VIN as a Means to Detect a Vehicle’s History and Repair It


VIN codes are assigned to vehicles by car manufacturers. This is a special 17-digit number composed of digits and Latin letters. Each of its symbols has a specific meaning: the state and factory, the year of manufacturing, the kind of vehicle, and the body number. During an inspection of the vehicle, you should not rest upon the seller’s words, but rather check the automobile’s VIN by yourself.

You may obtain detailed information about the car and check accident by VIN since there is a high risk to run across the previously damaged car. Apart from official dealer resources, there are websites that give the possibility to look up the specific vehicle. Generally, you can utilize any of the network’s services because they commonly provide similar reports. It is far more critical to ensure that the VIN you have got is legitimate.

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Counterfeiting VIN

The most common reason for falsifying the VIN is to legitimize a stolen vehicle. Unscrupulous dealers who are trying to conceal the fact that the automobile was in an accident may also opt for falsification. There is a variety of techniques listed below used by fraudsters despite the fear of facing criminal charges:

  • symbols are carved in by sketching additional components or filling extra elements with a polymer mixture;
  • applying metal to the indicated area, smoothening it using metalworking tools, and etching a new code in this location;
  • individual symbols are cut out and then carved in a new sequence or inverted form (for example, numbers 6 and 9);

You may use the same web resources to verify the code’s legitimacy. Furthermore, VIN found on the car’s parts must be replicated in its technical documentation. Simply verifying the documentation might reveal discrepancies.If you are going to carry out the car’s diagnostics, it is crucial to entrust the task to only professional service specialists, as they will quickly notice evidence of the vehicle’s involvement in an accident and establish the necessity for repair works and pricing.

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Car Maintenance with the Help of VIN

If anything breaks down in the automobile, it is handy to look for spare parts by code, which is required by spare part dealers and online stores. Oil replacement with the help of a VIN code can also be beneficial – the dealers will detect your vehicle and provide the best possibilities based on the recommendations allocated by the vehicle manufacturer. The benefits of acquiring spare components from official dealers include:

  • Quality assurance: You can be sure that the spare components you receive are genuine and of high quality.
  • Warranty protection: It can protect you from any defects or issues that may arise with the spare component.
  • Expert advice: Official dealers typically have a team of experts who can provide you with guidance and advice on the best spare components for your needs.
  • Access to a wide range of products: This gives you the opportunity to select the exact part you need.
  • Peace of mind: When you purchase from an official dealer, you can have peace of mind, which reduces the risk of encountering counterfeit or low-quality products.

However, you should take into account that some parts can be out of stock, and it can be taking lots of time to deliver them from one point to another. So, in case of emergencies it can be an obstacle to bringing a car to fully up and running condition. 

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