New Windows Guide – Materials, Designs & Glass Types


Imagine a world where your home is not just a shelter but a cocoon of comfort, efficiency, and style. The windows of your home are not just openings to the world; they are gateways to energy savings, security, and aesthetic splendour. This is the world of double-glazed windows – a realm where the choice of materials and glass types transforms your living space into a haven of efficiency and elegance.

As homeowners increasingly seek ways to enhance their living spaces, double-glazed windows have emerged as a cornerstone of modern home improvement. With their ability to insulate against noise, regulate temperature, and bolster security, these windows are more than just panes of glass; they are a sophisticated blend of technology, design, and practicality.

But the journey to selecting the perfect double-glazed windows for your home can be complex. It involves navigating through a plethora of materials, understanding different types of glass, and harmonising these with your home’s unique aesthetic and security needs.

Each material and glass type brings its own set of benefits, challenges, and character to your home, making the choice both exciting and daunting.

In this guide, we dive into the intricate world of double-glazed windows. From the robust and sleek aluminium frames to the classic charm of wooden ones, from the simplicity of float glass to the advanced technology of low-E glass, we explore how these elements come together to redefine your living experience.

Whether you are renovating a charming traditional house or building a modern abode, this guide is your key to making informed, stylish, and sustainable choices for your new windows. Step into the world of double-glazed windows, where every choice is a step towards a more comfortable, secure, and beautiful home.

When considering the installation of new double-glazed windows, there are several factors to consider, including the type of material for the frames, the glass used, and the overall design and aesthetics. These elements play an important role in the performance, appearance, and cost of your windows.

Getting a quote for new windows is a great way to find out the price, or you can view this guide on the cost of new windows to find out what you could be paying.

Materials for Frames


This is the most popular choice due to its affordability, low maintenance, durability, and recyclability. It’s resistant to fading and can mimic traditional wooden frames without the associated maintenance or cost.

Wooden Frames

These are often favoured for their aesthetic appeal, particularly in conservation areas or listed buildings. However, they require more maintenance compared to other materials.


Known for its strength and durability, aluminium frames are warp-resistant but can be more prone to heat loss and condensation. They can accommodate larger glass panes and are available in various finishes.

Types of Glass

Float Glass

This is the basic form of glass, affordable but not particularly strong. It can be strengthened to become annealed, tempered, or heat-strengthened glass.

Laminated Safety Glass

Ideal for security-conscious individuals, this glass is strong and minimises damage upon breakage.

Obscured Glass

Used for privacy, especially in bathrooms, this glass type has imprinted patterns that make it difficult to see through.

Tinted Glass

Adds colour to the glass for aesthetic reasons and can reduce sunlight and UV rays.

Tempered Glass

Offers four times the strength of annealed glass and is breakable in emergencies.

Insulated Glass

Common in homes for energy efficiency, it consists of two or three glass panes with argon gas in between to prevent condensation.

Low-E Glass

Coated to reflect thermal radiation, helping in energy conservation by keeping heat in during winter and out during summer.

Mirrored and Wired Glass

Mirrored glass is more decorative, while wired glass is fire-resistant and often used in commercial properties.

Aesthetics and Design

When upgrading from single to double-glazed windows, maintaining the original character of your home is important. This can be achieved by choosing similar designs and opening mechanisms.

For a design remodel, a variety of window styles are available, including flush, lipped, or projected designs. Pay attention to sightlines, sill options, and any local conservation area regulations.

Security and Sustainability

Double glazing offers enhanced security with options like multi-point locking systems and safety glass. Choosing a sustainable option, such as locally produced windows or low-VOC materials, can also reduce carbon footprint.

Cost Considerations

The cost of double-glazed windows varies widely, influenced by factors like window size, frame material, window style, type of glass and gas used, and whether you opt for professional installation or a DIY approach.Generally, materials like fibreglass and steel are more expensive, while vinyl and aluminium are more budget-friendly.

New Windows in Your Property

In summary, when selecting new windows, balance your aesthetic preferences, security needs, and budget with the functional benefits of different materials and glass types. Proper research and consideration of these factors will ensure that your new double-glazed windows not only enhance the look of your home but also contribute to its overall efficiency and security​​​​​​​​.

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