Trixie Tongue Tricks: 101 Trixie Tongue Fun Twists – 2023

Trixie Tongue Tricks

Tongue tricks, often known as twisting of the tongue, is a skill people develop by molding their tongue to make it look different from others. These tongue tricks are a mixture of different languages, traditions, and performances that people do while sitting with friends and family for fun or showcasing their talents.

Have you ever seen someone doing tongue twisters or tongue tricks and want to know more about it? Then you are at the right place to learn everything about tongue tricks.

What are Trixie Tongue Tricks

Trixie Tongue Tricks are like doing fun things with your tongue. You can make it roll, flick, or even shape it into cool designs like cloverleaf or double-helix coil.

Tongue tricks are mainly characterized as tongue exercises. People also do this exercise when they face trouble speaking clearly or swallowing food. However, some people use these tongue twisters as fun. They roll their tongues to form them into different shapes and show off their skills in front of family and friends like a little gymnastics of the tongue.

Trixie tongue tricks are not like learning a new language, but a little fun trick to entertain others and make them laugh. Trixie tongue tricks transfer from parents to children; it is in the genes. People from all over the world and from all regions can have this amazing and fun skill.

Not just this, people are also learning these tricks from the internet and are also enjoying learning these tricks. You can also join such people, learn this skill, and perform in front of others to share smiles.

Benefits of Trixie Tongue Tricks

Trixie Tongue Tricks, also known as tongue twisters, are not just fun; they have some cool benefits, as follows.

1. Better Pronunciation

  • These tricks strengthen the mouth and tongue muscles to say sounds more clearly.
  • Trixie tongue tricks need good teamwork between your tongue, lips, and jaw. Doing them regularly makes your talking smoother and more natural.
  • Speech therapists use these tricks to make learning speech skills more fun.
  • Doing Trixie tongue tricks requires you to focus. It helps your brain work better.
  • Learning and doing these tricks is a fun way to relax and feel better.

How to Unlock Your Inner Trixie

Ready to have some fun with Trixie Tongue Tricks? Here is how you can start:

  • Begin with easy tricks like tongue rolls, flicks, and cloverleaves. Once you are comfortable, try out more complicated shapes and movements.
  • Practice makes perfect! Spend a little time each day practicing Trixie Tongue Tricks. You will get better with regular practice.
  • Many online tutorials, books, and videos can teach you new tricks and help you get better.
  • The most important thing is to have a good time! If you do not get a trick right away, do not worry. Keep practicing, and remember to enjoy the process.

20 Simple and Easy Ways to Try Tongue Twists

Here is a list of easy ways to try tongue twists. 

1. The Submarine Dive 

Think of your tongue as a submarine and fold it in that shape. Now, try making the sound of a submarine drowning in the ocean. Keep trying it 3 times a day, and you can enjoy this super fun trick. 

2. The Pirate Ship

Now think of your tongue as a pirate ship stuck in a storm, moving your tongue from one side to another, how a ship moves on the ocean when there’s a storm.  

3. The Slap Stick Slap

Imagine your tongue is a funny toy from a comedy show. Keep hitting it fast on the upper part of your mouth, then on the lower part. Do it repeatedly and faster. 

4. The Gumby Stretch

Suppose your tongue is like stretchy clay. Stretch it as far as you can, then bring it inside real quick and do it faster and faster. It will make your tongue look like a stretchy rubber band or Gumby.

5. Laser Light Show

Picture your tongue as a laser light and move it in a zigzag pattern like how it does in a laser light show. It will make your tongue move like a laser used in shows.

6. The Trampoline Bounce

Visualize your tongue as a trampoline which helps people bounce. Now, move your tongue in such a way as how people jump on trampolines. Do it faster each time. 

7. The Creaky Door 

Now, think as if your tongue is a creaky door, and try producing the sound of a door that has creaks and is rusty. Try it multiple times and do it faster than before each time. 

8. The Rocking Chair

Move your tongue like how you move yourself while sitting in a rocking chair slowly and rhythmically forward and backward again and again. Keep moving it as if you’re enjoying sitting on a chair.

9. The Thunderstorm

Assume your tongue is like a rolling thunderstorm. Move it in a circular motion, like how it happens during thunderstorms, and create a rumbling sound while moving the tongue.

10. The Jackhammer

Make a Jackhammer of your tongue and start hitting it on the upper side of the mouth the way a jackhammer hits a  concrete wall. Doing it quickly and faster will make your tongue look like a jackhammer. 

11. The Space Shuttle

Think that your tongue is a space shuttle that is moving around the space slowly. Move your tongue slowly and gradually in circular motions to make it like a Space Shuttle. 

12. The Waterfall Rush

Imagine as if your tongue is a waterfall rumbling down in speed. Move your tongue this way, and try making a splashing sound with your tongue. 

13. The Metronome Swing

Move your tongue backward and forward like a pendulum and make a normal ticking sound the same way a metronome helps musicians. 

14. Moving Device

Make your tongue move like a moving device that carries goods from place to place. Move your tongue gradually in that way, the way things are moved in a conveyor belt.

15. Maracas Shake

Think that your tongue is a maraca, a musical instrument that makes a jingling sound. Shake your tongue quickly in and out, and try making a maracas sound out of it. 

16. The Swing

Think that your tongue is a swing that’s in a playground. Move your tongue front to back how you do while swinging. Keep doing it again and again.

17. Whirl Spin

Imagine your tongue is a whirl spin that moves in a circular motion in carnivals and makes your tongue move smoothly and slowly in that way. 

18. The Puzzle Snap

Now, visualize your tongue as a puzzle, and when you throw all the puzzles together, they create a snap sound. Try making that sound using your tongue and snap it on the lower part of your mouth.

19. The Twisting Tornado

Think that your tongue is a tornado and twist it in that shape. Move it while twisting and swirling round and round. This will make your tongue look like a tornado. 

20. The Elastic Band Stretch

Try stretching your tongue to its fullest. Keep stretching it out, then move it inside quickly. This way, your tongue will look like an Elastic band / Rubber band.

List of 101 Trixie Tongue Twists

  1. The Wacky Wobble
  2. The Saxophone
  3. The Starship Drive
  4. The Therimine Whistle
  5. The Corkscrew
  6. The Car Alarm beeps
  7. The Bouncing Basketball
  8. The Slinky Stretch and Bounce
  9. The Spaghetti Spin
  10. The Zipper Zap
  11. The Roller Skater Loop
  12. The Wiggly Worm Wiggle
  13. The Helter-Skelter Spiral
  14. The Pogo Stick Hop
  15. The Double Dutch Dance
  16. The Airplane Soar
  17. The Bubble Gum Pop
  18. The Cuckoo Clock Call
  19. The Taffy Pull
  20. The Carousel Spin
  21. The Space Rocket Launch
  22. The Wave Pool Flow
  23. The Time Piece Tick Tock
  24. The Buzzer Beater Buzz
  25. The Ping Pong Bounce
  26. The Helix Whirl
  27. The Haunted House Echo
  28. The Guitar String
  29. The Feather Flutter
  30. The Chessboard Knight
  31. The Whip Crack
  32. The Boomerang Pull
  33. The Tug of War Pull
  34. The Foghorn Blast
  35. The Rubber Band Snap
  36. The Slalom Ski
  37. The Spinning Top
  38. The Secret Decoder
  39. The Shaky Jello
  40. The Pretzel Twist
  41. The Feather Duster
  42. The Robot Dance
  43. The Seesaw Sway
  44. The Bouncing Bean
  45. The Lightning Bolt
  46. The Windmill Whirl
  47. The Merry-Go-Round
  48. The Rainbow Loop
  49. The Dragonfly Flight
  50. The Feather Duster
  51. The Robot Dance
  52. The Seesaw Sway
  53. The Bouncing Bean
  54. The Lightning Bolt
  55. The Windmill Whirl
  56. The Merry-Go-Round
  57. The Rainbow Loop
  58. The Dragonfly Flight
  59. The Dizzy Duck
  60. The Zigzag Zip
  61. The Roller Coaster Loop
  62. The Tugboat Tug
  63. The Corkscrew Spin
  64. The Arrow Flight
  65. The Sidewinder Slide
  66. The Bubble Pop
  67. The Popcorn Kernel
  68. The Hula Hoop Swirl
  69. The Jellyfish Float
  70. The Swinging Pendulum
  71. The Shooting Star
  72. The Spiral Staircase
  73. The Flickering Flame
  74. The Wind Chime
  75. The Tugboat Horn
  76. The Cinnamon Roll
  77. The Bumblebee Buzz
  78. The Criss Cross Ribbon
  79. The Double Helix
  80. The Lighthouse Beam
  81. The Lava Lamp
  82. The Curly Q
  83. The Fluttering Flag
  84. The Crooked Road
  85. The Bouncing Ball
  86. The Twisted Vine
  87. The Serpentine Spin
  88. The Crazed Corkscrew
  89. The Lively Loop-de-Loop
  90. The Sudden ZigZag
  91. The Cyclone Swirl
  92. The Reverse Flip
  93. Emoji Tongue Twister
  94. The Melodic Tongue Wave
  95. Tongue Teleportation
  96. The Celebrity Impersonation Challenge
  97. Tongue Twister Storytime
  98. Tongue Yoga Poses
  99. Tongue Art Masterpiece
  100. Tongue Olympics
  101. The Rapid-fire Rhyme Challenge


In conclusion, tongue tricks, often referred to as Trixie Tongue Tricks, are a fascinating and entertaining form of tongue exercise and performance that people engage in for fun and to showcase their unique talents. These tricks involve manipulating the tongue into various shapes and movements, creating a wide range of amusing and sometimes impressive effects.

While not as serious as learning a new language or a musical instrument, these tricks serve as a light-hearted and enjoyable way to entertain others and bring smiles to those around them. You can try new tongue tricks each day by practicing it 3 times a day in front of a mirror.

You can also help your friends and family to learn these super exciting and fun tricks so that while sitting together, you can always try them and spread smiles.

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