How to Remodel a San Antonio Home to a Guest House

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As a San Antonio homeowner, there are several ways to make good money like remodeling your home into a guest house. If your house has a lot of space, this will be easier for you and will also help you get some more money as strangers could rent a room to spend a night or a couple more nights. At some point, you will need to hire the services of a home remodeling company, San Antonio. This article will provide the necessary tips on how you need to remodel your home to a guest house.

6 Tips for Remodeling a San Antonio Home to a Guest House

Since you choose to commence your home remodeling San Antonio, here are a few tips that will prove useful:

1.     Check your Space

It is crucial to check out and evaluate the space in your house to have a better plan on how to remodel it into a guest house. You must evaluate your home size, the available rooms, required amenities. Know and understand the aim of embarking on this journey, as well as your budget.

2.     Zoning Laws

San Antonio possesses zoning laws that decide if individuals can rent a part of their home or not. To know this, check your local government to receive the required permits and approvals. It could also involve a permit to operate.

3.     Structure a Floor Plan

After deciding your aim, the next is to create a floor plan that is the perfect size for your home space. The floor plan must take into cognizance the number of guests you can host, and the space in the living area, bathroom, and kitchen. Guest must have their privacy with a functional layout.

4.     Create Separate Entrances

A crucial step to take is to create separate living spaces for guests. It will ease the movement of your guests since they alone have access to their entrance and exit. That way, you do not have to worry about guests coming in through your home. An alternative is to create a semi-private space using a room divider.

5.     Create a Kitchen

An important room in a guest house is the kitchen. It is where guests can make something to eat instead of constantly spending money to order in or go out to eat. It does not have to be a big kitchen as a kitchenette would do. However, remember to put a mini-fridge, microwave, sink, and a few cooking utensils to make the space functional.

6.     Create a Bathroom

Another vital part of a guest house that needs no mention is the bathroom. The bathroom needs constant maintenance and cleaning to ensure it perfectly serves guests. It could be great to put a bathtub or shower in the bathroom, depending on what you can afford and what your space can permit. Remember to put towels and toiletries for guests once they arrive.


The process of remodeling a home into a guest house is a difficult one without expert guidance. In most cases, people get stuck in the middle of the project when they do not hire remodeling consultants to handle the job. Make the process easy and the outcome, quality when you hire our experienced team. Click to get started.

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