidel, a four-sided top with Hebrew letters: Nun (נ), Gimmel (ג), Hey (ה), and Shin (ש). To spin it, just click or tap on it in the Google Dreidel game.

Actions based on the letter

  • Nun (נ): Nothing happens. It is the next player’s turn.
  • Gimmel (ג): If it is Gimmel, the spinner takes all the gelt from the pot. Everyone, including the spinner, adds one gelt to the pot, and the next player spins.
  • Hey (ה): If it is Hey, the spinner takes half the gelt from the pot. If there is an odd number, round up.
  • Shin (ש): If it is Shin, the spinner puts one gelt into the pot.

Continue Playing

Until one player collects all the gelt. That player wins!

Additional Rules 

  • If the pot is empty during the game, everyone adds one gelt to it.
  • You can play with any number of players, but it is usually best with 2 to 4.
  • You can use other things instead of gelt, like pennies or candy. But using gelt makes it feel more like Hanukkah.

How to Play Google Dreidel for Free?

How to Play Google Dreidel for Free

Playing Google Dreidel would not cost you a thing. It is totally free! Whether you go to the Google Dreidel website or get the app on your phone, you would not need to pay anything, so you can have a great time celebrating Hanukkah and learning about the Dreidel tradition without spending a penny. 

Here is how to enjoy Google Dreidel for free:

  1. Access the game: Visit the Google Dreidel website or download the app on your phone. It is all free. There is no need to pay anything.
  2. Start playing: You are good to go once you open the game. There are no extra steps or payments needed.
  3. Spin the dreidel: Just click or tap on the dreidel, and it will spin on the screen. It will land on one of the four Hebrew letters, and you will do what the letter says.
  4. Have fun: Keep spinning the dreidel, follow the rules, and play until someone collects all the gelt and wins.

Benefits of Playing Google Dreidel

Here are some benefits of playing Google Dreidel:

Easy to Get 

With Google Dreidel, you can play the Dreidel game without needing any physical things. It is perfect for people who do not have a dreidel or want to play when they are on the move.

Fun to Play

The game is simple to learn and play, and it is a blast for all ages. The cool Hebrew letters and colorful pictures make it even more fun.

Teaches You

Google Dreidel is not just a game; it helps you learn about Jewish traditions and why the dreidel is important during Hanukkah. The rules and how you play connect to the real Dreidel game, giving you a genuine cultural experience.

Works Anywhere

You can play Google Dreidel on lots of devices, computers, laptops, tablets, and phones. That means you can enjoy the game whenever and wherever you want, making it great for people and families.

No Cost to Play

Unlike getting a physical Dreidel set, playing Google Dreidel would not cost you a thing. It is free for everyone, so you can have fun without worrying about money.

Brings People Together

Google Dreidel is a chance for families and friends to come together and have a good time. Spinning the dreidel and playing the game creates connections and memories you can share.

The Influence of the Dreidel Game on Hanukkah Festivities

The digital dreidel game, like Google Dreidel, has made a big difference in how we celebrate Hanukkah, making it easier for more people to join in and have fun. 

Being More Accessible

Google Dreidel is like a welcome mat for everyone. It is free to play online, so it is easy for anyone to jump in. This makes Hanukkah celebrations feel more like a big family, bringing different people together.

Making the Game Fun and Easy to Learn

Playing Google Dreidel is like playing a video game. Younger people and those who are not used to traditional games find it interesting. This makes the dreidel tradition feel fresh and enjoyable for a new audience.

Teaches Us About Culture

It introduces us to Jewish traditions and why the dreidel is important during Hanukkah. The game’s real Hebrew letters and connection to traditional rules make learning about the culture fun and immersive.

Helping Families Connect and Share Traditions

Families love playing Google Dreidel together. It is a fun activity that brings everyone, no matter their age, to the same table. This creates a lot of happy moments and helps families pass on their traditions to the next generation.

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Google Dreidel has added a lot of fun to celebrating Hanukkah, making it easy for everyone to join in, have a good time and learn a bit about traditions. With its simple rules, cultural touch, and being free to play, Google Dreidel has become a special part of holiday traditions for families and friends.

This digital dreidel game brings the old and new together, making Hanukkah more enjoyable for all. It is not just a game; it is a chance for families to connect, have fun, and create memories. So, whether you are a professional at Dreidel or trying it for the first time, give Google Dreidel a try and let the joy of Hanukkah shine bright in your celebrations. 

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