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Myladelrey is a very famous Russian model and social media influencer. Also, she is a great and successful Onlyfans content creator. She is also very much popular on TikTok, making TikTok videos on a regular basis. 

Nowadays, she is in the headlines due to a TikTok video of fishing in which she wears a light green bikini and writes a caption that says, “ Fishing fit that will annoy all the Karens at the lake coming. In that video, she was wearing an oversized t-shirt, and then she took off her shirt in front of the camera. After that, she showed her bold swimwear in the video. 

Who is Myladelrey?

Who is Myladelrey

Myladelrey is a beautiful girl with great features: she was born in 2000 in Russia. Her parents love her a lot, and this is the main reason, she is a creative lady as well as confident. 

Keep this thing in mind that she did not reveal any information about her parents or any other family member. Talking about her siblings, she has two brothers who care for her a lot. Keep this thing in mind that she belongs to Minnesota but now she is living in Wisconsin.

Myla is now studying at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Due to her collaboration with different magazines and websites, she is seen in these magazines and websites. You will be surprised to know that in Wisconsin, the Ice Fishing Association is a member. 

She is also working with the fishing tackle company Rapala as a spokesperson. Her followers love her a lot and admire her confidence and kindheartedness. In the fashion world, she is also very famous and she continues to inspire people with her incredible fashion sense and fashion style. 

Just like many other actresses, her parents also support her in every walk of life. She was always fascinated by model girls and wanted to pursue a career in modeling. This is the main reason she started her modeling career at a very young age. 

She is always interested in trying new things and doing unique things. Then, she became serious about modeling and took modeling classes. She did it to improve her abilities and emerge as a new and innovative model. 

However, starting modeling at a very young age, she always emphasizes that getting an education is an important part of life and a lifelong endeavor.


  • Full name: Myladelrey
  • Nickname: Myla
  • Birthplace: Russia
  • Stage name: Myladelrey
  • Zodiac sign: Leo 
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Nationality: Russian
  • Education: University of Wisconsin – Madison 
  • Profession: Instagram star, TikTok star, OnlyFans star, model
  • Hobby: traveling

Physical appearance

  • Weight: 55 kg
  • Height: 5 feet 8 inches
  • Shoe size: US 7
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Measurement: 36-26-36
  • Eye color: Black

Myladelrey birthday and age

Myladelrey birthday and age

Myla was born in 2000 in Minnesota, Russia, but keep this thing in mind: we do not know the exact date of her birth. As of 2023, she is 23 years old and we do not know the name of her parents as she always wants to keep her life private. 

Through her attitude, it looks like she wants to keep her family away from the online world and media. Her nationality is Russian, and her zodiac sign is Leo. 

Myladelrey education

As I also discussed earlier, she always values education, and this is the main reason she got a quality education. First of all, Myla completed her early education from high school. 

However, we do not know the school’s name. After that, she was admitted to the University of Wisconsin Madison, and now she is still studying at that University.

Myladelrey career

She always wanted to become an amazing model when she was very young. You will be surprised to know that she started uploading her images and videos on Twitter in September 2020. She also uploaded videos about her daily life on Twitter. 

After that, she also made other social media accounts, such as TikTok and Instagram. Most surprisingly, she got millions of followers on these platforms, and soon, she solidified her status as a great social media influencer. 

Oh My God, Myladelrey has more than 105 million followers, and on TikTok, she has more than 271.4 K followers. However, on the other side, she has an exclusive fan base on her OnlyFans page. Most people know that she loves fishing, especially ice fishing. 

On TikTok, people know her very well for the popular series of TikTok videos called “Fish Whisper Myla.” In these videos, she teaches people how to do fishing. 

You will be surprised to know that there is a company named Trout for Clout to whom she is a co-founder. Due to her interest in nature, especially fishing, it looks like she is a great lover of nature and the environment.

Myladelrey OnlyFans

Myladelrey OnlyFans

Although in the start, she started her career in modeling and acting, the start of OnlyFans has taken her to new heights. As an OnlyFans creator, her popularity has increased in no time and is still going to increase. She is an active OnlyFans star on the website, where she shares her photos and exclusive videos on a regular basis.

Personal life of Myladelrey

Myla always wants to keep her personal life private, neither the past nor the present. She is currently single and only wants to focus on her career as she is doing a number of things at the same time. In this busy schedule, she does not want to get involved in any kind of relationship. Keeping her personal life private, she does not share anything in front of the media.

Interesting facts about Myladelrey

Interesting facts about Myladelrey
  • Myla has a great smile and is known for her fashion photos.
  • She started her career when she was a teenager.
  • She had an ideal body because she regularly went to the gym.
  • She is very beautiful with an ideal height.
  • She is a grown-up content creator as she is 29 years old, and this is the main reason she is also working on the OnlyFans website.
  • First of all, she got popular on Twitter for posting grown-up content and amazing photos.
  • She has many virtual entertainment supporters who support her in all ways based on the type of content.
  • You will be surprised to know that on her Twitter account, she has more than 1120 tweets that stand out from her devotees. However, on the other hand, she has more than 159.6k adherents.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Myla?

Myladelrey is a very famous and devoted model and actress, and she is mostly famous on the internet as an OnlyFans star. Myla is also an Instagram star, TikTok star, as well as social media influencer.

Why does Myla not disclose her personal life?

She is a private person and does not want to disclose her personal life. 

Why is Myladelrey becoming so much famous?

Actually, Myla is gaining popularity for her OnlyFans account. However, she went viral on the internet due to her videos. Keep this thing in mind: she regularly posts engaging content on her accounts. 


Myladelrey is a well-known model, social media influencer, Instagram star as well and TikTok star. She got much popularity when she started her OnlyFans account producing sexy videos and photos. So, we can say that she has a sizeable social media following thanks to the popularity of her work. 

She is also very popular on TikTok for her videos about how to do fishing. She went viral on the internet in seconds when she posted a video in which you can see her wearing a light green bikini and writing an attractive caption. According to different sources, her total net worth is about 1 million dollars.

Myla is a dedicated girl who received a lot of attention and went viral across many platforms within a short period. I hope you like this post a lot as here you became familiar with a popular Russian actress and model. If you have any questions about Myla, you can ask us in the comment section. 

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