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Like anything else, the taste of a wine product and how it feels when it touches our tongue will depend on us only. After all, we all have different perspectives to everything. So when it comes to consuming wine, our preference will be naturally different too.But, here’s the thing.When it comes to drinking wine while keeping your health in mind, you should always set your own criteria. And here are a few characteristics that you should look for while you’re at it.

What Makes a Good Wine Even Healthier?

Yes, wine does contain a small to moderate amount of alcohol, which isn’t really healthy for us. So, how do we find some booze that actually doesn’t harm our health?Let’s find out more about it.

1: The Balance

Balance is the primary and most important characteristic of red wine. And, it generally refers to four different things – acidity, tannin, sugar, and alcohol. When these elements are mixed in an elusive harmony, the taste of the product becomes impeccable. But, how do they work?

Well, acidity and tannin tend to focus on hardening the wine while the other two soften it. Thus, the taste, if these are mixed in sync, can be quite sweet yet bitter to implode your tastebuds and heart with happiness. So, make sure to check the elements of the product before buying it.

Here’s a little more information about the elements we have talked about before.

  • Acidity: The acidity of a wine gives the ‘sharpness’ in taste. If a wine is acidic in nature – it will feel somewhat zesty and tart. When you drink it, your tongue will feel extra-wet and you might experience a tingling sensation at the sides.
  • Sweetness: A sweet wine tends to come with a high level of residual sugar which you’ll feel at the tip of your tongue. Furthermore, this type of liquor will also be quite high and intense in viscosity. Hence, they might cling onto your glass much longer.
  • Alcohol: The average level of alcohol in wine can be somewhere between 11% to 13%. And in some cases, it might go over 20% too. So, this is something we’d ask you not to drink. The higher the level of alcohol is, the more it will affect your body.
  • Tannin: The availability of a huge amount of tannin can make the wine taste somewhat dry and astringent. However, if added in a balanced manner, it can provide a structure to the liquor and help it last longer than usual. But, too much of anything isn’t good.

2: Lower Level of Alcohol

Alcohol, in essence, is the element that can make you feel trance or drunk. And, in a way, it can feel pretty amazing too. However, it can also affect your health quite massively. For instance –

  • Can make you feel dehydrated
  • Might affect the health of your liver and kidneys
  • May increase the chance of coronary heart disease
  • Lead to wine addiction
  • Make you feel sleepy and tired all the time

Apart from this, drinking too much alcohol at once can also increase the likelihood of getting a migraine. So, in that case, it can affect your livelihood to some extent too.

In any case, when it comes to looking for healthy wine, you should always go for the alternates that have less than 10% of alcohol. If you want, you may also shop for halal certified wine that has around 0% or a little more alcohol. The less, the better!

3: Availability of Anthocyanin

Have you ever wondered what makes red wine… red? Well, it’s the availability of anthocyanin that changes the color of the liquor and makes it appear as blood red.

But, what is it, though?

Well, anthocyanin is a type of antioxidant that’s primarily found in many plants. These tend to help in improving the health of your liver and kidneys. 

However, here’s the thing, though. Not every red wine is made in the same manner. So, some of them will have a little bit more anthocyanin while the others will have less. In our opinion, you must always look for the product that proffers some sort of balance or harmony with regards to the elements. This way, you can ensure that whatever you’re drinking is healthy for you.

4: Depth of the Wine

Depth is another convoluted characteristic of good healthy wine. It usually refers to the number or layer of flavors it comes with. For example, if it has a single layer of taste, it’ll be pretty one dimensional or feel flat in your mouth. But, how do you understand the depth of the wines?

A ‘deeply-flavored’ wine will have a decent amount of acidity in it. 

The alcohol level, on the other hand, should contain a minimum amount of alcohol. The tannin and the level of sweetness should be somewhat low as well.

The color of a ‘deep’ wine tends to be a little darker. And it’ll taste a little thicker and stronger at the beginning. Nonetheless, once you keep drinking, the essence of it will start opening.

5: Length of the Wine

The length of the wine, conversely, refers to the longevity of its taste. For example, if the flavor of the wine stays lingering on your tongue for quite some time, it can be tagged as a lengthy or strong liquor. A wine with an excellent length will feel intense after you’ve drunk it.

It should imprint all of its flavor in your mouth as well. However, it might take some time for a person to savor the real taste of the wine. But, in the case of a wine with a short finish, it might create an excellent tang on your tongue at the beginning.

But, the taste will fade away pretty soon!

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The Final Say!

So, that will be all for this article. 

If you want to know more about the wines and what makes them excellent, be sure to check up with us in the comment section. We’ll try to answer your questions in any way we can!

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