Top 5 Most Famous and Mysterious Writers of All Time

Mysterious Writers

Books are a world of mysterious plots, clues, and infatuations. By reading books, we can immerse ourselves in a completely different world and get new pleasures. Bizzo casino will also bring you the joy of a pleasant evening. Very often, to the disappointment of many, the life of writers was quite ordinary!

However, there are characters whose fate will be more interesting than any plot with riddles. Some authors have managed to become popular all over the world, but we know almost nothing about them, and everything that is known today causes a lot of controversies.

Edgar Allan Poe

Let’s start, perhaps, with the most mystical and gloomy writer!Alas, Edgar’s life was as mysterious as his stories. His death, presumably from brain inflammation in agony and confusion of mind, is worth it. The circumstances of Edgar Allan Poe’s death on October 7, 1849, still raise a lot of questions. The exact cause of the writer’s death remains unknown! All medical records and documents, including Po’s death certificate, were never found.

Although perhaps they did not exist at all! There are at least 40 theories and explanations about how and why the writer died. But none of these theories is definitive, and the mystery will probably never be solved. There is even one intriguing theory that suggests that Poe faked his death with the help of a doctor friend to escape from his creditors. And that he started a new life in the South, where no one knew him, and where he became a mentor for Mark Twain. His death is very similar to the death of the main characters in his books.

Bruno Traven

Well, to begin with, it’s an assumed name. Surprisingly, the publishers themselves did not know the real name of this writer, they threw up their hands and said they had never met him. Nevertheless, his adventure novel “The Treasures of the Sierra Madre” of the 20th century became popular all over the world, they even made a film of the same name based on it.

The writer, despite his popularity, continued to carefully conceal his identity and generally stated that nothing needed to be known about him except his books. No real name, no date of birth, no nationality. Only his mailing address in Mexico was known, at which publishing houses contacted him.

Lewis Carroll

This writer has been familiar to us with the book “Alice in Wonderland” since childhood. From the insane psychoanalysis of his works, in which it turns out that Carroll wrote about sex and drugs, to strange hobbies with little girls. He was fond of photography and did not hide his love for young girls.

And everything would have been fine, but the bachelor life of the writer and his declaration of love for the girls alerted his entourage.In those Victorian days, Carroll’s friendship with girls was a completely innocent quirk. However, there are terrible suggestions that the writer was even Jack the Ripper himself.

  1. D. Salinger

Just one short novel “The Catcher in the Rye” and fame for the whole world. Many scold the book, believing that it falls short of a world masterpiece, others in admiration reread the adventures of a boy in New York.But even more interesting was the fate of the writer himself! After all, very little is known about him, he led a very reclusive lifestyle.

And anyway, I wrote one novel, which is not even up to the size of a novel, and disappeared. It was said that he wrote a lot, but mostly to the table.Salinger died in 2010. His death was confirmed by his agent and family after the information was leaked to the media. Before that, they did not make any official statements. His persona still arouses a lot of interest.

Marcel Proust

Proust created his unique world with fictional characters. But many researchers insist that “In Search of Lost Time” is an autobiographical epic. Moreover, Proust was homosexual or had such inclinations. And even though Proust himself denied it, up to a duel with a man who accused him of homosexuality, researchers claimed that, for example, the beloved of the protagonist of his novels, the mysterious Albertina, was a man!

Proust’s life is also shrouded in mystery, he was very sick, suffered from asthma, hardly worked… Even though he was a fairly wealthy man, at the end of his days he locked himself in an apartment, clogged all the windows, and rarely left.

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