How Horse Racing Embraced Technological Innovations

Horse Racing

Sport has taken a huge step in the right direction over the past ten years, with many now using technological advancements to improve the quality of the product to fans, and those involved.

Few sports have shown as much dedication to the technology that has been created as horse racing, as the industry has been able to quickly move in the right direction to protect the longevity of the sport, and also enhance the customer experience, both from a betting standpoint and fans. But, how has horse racing embraced technology?


One of the key pieces of technology that is now readily used across the industry in all countries is tracking software. This has a direct impact on equine welfare and has been positively received by all figures within the industry.

This tech sees the horses fitted with tracking technologies, which enables trainers and owners to closely capture the data of the equine star throughout training and in races. It has had a big impact on the performances of horses and their welfare, as trainers can quickly pinpoint areas of weakness while it also helps to pinpoint any lingering issues regarding the horses health that may not be visible from the naked eye.

Furthermore, this data can then help trainers to fine-tune the horses performance in-race, as directions can be given to the jockey when it comes to the points of the race where the jockey may need to work harder on board, and where the jockey may need to calm down the horse if it gets too keen.

Ground Tech

One of the most important factors when it comes to horse racing is the ground that the equine stars compete on. The going is important information for any person connected to the sport, including the trainer, jockey and punter. The quality ground often ensures that the best stars will run, while significant rainfall or snow could see the announced declarations fall in numbers.

However, technology has been successfully implemented to ensure that the condition of the ground can now be easily determined. The GoingStick is one of the finest developments made in the industry, and it ensures that a rounded decision can be made on the condition of the turf around the course.

These results can then easily be found by anyone that wants to know, and it also helps to make quick-fire calls when it comes to determining whether the track is traceable at all.

Tracking Horses

There have been an excellent number of innovations from a punters and fans point of view in recent years due to the rising level of tech that is used in mobile devices. However, none are as crucial to fans as tracking horses, which can be done through a number of leading apps within the industry.

Tracking horses is a straightforward piece of technology that is used by many fans, as they can seamlessly add horses to their trackers and then get alerts when the horse is due to run. This means that the days of writing down the horses name and hoping that you catch their next run are a thing of the past.

Tracking horses is even easier now, as punters can potentially pinpoint the route that horses will take to the biggest races on the calendar, meaning that ante-post betting angles are more popular than ever in this modern day.

Mobile Technology

While tracking horses is a form of mobile tech that has transcended the sport in recent years, it is by no means the only significant evolution. Mobile devices and the technology that has been implemented have had a positive impact on the lives of all horse racing bettors, as they can now find everything that they need, like a horse racing bet calculator.

That includes examining the latest form, finding the trainers’ strike rate, and discovering more about international tracks and the bias that they may have. Some of the leading sportsbooks now ensure that all this information can be found on their app, while bettors can then wager stakes on some of the most prestigious international fixtures throughout the year.

This would have been unthinkable over 20 years ago, as global racing events were covered rarely by the leading bookmakers.

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