Things You Should Know About Reaching Forklifts Before Buying


Forklifts are an incredible piece of equipment. Just think about it: how difficult would it be to store and relocate goods in warehouses without these vehicles? You could do the job manually, but that would involve plenty of time and money.

But if you’ve purchased a new one before, you know how expensive it can be, besides the added costs of batteries and chargers.

A used reach forklift saves you plenty of money while offering you equal benefits, including the same functionality and efficiency.

Before you place an order from an equipment supplier’s website, it would be helpful to know some details first. For example, what capacity should it have and what features?

Why should you buy used forklifts?

The first reason, as explained earlier, is to save a significant amount of money. A new reach truck costs between 20,000 USD and 50,000 USD. It would be wise to avoid spending money on a new vehicle when a used one works just as fine.

The second reason is durability. Since somebody else has used the vehicle before you, its durability has been tested and found successful. A trustworthy equipment supplier wouldn’t sell the truck forklifts if they had defects.

What are some features of reach forklifts?

Reach truck forklifts are also called reach trucks and narrow aisle forklifts. These vehicles work exceptionally well in small aisles with constricted spaces. While loading and collecting pallets in racks or shelving multiple pallets, you will find them helpful.

People utilize them for various warehouse applications, from large density to fast storage and quickly retrieving goods when required. Most have a narrow chassis and moving mast, making them suitable for driving in narrow aisles.

You will also find them very helpful while loading products at greater heights. In doing so, they help you make maximum use of the storage space.

Since the forklifts in reach trucks extend considerably, they can lift and store multiple palletized loads. However, while extending the prongs forward, you should not bump the lower level of racking to avoid imbalance.

One feature that distinguishes them from conventional forklifts is the height they can reach. You can store items on much higher shelves than you would with traditional forklifts.

How Do the Scissors Work?

The scissors or prongs go forward and retract with the push of a button. The entire process is quick and convenient.

Things to Check Before Buying

You might consider checking some things before buying a reach truck for your warehouse.

What is the Heaviest Load Weight?

You can determine the desired forklift’s capacity by checking the heaviest load weight. It is advisable to buy one that exceeds the maximum weight since that will reduce the chances of accidents or damage.

Consider the Lift Height

The truck should be capable of storing the loaded pallets at the desired height, but that won’t happen unless you check the lift height. One way is to check the top rack’s height and add another six inches.

The total height is the ideal lift height of the forklift.

Tips on Choosing a Supplier

You should buy your truck from a trustworthy equipment supplier who inspects, cleans, and paints the equipment before shipping them. Check if they offer a 30-days guarantee since that will save you from spending money on repairs initially.

You could consider visiting their website and checking the customer reviews to see what others think of their equipment. A used reach forklift will provide you with all the functions of a new one at lower prices. But before purchasing one of these, you must consider the things mentioned above to receive the best product.

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