Six of the Best Sports for Wagering on Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

One of the biggest trends that has absolutely skyrocketed in recent years is the rise of mobile wagering apps. Millions of people around the world enjoy wagering on their favourite sports teams on mobile gambling platforms, and the numbers grow every day. Sports betting technology has improved dramatically, and with the improving technology comes more accessibility with mobile platforms.

Bettors love wagering on sports gambling mobile platforms because it makes for an easy, seamless experience with a drastic increase in accessibility. You can bet from the train, the bar, or the couch; all you need is a mobile phone and an internet connection. But what do people gamble on? There are plenty of sports bettors love to wager on. Let’s look at some of the top ones for betting on mobile platforms.


Over the past several decades, basketball has taken off around the world. Basketball has become one of the biggest sports on the planet, with people on every continent playing on local courts and tuning into leagues like the NBA. Betting on basketball on mobile betting apps means you can wager on the crazy events from your phone. There are plenty of fun basketball betting markets. With the NBA combining show-stopping talent and massive celebrity culture, it makes for one of the most entertaining mobile wagering experiences you’ll find. Athletes like LeBron James and Steph Curry bring out the fans.

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Baseball is one of the most historic games that is still played today in North America. Many have complained about the slow pace of baseball in recent years, but new innovations to the game, like the pitch clock, have sped the game up and made it more dynamic. This makes for a much more exciting watch, and many gambling enthusiasts are turning their attention to this thrilling sport. Wagering on baseball means that every diving catch, 100-mile-per-hour fastball, or powerful home run simply means more. If you do it from your phone, you don’t have to be glued to your couch the whole game and can bet on the go.

Combat Sports

Humans have been wagering on combat sports since before the gladiators squared off in the coliseum, and they continue to do so today. Boxing and mixed martial arts are global phenomenons, and wagering on these intense sports makes them all the more adrenaline-inducing. Watching two ferocious athletes square off in a battle is as exciting as it gets, and betting adds a whole different element. Wagering from your phone is best, as you can be tuned into live betting options for a more immersive and real-time gambling experience.


Football is the biggest sport in the United States, but fans and bettors don’t just enjoy the game in the U.S. It is also hugely popular in Canada and is growing across Europe. This tactical game combines strength, athleticism, and strategy in a heart-pumping watching experience that draws in millions of views every week. It is also a huge sport for gamblers. Mobile betting is the ideal way to become immersed in the NFL betting experience. You can join the many millions across the continent who have started doing this. The NFL has a huge amount of markets, and many different sportsbooks offer high-quality mobile platforms for the sport.


Soccer is the world’s most popular sport. It is played and watched by people on every continent, with major domestic leagues and international tournaments drawing billions of views. It is hard to improve on the spectacle and fun of a great soccer match, but gambling on the games from your phone is one way to do so. Bettors who wager on soccer games from their mobile devices can enjoy the convenience and real-time engagement that come from gambling on the go. With so many great leagues and teams to wager on, bettors certainly won’t lack options, as there’s always a game to be excited about.


Hockey is Canada’s most beloved sport, and it is also widely played in the United States and Europe. But fans don’t just love watching their favourite athletes fly across the ice, throw blistering checks, and snipe bar-down goals. They also enjoy betting on these superstars from their cell phones. Mobile betting on hockey has become a Canadian pastime since online betting platforms came to smartphone devices. And this form of wagering is only getting more popular, with many NHL teams forming partnerships with popular betting brands. It will likely bring plenty of excitement for NHL bettors.

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