OutSystem Is Venturing Into AI-assisted Software Development 

OutSystem Is Venturing Into AI-assisted Software Development 

OutSystems, known for its low-code platform, is venturing into AI-assisted software development with “Project Morpheus.” It aims to enhance developer productivity through AI suggestions and visual development experiences.

In June, OutSystems introduced “Project Morpheus,” which can generate an app instantly by understanding the prompts. It will also give suggestions to improve or edit the app and real-time, full-stack visual representations of app changes.

The founder and CEO of OutSystems said, “The mission is developer productivity without trade-offs.”

OutSystems has already been using AI to help programmers write code, make the design, and check for mistakes. They call it the “AI Mentor System.” It’s like having a smart helper who can answer questions and give advice.

Many developers are unsure about AI software for designing an application. They feel that AI will generate incorrect code with vulnerabilities. However, low codes solve the problem with its visual development experience. The AI Mentor System will check code vulnerabilities and gives suggestion constantly.

The AI tool will not make changes without the permission of the developer. It will only give suggestions so that you can change the app in your development sage. The AI is not to take over but to assist the developers. They do not need to code anything because AI will do that for them.

Nuno Carneiro, OutSystems AI product manager, says they want to make a whole new way to create software. He added, “Project Morpheus is the next generation of software development.”

OutSystem wants to help businesses use AI in their projects. It will allow them to complete projects in weeks, which would otherwise take months to develop. Businesses could use it for recognizing images or understanding data. They are helping businesses connect with various data sources to help customers bring in databases and sources.

The company will also participate at the AI & Big Data Expo Europe in Amsterdam on September 26th and 27th to discuss digital transformation journeys.

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