Things To Consider When Ordering Quail Hatching Eggs


Quail are low-maintenance, small, and quiet birds that can produce large amounts of tasty high-protein eggs. These birds are easy to care for and only require a little space or feed. So, due to this factor, they are considered excellent food sources that can quickly adapt to a diverse environment. If you want to hatch the quail eggs and raise them, then you can easily purchase quail hatching eggs as they are the best quality, readily available, and affordable too. However, when you are ordering online, there are some things that you must consider to ensure that you get the best quality; check them out below.

Opt For Fertilized Eggs

Buying live chickens is expensive compared to buying fertilized eggs and hatching them. Also, after you get your colony of quail, you can keep a few males, which will help you produce fertilized eggs. However, remember that it is essential to avoid inbreeding, as inbred birds are usually unhealthy, and you will not get the desired results. So, to avoid that, you can always order fresh, quality fertilized ones.

It Should Have Protective Packaging

One important thing that you must always consider is how eggs are packaged. When you are ordering online, be sure that they come in protective packaging. The best approach will be in foam egg shippers that can easily protect the eggs during transportation. Also, it would be best not to come in a plastic container. When they are packaged perfectly with the utmost care, they do not move during transportation, and you will receive intact pieces without any cracks.

The packaging method plays a crucial role as getting delivery via post offices can be unreliable, and with a protective layer, packaging increases the egg’s viability. Also, the eggs must be kept in a cool and dry area before shipping, and the required temperature is between 40°F to 50°F. Any reliable breeder will provide their phone number so you can call them if you have any doubts. You can always call them if they have contact information or questions.

Check The Shipping Time

Shipping time plays an important role, and to ensure that the quail eggs have the highest hatching viability, they must be transported within seventy-two hours of being laid. The shipping period should be at most that, as quail hatching eggs have an incubation period of eighteen days.

They can hatch as soon as sixteen days or take around twenty days. It all depends on your incubator quality. If the vendor takes more than three days, you must refrain from buying from them. Also, weather plays an important role too. Too hot or too cold temperatures are also not suitable for transportation.

To protect eggs from temperature fluctuations, they must also have insulation and breakage protection. Additionally, they must be shipped with the pointed side down.


Summing up, when ordering eggs online, they must come from healthy quails that are in good health, should be kept at the right temperature, and should be transported with several protective layers. Raising quails is relatively easy, and since they do not require much space, even city dwellers can raise them. Also, remember always to buy eggs from a reliable breeder only and opt for those who have experience raising quails. In this way, you will get the highest quality, and the breeder will also be able to provide expertise.

So, if you are considering raising them, keep in mind the above points and get ready to order!

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