Who Is Shawty Bae? Everything You Need to Know – 2023

Shawty Bae

Jasmine Orlando, aka Shawty Bae a famous Latina video maker known for her lip-sync, belly dance, and reaction to memes videos. She was born on November 8, 2002, in Spring Lake Park, Minnesota. 

She went to Spring Lake Park High School. Her plans include launching her clothing brand and releasing her music. The plans also include being an actress.

In today’s time, her memes and TikTok videos are what people know her about. Below, you can read about her memes that have attracted people’s attention. Also,  the net worth she gained after her TikTok videos and memes went viral.     

Background and Family of Shawty Bae

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Jasmine Orlando is a 20-year-old Latina girl who used to make lip-sync and reaction videos from a time when TikTok was known as musical.ly. She has a sister named Knessa and a younger brother. Shawty Bae hasn’t talked about her parents on social media, nor have they been seen in any of her videos.

Talking about her relationship status, some people have said that she got married to Yahir Almanza and had a child, Jose. However, this news isn’t confirmed yet, and no one completely knows if she’s married or single because she keeps her life private.

Her career and Net Worth

She started her career in 2014 when TikTok was known as musical.ly. She used to make her dance videos and reactions to memes, which she used to post on her social media account. Later, she joined TikTok in 2020. She attracted a lot of followers through her funny and relatable videos. 

In 2021, one of her videos went viral where she was lip-syncing to Cardi B and Megan’s song “WAP.” That video gained over 10 million views. Shawty Bae’s love for people and activism on social platforms has made him recognized globally. 

Not only dancing and lip-syncing videos but also her songwriting, musical talent, and songwriting skills have made her more competitive than many other people. Not only music but also her acting in some blockbuster films has been the reason for her fame. 

Her net worth is $100,000. She earns this through collaborations and paid ads, which she runs on her profile. It won’t be incorrect to say that her net worth will increase with time if she keeps growing her platform. 

She also earns through merchandise sales and brand deals. She has a good reach on her Instagram account, which helps brands to promote their advertisements through her platform. 

She has a huge fan following and a good reputation on all social media, which is a sign that she can gain a lot of net worth in the future. 

The Family of Shawty Bae

Shawty bae is famous for her reaction and lip-sync videos back then when tiktok was known as musical.ly. She is also famous for her belly dancing videos and also known for her choreography videos on belly dance, which captivate viewers’ attention. Shawty also does instagram live sessions to interact with her loving fans.

Some screenshots are taken from Shawty Bae’s videos and pictures. They are often used as memes with her famous sayings, “I’m famousness” and “I’m richness.”

She has collaborations with famous tiktokers, which helped her increase her audience. 

Through these collaborations, she got a chance to showcase her talent. Other than tiktok, she also uses instagram, where she posts her videos using tracks from famous musicians.

 There’s a number of fan following on her instagram as well. Making duets with different TikTok stars has also been a reason for her fame. Apart from instagram and tiktok, Shawty Bae is also available on Snapchat and reached over 1,00,000 followers

She has also created her own YouTube channel on which the total number of followers is approx 36K. On that channel, she posts her vlogs, compilations, and tiktok videos.

Shawty Bae fans mainly include the LGBTQ+  and Latina followers who match her vibes and humor. They support her by liking her videos, commenting, and sending her gifts. Her fans call themselves “THE SHAWTY GANG”.

Shawty has attracted a huge number of people, and now she is known as a remarkable personality on TikTok. She also meets her fans personally and performs music at clubs. The security around her is really strict because there’s a huge number of fans who are willing to meet her.  

Her Social Media Accounts

TikTok: @shortybaeofficial is her TikTok account, where she has over 1 million followers. She often posts funny videos on her TikTok account, and she also posts lip-sync videos and dances on trending sounds. 

Instagram: Her Instagram account is @knessa2002.On her instagram account, she has over 100,000 followers where she posts her fashion sense, her work as a TikToker, and her travel videos.

Twitter: On her Twitter account @pinkfriday2.ink, she has more than 50,000 followers, on which she promotes her TikTok videos as well as other work.

Shawty Bae is also active on Snapchat, where she posts about her public life; she has made a YouTube channel as well. 

Shawty Bae Memes

Shawty Bae memes are also recognized as “shawty bad” memes. They have gained popularity since 2010. This term has been revolving on various platforms and is also used as humor or slang.

The memes that are labeled as “shawty bad” are often images of celebrities or an individual who is generally cool or attractive. “Shawty” is slang for young women or girls, and “bad” is referred to as attractiveness or style. 

Shawty Bae’s funny images are mostly humorous images, videos, or typography, which is used for relatable situations. The memes of Shawty Bae show the creativity of an individual on social media. However, in this regard, her memes have had a remarkable impact on youth’s minds.  

Links where she used to post her memes are as follows: 

Disabilities of Shawty Bae

Before 2023, Shawty Bae had never been candid about her own life and struggles and hasn’t voluntarily revealed any disabilities or medical conditions. 

However, earlier in 2023, shawty confirmed that she have Bell’s Palsy. Bell palsy is a neurological disorder that causes weakness on the sides of the cheeks. The nerves on the cheeks become abnormal or unable to work, which causes this disorder.

The symptoms include the dropping of one side of the face, the problem is closing the eyes, difficulty in smiling, and changes in the taste or increased sensitivity to sound in one ear.

Although belly palsy is concerning on one side, it also recovers in weeks or a couple of months. This disability has never stopped her from being a TikTok sensation. 

She is one of the unique personalities on TikTok who has gained her loyal followers through her content. Shawty is one of the examples of why social media is a platform for showcasing self-expression, creativity, and connections.

The Reaction of Fans After Posting Meetup Video

Earlier in 2023, in a meet and greet video, fans got concerned about her health and were also concerned if she’s an autistic child.

  • One of her followers stated: I’m seeing Shawty’s bae on my timeline each day, and I was trying to avoid her health issue, but one of my friends has autism, and Shawty has the same symptoms as him.
  • The other said: It’s not like autistic people can’t live a normal life, but I feel like her so-called friends take her for granted, and they bully her on live videos and podcasts. Shawty takes all of this seriously, which is not good for her health.
  • It further continued as Shawty is kinda of funny on tiktok, and people don’t appreciate it much; they take disabilities and make fun of them and then speak negatively about her that she’s full of herself and not so humble.

Why Shawty Bae’s Well-Being Matters 

Shawty Bae’s fans even wrote that her friends have exploited her; they have shown their concerns, saying:

  • One of her fans stated I don’t know much about her except for her taglines. She’s a funny person, and I feel like her friends are jealous of how someone like her can be famous. 
  •  Some also said she needs  a mature person to be by her side because it seems like her parents have not taken good care of her, which is why she’s always finding peace in partying, which isn’t good,
  •  The other said I don’t see anything wrong with her behavior. That’s what all people in their 20s do, but I feel like people misuse her, and she feels unwanted at times, which is quite hurtful.
  • One of her fans said that she’s vulnerable and her friends who are not actually her friends use her as a  pun (joke), which she is unable to recognize, but this makes her fans really sad.

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Shawty Bae is an inspiration for all the people who are insecure about their bodies and are afraid of being bullied. Other than her disabilities, Shawty’s humor and funny videos are the main reason that attracts the audience. Being famous and loved by a lot of individuals is a topic that can be discussed. 

Her memes have global recognition, which, at such a young age with a health issue, is inspiring and appreciable. Also, her net worth is something that most of the well-known people are still struggling to get.

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