How Can I Track My Wife’s Phone Without Her Knowing


When you think about apps that can spy on wife’s phone, you may immediately think of how unethical it is, even if it’s very tempting. Grabbing your partner’s phone and scrolling through her messages feels intrusive. But in some cases, you may have genuine reasons to believe that your wife is cheating, and the best way to confirm is by tracking her phone.

How do you do this, though? Here are some apps that will help you track her without her knowledge.

mSpy GPS Tracker for Cheaters

mSpy is one of the best options you have for tracking your wife’s phone. This app allows you to keep an eye on everything, including her location, text messages, activity on different apps, track a sim card and more. mSpy’s features are for parental control, but they can help you reach your “track my wife’s phone without her knowledge” goal.

mSpy brings different tracking features to the table. For instance, it provides:

  • Geofencing – This simple feature sends you a notification when your wife leaves the area you’ve enabled. If you think she’s not going where she claims she is, this can confirm it.
  • GPS Tracking Feature – The GPS tracking feature will tell you your wife’s location at any time.

Before you can take advantage of it, though, you will have to install it on your wife’s device. If you feel uncomfortable asking for the smartphone, simply wait until your wife is busy doing something else – for instance, when she takes a shower. Cheater Tracker

Nobody wants to be cheated on, but it’s better to know about it so you can take action. If you’re wondering “how can I track my wife’s phone?”, then we have the answer for you – allows you to track your wife’s activity.

You don’t need to install any application to use this option, which makes it a bit more convenient if you don’t have the time or opportunity to install something on the target’s device.

It can track any phone by number. The localize feature will tell you your spouse’s location, sending the exact address to your phone. As such, it can easily detect whether she’s going to a place she’s not supposed to.

And if you’re thinking “Will it be a secret that I’m tracking my wife’s phone?”, the answer is no. Sadly, you will need the other person to accept to be tracked. You can either accept it from her device when she’s not paying attention or ask her as a test to see her reaction to being tracked.

Google Timeline to Spy on Wife’s Phone

Google also has a wonderful option for tracking someone’s phone. This option only works on Android devices, though. You will go from asking “How to track my wife’s phone?” to becoming a master at spying.

When the GPS tracking feature is active on your wife’s smartphone, you can track her location in real time using Google Maps. The app will show you her current or past routes. To make it work, you need to connect a Google account with your wife’s Android device, then enable GPS, Location Reporting, and Location History.

Bear in mind that a strong Internet connection is necessary for this.

Find My iPhone

If your wife has an iPhone instead of an Android device, there is another special method that can help you track her phone. IPhones have a feature known as “Find My iPhone” which is mainly used when you lose a phone, or it gets stolen.

However, you can also use it to see where your wife is. This is a great option to use if you were looking for “track my wife’s cell phone location free of charge” methods.

In order to make this work, you’ll need her iCloud details. Then, you can set up the feature from your device’s settings and link the device you want to track.

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“How can I see everything my wife does on her phone?” is a question many husbands ask. Fortunately, you can use different apps and methods to monitor her activity. You can use mSpy to know where she is at all times, or platforms like if you’re wondering how to “track my wife’s phone by number”.

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